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Charge your iPhone or Samsung Device with this fast charger with integrated AC plug

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My favorite Charger for iPhone, iPad and MacBook by Anker

Many of you ask which is teh best charger to use for iPhone or iPad. The new Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 is my new go to charger. It can charger MacBooks, iPhone, iPads, Android phones and more, but is incredibly small. #Anker #iPhone #MacBook #iPad

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23000mah Universal Portable solar chargers for iPad iPhone Mobile Phone GPS Laptop

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[Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0] Poweradd Car Charger, 24W/5A 2-Port Smart USB Charger for iPhone, iPad,

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Advanced built-in protection: It effectively protects your devices against overcharge, short circuit and overheating to prolong smartphone battery cycle life.
Double output USB ports: Quick Charge 3.0 USB port (also backward compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge versions 1.0 & 2.0) + 2.4A standard USB port. Compatible with all iOS devices & Android devices. (Phones, iPad & Tablet)
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB car charger: Up to 4X as fast as standard chargers, saving at least 35% charging time.
This car adapter is a compact and sturdy portable USB charger with a pocket-friendly size, an ideal companion to charge your USB devices quickly and conveniently in your car.
What you get: 24-month Poweradd limited warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and 24h/7d friendly customer service! Retail packaging includes 1×Poweradd QC3.0 Car Charger, 1 ×user manual in 4 languages and 1 ×welcome card.

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11200mAh Universal Portable solar chargers for iPad iPhone Mobile Phone GPS Laptop

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Top 5 iPad Tablets

The iPad is like a column of tablet computers which is planned, designed and promoted by Apple Inc. Apple's iOS is run by it. An iPad can perform tons of functions like taking pictures, shooting video, playing music, downloading games and many other Internet tasks like social networking or GPS navigation etc. The very first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. The iPad is fixed in Wi-Fi. But on some models, iPads are based on cellular activity.

1. Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air- yes, your prescription is correct indeed! Air signifies light or weightless and slim or slender! Everyone is praising the superb appearance and features of Apple Air. It's the 9.7in version of the very popular iPad mini. It's certainly the up-to-the-minute winner of tablet hardware designs ever. It's pretty cool containing aluminum and the lines are kind of uninterrupted. Apple Air has got the best screen that is ever stumbled upon. The 9.7in 2048X1536 IPS display definitely presents brilliant colors! It's just perfect for reading e-books, using various apps, sending emails and surfing on the internet. So users must be very much pleased with it. But it has a few limitations and errors such as having NO touch ID and low speed progresses.

2. Apple iPad Mini 2 with retina display

This is really an impressive one! Although Apple iPad mini 2 is not comparable to Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7in, it has got extra screen space in particular, the big vertical chunk which makes it unique. It has got a resolution of 2048X1536. iOS 7 shows loads of tiny texts- but still each and everything looks razor-sharp. It is substantiated that Mini's streaming on a 1.3GHz dual-core A7 under 1GB of RAM. Its battery life is longer than the Nexus 7.

3. Apple iPad 3

The Apple iPad 3 contains 1GB RAM, iOS 5.1 with iCloud support, optional LTE connectivity, optional GPA with A-GPS support and more and more. It features 9.7in LED-backlit IPS LCD touch screen and 2048X1536 pixels. The tablet is absolutely scratch-resistant. And on the whole, the most interesting fact is the most low-priced version of it costs a lesser amount of a SIM-free iPhone.

4. Apple iPad 4
This fourth generation iPad does not differ from the iPad 3 or even iPad 2. Measurements are also the same. The hardware of this tablet has been updated. For example I can say it has a new processor named A6X. iPad 4 introduces us to the Lightning connector and 4G connectivity. This tablet proffers swift broadband speed and better Skype and FaceTime calls.

5. Apple iPad Mini

The most striking thing about the Apple iPad Mini is its comfortable daily use. You can hold the Mini by using just one hand. It's that simple. The model is in actual fact, thin- and weighs very much little. You'd feel like browsing all the websites on a tabloid or a newspaper. It's easy to use because it's handy and effortlessly portable. The iPad mini does not include Retina Display or prompt A6X processor like the iPad 4 does. But iPad Mini is still elegant and so quick to respond. There are so many apps that are primarily designed to run fabulous on the iPad 2, which is also set up using the same processor found in iPad Mini.

The Apple iPad is trying to make the life modern and progressive. The iPad has so many conveniences. It can be used in the classroom as it's a constructive device for the students. Even children with autism can socialize with the help of the iPhone without facing any difficulty. iPad is also used in healthcare service, too.

So choose your Apple iPad soon!

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Anker PowerCore Portable Charger External Battery Dual Input Port 3 USB Ports iPhone iPad Android

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh External Battery with Dual Input Port and Double-Speed Recharging, 3 USB Ports for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and Other Smart Devices

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10 Ways to Secure iPhone, iPad and Other Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are now a common, even primary, work tool. There are thousands of productivity applications ('apps') that help get work done more efficiently and while on the move.

But as the saying goes – with great power comes great responsibility! A phone can be lost or stolen, an iPad left behind by mistake. And cyber criminals are always looking for ways to compromise devices to steal personal or sensitive information.

In a business context this is about protecting your commercially sensitive documents, communications and customer data.

Here are 10 ways to secure mobile devices that can be implemented as company policy

1. Put in place polices and educate your staff

Have device use policies in place, especially if staff bring their own devices (BYOD). This should cover physical security (eg laptop leaches) and data security.

Educate your employees on what they should be doing to protect the commercial data on their devices and that they understand what is at stake. Audits can be connected to ensure good habits are maintained.

Your policy should include the tips that follow.

2. Password protection

It may be a little less convenient to have to enter a password to get into your device, but it is a simple way to frustrate potential snoopers. Set devices so they automatically lock after a few minutes and can not be used without the password. Do not use auto-complete features that remember user names or passwords. As with any password, it should not be one that is easy to guess.

You can also put a PIN on SIM cards so that thieves can not use it another phone to make calls.

3. Source applications from trusted sources.

Avoid downloading apps that are brand new to the market, especially for Android devices. Cyber ​​criminals create apps with malicious code that look legitimate but can create havoc. Do not download something without it has several hundred (or even thousand) downloads and positive comments.

Windows phones and iPhones users can only install apps from the Marketplace or iTunes store so you know the app has been digitally signed reducing risk. Android however does not follow the same process.

You could develop a list of 'approved' or 'recommended' apps that are good and trusted solutions the most common employees work task needs.

4. Protect privacy

Be careful about app settings – do they really need to know the users location? Do you really need to store that personal or payment information within the app?

Even if the app needs certain information, how they store it may not be as secure as one would like. And it can often be provided to third parties (usually for marketing purposes) so information is at risk from poor security practices by any of these organizations.

5. Keep apps and device software up to date

In the same way that desktop software and operating systems should be kept up to date to keep ahead of criminals inventing new ways to attack your system, mobile operating systems and apps must be kept up to date. Apply updates regularly and select automatic updates if available.

6. Use remote tools

Enable remote wipe and use tracing and tracking software. Remote wipe solutions means if the device is lost or stolen any sensitive data can be wiped which restores the device back to factory defaults.

Windows Phone 7 includes a "Find My Phone" feature that can find a lost phone, lock it or wipe it remotely so that no one can get access to the data.

7. Use Wi-Fi networks with care

Wi-Fi should be disabled when not in use to avoid exposing devices to unwanted connections – it also prolongs the battery life!

If you are connecting via Wi-Fi, try to use an encrypted network that requires a password. If using unsecure Wi-Fi, avoid conducting transactions that involve personal or financial information such as online banking or purchasing.

8. Safe clicking practices

Emails with malicious links can compromise a mobile device in the same way a desktop one can. If accessing a site where personal or confidential information will be shared, make sure it has an 'https' at the beginning. But this is not foolproof, so make sure you are using a secure network.

9. Protect data

Particularly if employees have sensitive commercial data on their mobile device, use an encryption solution. A Mobile Device Management solution which can be deployed on promise or as a cloud based service provides software distribution, security and service management for mobile devices.

And of course, back it up – check the backup features available with each device, if not using a third party solution.

10. Clean it before disposal or reuse

If a device is sold, reused or recycled wipe any data and remove or erase SIM and SD cards.


Type C for Multiple Devices iPad Desktop Charging Stand

Type-C for Multiple Devices iPad Desktop Charging Stand
Get This item

RAPID CHARGE WITH INTELLIGENT CHIP:The smart 50W docking station is intelligent enough to decipher automatically the power requirements for multi connected devices,and adjust power to each port with rapid charging speed.QC 3.0 port provides highly efficient charging strategy which has 60%-80% faster speed than QC 2.0. Portable wireless charger supports 5W, 7.5W and 10W wireless charging models,which depends on your mobile devices.More and more phones support fast charging,advanced future tech
SAFE, RELIABLE & BATTERY FRIENDLY: Built-in Smart IC automatically identifies the current of your phone,protects against short-circuit,over-voltage,over-charge,over-heating.Moreover,matte surface grips your devices gently and steadily,the anti-slip silica gel cover with excellent feeling prevent scratches & firmly position devices,sturdy tall baffles with wide spacing(0.9inches) further enhance large tablets stability,allow charge with case. This is a safe apple iPhone and iPad charging station
CLEAN ORGANIZED:No more cluttered cables. No need to plug a bunch of chargers on your power outlet for every phone and tablet you have. This compact removable charging station keeps everything in one place – nice, clean and organized. It works with most devices, Type C Female port, two Ai smart ports,Quick Charge 3.0 port and wireless charger smoothly charges Apple iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones,Samsung moblie phone,tablets, cameras, e-readers, Bluetooth headphones, speakers and more.
5 IN 1 ORGANIZED MULTI-DEVICES:Fast charging station comes with a QI wireless charger and 4 quick charge ports(2 micro-USB & 1 Type-C & 1 USB 3.0) holds all your devices tidily for a clutter free space smart organization&hassle-free charging.The wireless charging pad is detachable and portable,can use separately.Mini size and lightweight allows you charge outside or take it for travel.The pad connect the station with copper core interface.The interface outside is safe just like the usb charger
SLEEP-FRIENDLY&WIDELY USE:USB docking station is no noise and LED indicator when working,peaceful for sleeping. This cellphone docking station keeps everything neat in one dock,a must-have for family,school,office and travel.The faster usbc 3.0 docking station with Fast wireless charging pad highly recommend to businessman or office man who need frequently brief charge,It can get more power in short time and then have more time achieve business.High quality station is best gift for your friends

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Portable Solar Phone Chargers 15000mAh Solar Power Bank Charge for iPhone iPad Samsung

ortable Solar Phone Chargers 15000mAh Solar Power Bank Charge for iPhone iPad Samsung
Product On Aliexpress:

Brand Name:ALLPOWERSType:Emergency / PortableQuality Certification:EMC,CE,RoHS,FCCOutput Interface:Double USBSupport Quick Charge Technology:One-way Quick ChargeWeight:420gOutput:5V/2ASupports Solar Energy:YesBattery Type:Li-polymer BatteryBattery Capacity(mAh):10001-15000mAhIs LED Lamp Illumination:YesInput Interface:Micro USBSize:162*80*20mm/ 6.4*3.1* 0.8inchColor :Black Orange, Black BlueCigarette Lighter:yes

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