Costco! UBIO Smart Car Jump Starter! $69!!!

Costco has the UBIO Smart Car Jump Starter for $69! There are other smart car jump starter varieties online with other features : 

This UBIO Smart Car Jump Starter has a smart digital display to show battery and charge info. It also offers a feature to trickle charge your very low battery. Overall its 8,000 mah battery is smaller than the other portable car jumpers on the market, however it differentiates it self with the digital display, USB-C charging port, and trickle charge ability. Otherwise, it is similar to other portable chargers with USB fast charging and car jumping abilities. Other chargers have increased their capacity to over 10,000 mah capacity.


Jump Starting Car Battery with USB Battery Pack!

Enter Thrustmaster & Kinesis GIVEAWAY [Ending Soon]
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Enter Thrustmaster & Kinesis GIVEAWAY [Ending Soon]
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We take a look at the WinPlus Car Jump Start UL Certified 8,000 mAh Portable USB Power Bank that is capable of jump starting any vehicle with a 12 volt system (Car, Truck, Boat, Farm Equipment) up to 3 times before it needs to be recharged. It also will charge your phone, tablet and any other USB powered device that you have.

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Aukey 30,000 mAh giant USB Power Bank –
EGO Electric Lawn Mower –
BatKnife v2.0 (Used to open box) –

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) Is this video sponsored?
A) Nope, I purchased my power pack from Costco and the Aukey power pack from Amazon with my own money.

Q) Why is the capacity of this pack so low?
A) It’s because of the room required for the 12v high current inverter that is in the box that allows it to provide a burst of power that can start a car.

Q) Why did you charge one pack with another pack?
A) Because I was outside and didn’t have a little wall outlet and wanted to keep an eye on it while mowing. I realize this isn’t the most efficient way however the Aukey has 2.4amp charging ports so it charged it up QUICK!

Q) How many times were you able to start the truck with 3 bars on the pack?
A) I was able to start the truck 4 times, I had to let it cool down before the 4th attempt and it did crank slightly slower but did start.

Q) Why do you need this?
A) I have an alarm on my truck that drains the battery slowly and if I don’t drive it once a week the battery goes flat. When this happens I usually stop driving it because jump starting it requires me to pull my car up next to it on the lawn and try to get the tables to stretch far enough. Now I can just pop this out of the glove compartment and start the truck in under a minute.

Q) Why don’t you have a battery tender?
A) I do now, check my instagram at to see the picture. But I still want this in the glove compartment when I take my truck places to stay and don’t start it for a while.

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Product Review: DieHard Compact Jump Starter & Smart Charger

The folks at DieHard sent me two tools to review. Both are super handy to have. The DieHard compact jump starter fits in your glovebox and has enough juice to jump your battery and charge your mobile devices. The DieHard smart charger is an advanced battery charger and maintainer with WiFi capabilities for remote monitoring and usage.

#diehard #jumpstarter #smartcharger


Let’s Talk Car Battery Chargers: Audew Jump Starter & CTEK 7002

In this video I give you a summary of the battery tenders I use. The CTEK is nice to keep the M3 battery in good condition. The Audew jump starter is nice to have for those emergency moments where you need something to actually jump the car when you are not home. I like this little kit. Audew has also provided a discount code below:

Code valid through February 2019

CTEK 7002:

Email me with intelligent questions:

IG: @bmb_m3

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Dead Car Battery How to Jump start using schumacher

This portable jump start is great to carry around in your car where ever you go is very handy, just make sure you charge this for in case you need then is fully charge and ready to help you 🙂
You can buy this on Amazon here the link
Schumacher FR01240 650A 12V Jump Starter with Air Compressor
by Schumacher

Thanks much to ll my awesome friends who let me borrow their battery chargers and car and your times when I need you guys, you know who you are. You guys is awesome thanks much again and God bless you guys!


🔴 Live! Oittm Car Jump Starter Battery Bank | BEST BATTERY CHARGER REVIEW | USB Battery Pack

🔋 Oittm Car Jump Starter: 🔋

Car Jump Starter, Oittm 1500A Peak Current 15600mAh Car Battery Booster(Up to 8.0L Gas and 6.5L Diesel Engine) Power Bank Portable Charger w/ USB Charge+Quick Charge 3.0+Type-C+12V DC Output+LED Light Unboxing and Review Live Stream Digital David !

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Schumacher Portable Power Jump Pack 1000 peak amp unboxing test and review


how to fix a dead rechargeable battery – revive restore rejuvenate jump start any damaged batteries

Battery Charger Amazon review:

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Schumacher XP2260 – Create AC Power – Pump Tires – Jump Start Car

*** Dec 2019 Update…there is a new version now, with model number SL1332….link has been updated below to new product.

While we love “boondocking” (camp with no hook-ups)…. we still have a few items we need to keep charged in order play music or our GPS that we use riding our dirt bikes.

We’ve used a Schumacher “Instant Portable Power” unit for about 6 years.   I can’t count how many times we’ve used it over the years.  It is a solid “work horse” and has never failed to perform.   It’s an impressive tool!  We’ve used it for big jobs such as jump starting cars and filling tires to the proper air pressure…to small jobs such as charging phones and laptops. 
Last summer, we were camping… and we ended up in a heat wave.   It was over 100 degrees for 5 days straight, which is not typical summer camping weather for us!  The power unit came to our rescue as we used it to operate a small fan inside our RV.  Having air moving around the RV made a huge difference….!  

We mainly use the Schumacher “Instant Portable Power” during our camping trips, however, we were so impressed with it….that we now have an additional one that remains in our truck for those rare yet surprising “just in case” moments.   

Jim will charge the units about 3 times a year.  Yep…..   it’s amazing how well it maintains a charge.  Another great feature … it comes with a sealed lead acid battery which allows for storage in any position.    

In the end….  the Schumacher “Instant Portable Power” unit is hands down one of the best purchases that we have made over the years.  

Link to Device on Amazon:
Schumacher Instant Power –


Halo Bolt jump starter portable charger review

My truck battery died on New Year day. We recently bought a halo bolt as one of the items to take on the road with us. I got to test it out. earlier than I thought. Here is the link to get a halo of your own:

There are now a lot of different models of Halo Bolts. Here are some links to some of the different models:

Or you can use our affiliate link to browse even more Halo Bolt models or buy anything on Amazon

#halo #bolt #jumpstart