Panasonic BQ-CC17 Charger review

Review of an affordable but advanced Panasonic BQ-CC17 Eneloop battery charger for AA and AAA NiMH cells..
— INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO USE: Green light = Charging… Lights off = Done… Blinking light = worn out or incompatible battery…

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Battery Switching Circuit Board Setup, Instructions, Demo – Now Available

This circuit board was designed by Energy Batlabs & Magnetic Impulse Tech Group LLC to allow for the switching of battery banks in your DIY energy project. This board provides the logic to be used with relays which will allow you to charge one battery bank while utilizing another during continuous operation.

Those who are familiar with the Bedini School Girl Radiant Charger or Rick Friedrich’s rotating battery chargers will find this as a welcome solution to your battery swapping needs. In the past experimenters had to manually swap power supplies or create their own automated solution. This charging board does the “battery babysitting” work for you.
Link to learn more and order board:



2018 New Design Finger Pow Magnetic Fast Charging Mobile Power Bank Poduct Display and Instructions

Split Design
5000mAh Station & 4x1000mAh Ultra-Compact Charging Battery Packs.Basic items can charge 4 devics at once,even more If you order 4 others magnetic plugs, it can power up to 8 devices at once.
Double magnetic connector
Different from others portable chargers and USB cables,our power bank use a double magnetic connector to streamline the entire charging experience.Every buyer will get four magnetic plugs (2 *Micro /1* Type-C /1* iPhone ).Magnetic plug can be used as dust plug.
Universal Compatibility   
Designed for use with virtually any device that charges from a USB port.   
Extremely convenient
When you need to charge your phone, just grab a Charging Pack.After your Charging Pack has finished its job, swap it with a new one from the charging station. No hassle, no downtime.


Unboxing Rayovac Universal Battery Charger

Rayovac battery charger for all types of NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries. This’ll be better than buying and throwing out a bunch of batteries.



charging correctly charging batteries requires the right amount of current at the correct voltage most charging equipment automatically regulates these values some chargers allow the user to set these values for proper charging refer to the instructions included with your charging equipment here are some important items to remember when charging your battery become familiar with and follow the instructions from the charger manufacturer battery should be charged after each use remember that lead acid batteries do not develop a memory effect and need not be fully discharged before recharging be sure to charge only in well-ventilated areas keep sparks or flames away from a charging battery always verify that the charger voltage settings are correct be sure to check electrolyte level tighten all vent caps before charging do not overcharge or under charge the batteries never charge a frozen battery avoid charging batteries at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit


Utilizing Available Space – Cordless Drill Battery Charger Installation

Utilizing available space for cordless drill battery chargers. This keeps them out of the way and uses otherwise wasted space in my shop.


How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger (Part 1)

How to build a Capacitive Battery Charger. For parts, or to purchase complete units, please call 414-852-7526
See our other videos for Part 2 of 2.
Build it Yourself Recommended Parts List!
12 Hr Timer:
Multimeter/Volt Meter:
Extension Cord:



INFERNO Battery Charging Instructions

Lava Larry walks you step-by-step through the battery charging process for the the INFERNO model electronic cigarette from

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Volcanoecigs has positioned its’ self as a leader in the electronic cigarette industry and has consistently pushed the envelope forward with innovative product releases that meet and exceed the needs and wants of the electronic cigarette user community. With a proven track record of releasing quality products and providing exceptional customer service, the company has built a reputation that any consumer can count on.


CT5 Time To Go

Time has changed! The 1 new product that can save you time. At CTEK, we’re all about innovation. With our latest battery charger, you can stop wasting time during routine car maintenance. The CTEK CT5 Time To Go! It tells how much charge time is left until you can…go!


Instructions On How To Use An Oximeter

Many people already have portable oximeters that they use at any given time of their choosing. In hospitals, they also make use of an oximeter to determine the oxygen saturation of a person. Whether you are using your hospital's oximeter or the one you have in your home, it is important for you to know how to use it. If not used properly, it can produce inaccurate results.

Before turning on the pulse oximeter, you need to determine its power source as you would not want to suddenly lose power in the middle of a reading. Some need to be plugged into a wall like the ones that most hospitals have. Newer and portable versions make use of a rechargeable battery that makes it easier to use anywhere.

After making sure that it has enough power, choose a probe depending on where you're going to place it on a person. The common place is to put in the finger of the person. The location is dependent on where the strongest pulse can be found. In the case when the finger is not the best place, other places like the earlobe and the nose can be placed. Each area of ​​the body has a specific kind of probe, so make sure you get the right one.
Once you've selected a probe, turn on the pulse oximeter before placing it in the body. Although oximeters come in different versions, essentially all of them are designed with a button or a toggle switch. You simply have to press it or flick it. Wait for the device to calibrate by itself.

Now you can place the sensor to the part of the body you've chosen earlier. It is important to place it gently and not forcefully. If you place it too hard, it can cause injury to the skin. The best places in the body are the translucent parts like the earlobe or the fingertip. You only have to wait for a few seconds and the oxygen saturation level will immediately appear on the screen.

Normal readings on a pulse oximeter should show that a person has at least 90% of his oxygen saturated. If it is lower than that percentage, then it means that you may have a sickness or injury. You can check it again because some factors like changes in position, condition, or room lighting can affect the results. If it records a lower percentage again, report the readings immediately to your doctor so he can attend to you.