ISDT SP3060 Power Supply and T6 Charger Overview

Checking out some things from ISDT, including their new PSU.

T6 charger (recommended):
SP3060 power supply :
BC-6S battery checker (recommended) :

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iSDT T8 1000W 30A Charger Review & Setup

The iSDT T8 1000W 30A Charger is my top pick when it comes to charging lipo batteries. This quality charger fits in the palm of your hand, has an intuitive interface. Learn how I utilize it to parallel balance charge 1300mah 4S 80C lipo batteries “like a boss” using a charge board.

2019 Update: This charger has been through 400 charge piece cycles and is still alive. I am still using the same power supply. Since this time I have learned that 12v, although it works, is very sub-optimal; if I had to do it again I would get a 24v supply for the T8.


🔋 iSDT T8 1000W 30A Battery Charger:

🔋 iSDT Battery Chargers & Accessories:


🔌 Lipo Connection Solutions 750W PSU:
(Purchase the XT60 upgrade with 10AWG wire.)

🎚️STRIX 4S Parallel Charging Board 2.0 – JB Signature Line:

🔩 Indestructable quads 1300mah 4s battery:


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ISDT H605 Air 50W 5A DC 2S 6S Lipo Battery Smart Bluetooth Charger With APP Operation

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【Smart Bluetooth Charger 】:

【Cool Electric Equipments】:
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【Down Banggood app】:

How to use:

1.Add device:

First, open the app while making sure the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Click “+” in the upper right corner of the interface to enter the “Bluetooth Scan” interface.

Make sure that the H605 Air does not have any external battery. Press and hold the H605 Air button for 2 – 3 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue. At this time, the H605 is in the binding state for about 30 seconds ( H605 is only in the binding state, iSDT GO APP can be added successfully ). Click on the button in the middle of the ISDT GO Bluetooth scanning interface to start scanning the surrounding ISDT Bluetooth charger. The scan lasts for approximately 15 seconds, during which the surrounding iSDT Bluetooth charger will appear in the list below. Once the device you want appears, click Add.

After the addition is successful, return to the main interface to discover the newly added device.

2.Connecting device:

Start/stop charging
– Ordinary battery:
Click the floating button at the bottom of the interface to see the “Charging Settings” window. Once setup is complete, click the flyover button below to initiate charging.
– BattGO battery:
In addition to using the APP for charging, the BattGO battery also supports APP-free charging. After connecting the BattGO battery to the H605 charger, press the H605 button to start charging. Press and hold to stop charging.

In the charging state, click the lower floating button again or press and hold the H605 button to stop charging.

3.Delete device:

Click the gear button in the upper right corner to enter the settings interface, click the “Delete device” button below to delete the device.
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ISDT C4 AA. AAA and 18650 Style Battery Charger

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ISDT charger and 1S battery : howto fix incorrect voltage readings

As many people seemed interrested in my previous video about this problem, which was targeted to banggood support, i decided to make this video to explain how to make it work.

It may seems akward, but ISDT chargers require you to use the balance port, even for 1S batteries.

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Link to items : ( NOTE : affialiated )
The Q6 Lite charger :
2S female balance plug :
or 10X
ABClip (for easier handling)
or (5x)


ISDT Q6 Pro Lipo Charger – Tiny, modern powerhouse for only $60

Shop here and support Rc Review
ISDT Q6 Pro –
Venom Pro Duo – $119 – 80w dual
Venom 0683 2-4 cell – $55 40w
ISDT Q6 = $49 200w
Turnigy 2s/3s – $25 11w
Traxxas 2790 – $50 40w
ISDT D2 – – $130 200w
HTRC T150 – – $72 150w
HTRC T240 – – $86 240w dual
dynamite passport p1 – $51 60 watt
Hobbymate D6 – $40 300w

Hobbymate Imax B6 with adapter


ISDT H605 Air Review : Simple Bluetooth Charger

The H605 isn’t a power monster at 50/60W. It is convenient and a nice touch to charge simply at a race however.

Available from Banggood ($29.99) :

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Banggood ISDT N8 Charger

Issue with Charger as per customer service request to post a video of the issue.

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QC3.0 XT60 to USB Adapters ISDT UC1 vs AOKODA | Quick charge your phone from your lipo

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If you want to charge your phone, don’t buy a USB power bank. You already have a bunch of LiPos. Get an XT60 to USB adapter and charge off your mini quad batteries! But what you really want is one of these QC3.0 (quick-charge 3.0) capable adapters, because they can charge your phone way faster than a standard adapter.


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ISDT C4 Smart Battery Charger

As always, this is not a review. Just checking out the features that interest me. Annnnnnd… I kinda love it, annoying beeps n’ all. There will be a fair few things that I didn’t pick up one I am sure, just a sure as I am that I will be informed in the comments 😉

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