Is 7.5W Qi-Charging on the iPhone X/XS and 8’s worth the HYPE?

So the iPhone 8 and X now support 7.5 W Qi-charging. Which is 2.5 W’s higher than before. Which is awesome right?

From all the tests that I did, 7.5W Qi-charging isn’t great. Why? Because the charge times for the 7.5W charger sits here when compared against all the other ways to charge your iPhone.

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you what I discovered when I compared charge rates against:

– A 5W Spigen Qi-Charger
– A regular 5W Apple iPhone Charger
– A 29W MacBook Charger
– A 87W MacBook Pro Charger
– and a slew of other fast chargers

All the details below!

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With 7.5 W charging, Apple turned on that feature in iOS 11.2. When the iPhone X and 8 were announced, they were only capable of being charged using 5W which is the bare minimum is quite slow. Now we’ve known about the 7.5 W charging since launch as well so if you went and bought a Qi-charger that isn’t 7.5 W capable, well, that just sucks. So how much better is the 7.5 W charging over the normal 5 W charger?

To answer this question, I ran several discharge cycles between my favourite 5W Qi-charger, the Spigen F300W and the a 7.5W Anker PowerWave charger. There’s a design feature with these two products that make it stand out over the others. I’ll elaborate after I talk about the charge rate differences.

It took almost 15000 seconds for the Spigen Qi-charger to bring my iPhone X from 10% to 100%. It took this Anker 7.5 W only 10500 seconds. These numbers makes sense to me as the 7.5 W is 150% of 5W. But let that sink in, it took over 4 hours for the Spigen charger to bring my iPhone X to 100% and almost 3 hours for the Anker charger. The only time in my day to day life where I can leave my iPhone in one location for 3-4 hours at a time is when I sleep. For me, it’s almost impossible for me to get a decent charge during the day and I work mostly from home.

So how does 7.5 W charger compare against the standard charger that comes with the iPhone? Well, from my tests, the was almost no difference. There was a 6 min difference between my tests which seems insignificant when you consider that it still takes 3 hours to charge for both chargers. So let that sink in, the $70 dollar, 7.5W charger will charge at the same rate as the charger that comes with the device.

On top of this annoyance is the fact that Qi-wireless charging isn’t as wireless as we all think as your device still needs to be physically touching the charger.

So how does the 7.5 W Qi-charging compare against the fastest way to charge your iPhone which is to use a laptop charger. With the 29W charger, it only takes 2 hours to charge the iPhone X from 10% which is a full hour shorter than the 7.5 W charger. If you’re looking for a better way to charge your iPhone, consider taking the $70 dollars you’d spend on the Qi-charger and buy yourself a 29W MacBook charger. The fast charging feature from 0-50 is handy. Going back to my lunch example, in 30 minutes, I can get approx. 50% charged on my device. So that would bring me close to 60% which would last me past supper for the day.

You’ll need to get a USB-3 to Lightning cable as well and if you’re wondering, the charge time between the Apple cable and ESR cable I used in this video was negligible which is nice. Unlike some of the other lightning cables I’ve used in previous videos. If you think those $10 dollar cables at the gas station are a good deal, watch that video.

So how about the 87W charger. Is it the fastest of the bunch? It isn’t. It’s actually charges at the same rate as the 29W charger despite having more than double the potential wattage. This may seem odd but these higher Wattage chargers are based on the USB-PD specification which allows the device to pull in the maximum power it can handle.

At the end of the day, for Qi-charging to be a decent alternative, it’s needs to be faster. Much much faster because the money you’d spend on a charger would better be spent on getting a higher wattage laptop charger

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Last year during their iPhone X keynote, apple gave us a sneak peak at their Airpower charging mat: a wireless charging mat that can charge multiple devices at the same time. And everyone assumed that the Airpower mat would go on sale in early 2018 and a lot of people including myself thought that we would see apple’s wireless charging mat at WWDC 2018. But we didn’t. But now everyone is speculating that we’re going to see the Airpower at apple’s next iPhone event in September. But with a rumored price tag between $150 and $200 I think some people will find Logitech’s new wireless charger a little more attractive. It does have its draw backs, but its decent.

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Amazing Tips to Identify Fake Smartphone Charger and USB Data Cables

Amazing Tips to Identify Fake Smartphone Charger and USB Data Cables


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Tesla makes a PHONE CHARGER?! – Teardown

The magical lithium power inside the electric Tesla cars ( is now jammed inside a much more portable Tesla PowerBank. Lets open this little piece of tech up, and review it from the inside. Does tesla use the same lithium 18650 battery cells inside their little Tesla Power bank? There is only one way to find out. Lets teardown the Tesla iPhone Charger.

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Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Speed Test & Review | Galaxy S9

Samsung’s Wireless Convertible wireless charging stand is gorgeous and very practical, but how fast it it vs standard wired fast charging?

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5 Fantastic iPhone Chargers

Apple iPhones link us to the world of music and videos and keep us hooked up, irrespective of place and time. But remember, the iPhone experience is only as good as the life of our phone battery.

At the first sign of ‘low battery’ signal on the iPhone, we all scramble to find a iPhone charger to get the juice up again. So here’s a list of the top 5 iPhone chargers which will keep your iPhone going and going and going…

1. BeamBox MiLi Power Pack

The BeamBox MiLi Power Pack provides you has some good looks and packs in kong hours of battery life. This sleek and light weight charger provides your iPhone an extended lifetime of up to 16 hours.

The MiLi is not filled with powerful options as compared to the other chargers available in the market but with a price of $70, this is definitely a good option for a carry around charger.

2. Belkin TuneCast Auto

The Belkin TuneCast Auto is built with technology that can send its music to your car stereo system at the same time getting charged.

The transfer is done automatically through the best frequency which is chosen by the iPhone Charger. Just connect the small Belkin TuneCast Auto that is available at $79.99 to your iPhone and enjoy your favorite tunes during your drive.

3. Griffin PowerDock 4

The Griffin PowerDock 4 is one solid product (as are most products from Griffin). The charger is fitted with an aluminium base which provides a safe stand be it your workplace or car interiors. With its four charging slots, this charger will never leave you or your friends worry about your device battery life and all this for $79.99 (a tad expensive).

4. Powermat Wireless Charger Mat

At home, if you prefer to use a charger free from the hassles of cables, then the Powermat Wireless Charger Mat is one that you would love. This new age charger with its advanced technology can help you charge your iPhone through a special magnetic powermat.

5. Solio Solar Chargers

Solio Solar Chargers are considered ‘green’ and might appeal to those who wish to use solar powered charging. The power of the sun is used in charging your phone saving on the electricity otherwise used. This comes in handy in situations where you do not find a power port for charging.


With the help of these iPhone chargers, your Apple iPhone will not just stay alive to entertain you. It will also have enough juice to help you stay connected to your near and dear ones.