battery review jugee 1.5V in AA package [NOT] Lithium Ion [UPDATED]

Jugee review AA package
1556mA/h @0.3A less than 2000mWh
1.30 seems to be the meaty range

max 1.5A@1.03v
amp mA/h Volts
0.2A 1476 1.4
0.3A 1556 1.3
0.5A 1421 1.25
1.5A 0886 1.0

Charger is very good,
Lights indicate:
flashing is pulsed
steady is top up
off is changed
Cells are protected.
One battery has sunk below minimum

charger is fast


Cheapest Lithium Ion Battery Charger With One Year Warranty!!!

Is Video me hum Apne lithium ion Charger ko dikhayenge or iski details denge.

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Heavy Duty professional grade Lithium ion Battery Chargers || #EVBasics

I have found another company for professional grade Lithium ion Battery Chargers. Great Products.


how to make Ebike lithium ion battery charger #indiancreative

In this video how to make Ebike lithium-ion battery charger

Parts that you need
-charging moduel

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REVA G-WIZ: DIY electric car lithium ion upgrade – Installing the charger and a general update

I installed one of two chargers today and wired it up to the existing 230v wiring so that I can use the original charge port.

The charger is set to 54.6v and 54 amps so that it can run on a standard 230v UK mains socket. I will have two installed with the option to use one or both. Using both will be wired into a 32 amp circuit and either a 32 amp CEE or type 2 socket with a conversion that can plug into any 7kw type 2 charger. I might also see if I can have it work with larger systems as tethered chargers seem to be the most common at service stations.

Everything else is running smoothly and there is little more that needs to be done other than waiting for the other half of my battery bank to be finished. For extra safety I will fuse or fit circuit breakers to each pack. I will also change the heavy lead acid 12v auxilary battery to a 48v lithium with a DC step down converter but it will be separate to the other batteries so that I do not blow the converter again.

Here is the link to the 3000w adustable universal charger in my video:


DIY lithium ion battery charger (charger battery simple)

Simple lithium ion battery charger


Solar panel lithium Ion battery charger with usb charger

This solar module charger requires minimal set up connections to have it up and running. In this circuit we have the solar panels as input power(right terminal). In charging mode the panel charge the Lithium ion battery (left terminal) and a usb devide can draw power from the battery when connected to it. The module is just plug and play no external microcontoller is required to function, althought it can be mounted to an arduino uno for more control options:

Board specifications:

I got it from here:


NP F970 Rechargeable Li ion Battery, Part 3 Unboxing

NP-F970 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
For my video lighting, This is part 3
Battery Type : Li-ion DC 8.4V (max); DC 7.2V (mean)
Battery Capacity: 58.5Wh/7900mAh
Info function for life indication
Travel Charger Power Requirements: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: DC 8.4V 0.6A
High capacity for stamina
Links to buy
UK: Battery pack
To Buy the light
For the stand

The US version is a little different as it has the mains connection built in.
KONIG Photography Light Stand
To Buy

Neewer Professional Metal Bi-color LED Video Light

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Duracell Battery Value Charger ion speed review