Tesla Wall Charger to J1772 Adapter Review

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ChargePoint Express 250: Bolt EV 150 A DCFC Session

I was finally able to log a 150 A session on the ChargePoint Express 250 station at ChargePoint Headquarters. The session went mostly as expected; however, the first step down from 150 A didn’t occur until 54% battery. Also, because this charger is limited to 150 A (the Bolt EV’s maximum charging current), I still wasn’t able to confirm whether the Bolt EV can draw additional power for battery conditioning and climate control when more than 150 A is available from the charger.



EV Charging Basics

From level 1 and level 2 AC charging to DC fast charging, current state of infrastructure rollout for major charging standards, and answers to your questions… here is a comprehensive overview of EV charging basics. Q&A starts at about 10:45

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Disclosure: The creator of this video is a Tesla owner and is long $TSLA