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Thomas and Friends Battery Charging Station! Fun Toy Trains for Kids


Hi guys! Check out our new Thomas and Friends battery charging station! Today on Izzy’s Toy Time we’re playing with Thomas Train and more while we build a cute themed track! Our family had so much fun playing with these toy trains for kids and children. Enjoy!


Dream SUV of Kids, Range Rover VELAR a Creative Team Work, CARGURU, #rangerovervelar

Not a Sponsored video, Range Rover Velar design philosophy is revolutionary. Striking proportions, flush door handles and an integrated rear spoiler all improve aerodynamics. Features including the foil stamped grille give the vehicle’s front profile an undeniable presence.
New Range Rover Velar (starting at ₹ 83.34 Lakh),
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My Drone for Aerial views DJI Mavic Pro with Combo.

My Gear for Video Recording Canon 77D

Lens for My camera for best bokeh effect.

My MicroPhone for noise reduction.

My Recording Device Zoom H1

My Manfrotto MVH500A Pro Fluid Head

My Tripod Manfrotto

My Outdoor DJI Gimbal stabilizer with 4K camera

CARGURU Accessories of the week Car Chargers Portronics 3+1 wire car charger

New Polarized Sunglasses which I am wearing are from EyewearLabs..!!
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Video Graphy By Dazzling Dreamz

Amit Khare from Ask CARGURU Listed as India’s top 50 Influencer by EXHIBIT
India’s Largest viewing & Subscribers based Hindi & Fastest Growing Indian Automobile Channel on Youtube.
Most Consumer friendly YouTube Channel.


D11 USB LCD Universal Wall Charger –

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D11 USB LCD Universal Wall Charger – SKU036197
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– This USB Universal Wall Charger, equipped with intelligent LCD status display, so that the process of charging more accurate and clearer.
– Microcomputer chip control the process of charging, efficient full actomatic shutdown safety and reliability.
– It is easy to carry, simple operation and can charge most 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion mobile phones’ batteries.Built-in intelligent recognition circuit and it can be automatically converted to accommodate the battery charger output polarity is negative.

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AS-200 20000mAh Universal Portable Power Bank –

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– This AS-200 Portable Power Bank using high-performance lithium-ion batteries, environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic.the battery durable, convenient and easy to use. portable, any place can be powered for digital products and mobile phone.
– Dual USB output interface, plug and play, USB port power supply output, plug in the cable can be realized carry charge, value sharing, no need to bring all kinds of chargers, adapters bundled eight for the brand smartphone tablet computers and other digital products charger or power supply,
– Digital Products to solve the problem of insufficient battery power.



26650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Charger –

Input Voltage : 100-240V 50/60HZ
Suitable Voltage/Frequency : 90-260V 47/63Hz
Output Voltage : 3.6V/4.2V
Output current : 650mA
Power : 5 W
Efficiency : 80%
Operating Temp : 0-40
Plug type : U.K./China/American/European/Australian/Japanese etc
Enclosure material : ABS
Characteristic : short/circuit/over protection
Safety standard : CE

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The Advantages of Solar Energy for Kids

The amazing energy coming from the Sun has been powering life on Earth for billions of years. Even though sunlight is Earth's primary source of energy, man has recently learned how to harness it in order to use it to his advantage, although plants have been doing that since the dawn of time (capturing the energy of sunlight and converting it to chemical form – photosynthesis). It is vital to pass on this information and technology to our children, so that they can develop it further and slowly eliminate the use of fossil fuels for generating energy.

Teaching children in an early state of their development about the benefits of solar energy will ensure the comfortable lifestyle of our lineage, since in a century or so, mankind will not be able to depend on polluting fossil fuels anymore. This will also implement a responsible, ecologically-aware behavior that we want our children to have in the future. Here, teaching children about the devastating effects fossil fuels have on our environment is a key factor that will insure our survival and well being.

Aside from the fact that children could be taught about the benefits of solar power in schools, they must also see it in action, and what better place to do that than in their own homes? Since young children have a tendency to be very curious about what surrounds them and imitate their parents' behavior and practices, owning a solar panel and explaining this choice to your child will make him learn about sustainable living.

For a young child, learning about solar power and panels may be too complex to forgive, so you can also introduce this technology to your child by buying all sorts of solar-powered toys and experimental or science kits that allows him to experience the different uses of solar power and learn about the principles behind solar energy.

Parents can also help their children build their own solar device from scratch, using the information given on educational websites that include how-to guides to making, for instance, a solar power recharger or home-made hot water system.

Renouncing our habits and changing our mentality by becoming more protective towards our environment and replacing a comfortable but pricey way of obtaining the energy we need to sustain our lifestyle is a process which will take some time, but will bring worldwide benefits. By doing that, we are making a change that our children will only have to improve in the future.


BeatIt Car Battery Charger, Cell Phone Charger and FlashLight

check out this Battery Charger. I use it ofted after long runs to charge y cell phone. I haven’t had to use it as a battery charger… but I’ll show you how it can do that too.
Here’s the link
400A Peak 10000mAh

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