Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL/A Overview: A Laptop With Bright Display and Innovative Design

If you’re looking for a great machine that is nice inside and out, you really can’t go wrong with something like the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL/A. Its eye-catching 13.3-inch Retina display is stunning, and its keyboard is full-size. This notebook takes performance and portability to a whole new level, with its high-performance processors, cutting-edge graphics, fast storage, and more. It’s even made to conserve energy when taking on light tasks, such as web browsing and emailing.

The macOS powers the MacBook, as it does with every Apple laptop. This operating system is engineered to work seamlessly with the rest of the system and is very easy to use. It includes all of the most useful and popular apps, from iCloud to iTunes.

While you certainly get enough storage space for your files (256GB PCIe SSD soldered), the MPXT2LL/A also offers comes with good connectivity options that allow you to move data between it and external storage devices. The connections include two USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 types and a headphone output. Also, the iCloud is very useful for storage.

The case material is aluminum and the display is a 13.3-inch IPS model with LED backlight and 2560 x 1600 resolution (WQXGA). The display’s variable refresh rate and large pixel aperture make it energy efficient. It supports a wider range of color than most other laptop displays out there.

When it comes to thin notebooks, there is less space for cooling. With the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL/A, there are innovations incorporated throughout the system that allows heat to be efficiently eliminated. Airflow is increased during intensive tasks such as transferring large files and editing video.

Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL/A Processor and Battery

Additional specs include a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor (2.3GHz / dual core), 8GB memory, Intel Iris Plus graphics (640), and a 720p camera. The processor can be upgraded, and with Turbo Speed it can go up to a maximum of 3.6GHz.

Use the laptop for longer than usual on battery charge thanks to the superior Lithium-polymer battery the machine comes equipped with. It’s a 54-Wh battery with a maximum run time of ten hours.

Get improved video and audio as well, with the high-definition sound output and recording through integrated speakers and dual microphone array. Noise-cancelling technology ensures that the audio is always clear, whether you are talking or listening.

In summary, the Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL/A is a must-have for anybody who wants a high-quality notebook. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, professional, or just ordinary user, it offers everything you need to get your work (or entertainment) done.

Do you want to get a laptop like this at the most affordable price possible? If so, browse for Apple discounts and promo codes that are currently valid. Learn how to save on your online purchase with Apple MacBook Pro MPXT2LL/A discount offers.


Heavy Duty Laptop Battery Chargers

The first portable computer was known as Osbone 1 which was developed in 1981.

This heavy and cumbersome machine used CP / M operating system which means Control program monitor who was commonly used in 1970s before the MS-DOS wiped it out after the introduction of the IBM PC in the year 1981.

Finally professionals were able to move around with their data and information on a portable computer. The only problem was that it had to be plugged on an electric socket since it could not use batteries.

Kypro 11 was developed as perfection rather than a competitor of Osbone 1. It had twice the size of Osbone 1 when it came to the screen features and when purchased new, it came with a software bundle and it had twice the storage capacity and double density floppy drives as opposed to that of Osbone 1.

Next in line came the Bondwell 2 which was not released until 1985 which came as a result of the operating system declination of CP / M. The Compaq was introduced in 1983 at a time when standard computer platform was looked upon IBM Personal Computer.

Other laptop models that followed Epson PX-4, the NEC PC 8401A, PX-8 and NEC PC-8500. None of these four units came with standard hard disk or floppy although they made use of the CP / M modified system in the Rom.

On November 2005 the then UN Secretary General together with Nicholas Negroponte unveiled a rough prototype of the laptop computer.

When it comes to the choice of a good laptop battery charger, culpability is a factor that should be highly considered when purchasing a laptop battery charger.

It is always advisable to check on the user manual to ensure the necessary specifications have been followed in order to avoid purchasing a charger that may damage the computer battery.

It is important to go for the best quality because the charger immediately becomes part and parcel of the laptop just the same as the battery.

There are several types of laptop battery chargers and one of them is the solar charger which basically converts the energy obtained from the sun into electric energy through a process known as the photovoltaic effect.

The solar chargers are preferred because they are environmental friendly because when they recharge the batteries then the batteries can not contribute to the land fills.

Therefore be sure to go for a quality laptop battery charger.


Things to Know Before Buying a Laptop or Desktop Computer

From the beginning to now, computers have always been a part of our life. People use them for different purposes in their day to day life. In today’s busy life, it is almost impossible for us to pass a day without a computer as they are involved with almost every single task.

Particularly, there are two types of computers. One is a desktop which means the normal, usual computers and the other one is laptops which are actually portable computers. Though the demands for laptops are growing day by day, but the need of desktop computers will always be there. Laptop computers won’t be able to replace desktops completely as desktops are more comfortable to use and they are reliable for powerful works.

Things to Consider

If you are thinking of purchasing a desktop computer or a laptop, then there some things you need to decide first. In other words, you need to take the decision according to your needs.

Think of your Requirements

Firstly, you need to ask yourself that what you actually need. If you want reliability and hardcore performance, then go for a desktop. But if you are a moving person and you want portability with performance, then go for a laptop. So, first decide what is your demands and what do you actually need.


After deciding which is right for you, the second most important thing is budget. Because this is the thing in which all the other facts depend on. So, first decide your budget and then go for a choice between the ranges of your budget.

If you are going for a Laptop

If you have decided to go for a laptop, then there are some consideration facts before you make the purchase. The 3 major facts are:

1. Size

2. Specs

3. Battery Life


The size of a laptop is the first thing to consider. Decide what display size you want and what should be the size of the actual laptop.


Specifications are the second most important thing. It includes processor, ram, hard disk, motherboard, etc. Go for the best specs that suit your requirements.

Battery life

As laptops are portable so they have a limited battery life. Some laptops offer a medium battery life and some offer heavy battery life. But they make some compromises according to price range.

If you are going for a Desktop

Desktop computers are more reliable and comfortable to use in various places. But they are not portable. They are perfect for power users and for users who wants better performance. But if you are thinking of purchasing a desktop, here are the things you need to consider.

1. Hardware

2. Software

1. Hardware

The hardware segment includes parts such as a monitor, keyboard, sound boxes, CPU and other parts. Choose all these parts according to your budget.

2. Software

Choose the OS platform you want to work on. There are different OS platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.


Laptop Car Charger

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2000 Watt laptop charger for induction heating

#electronics #diy #inductionheating
Discussion of Chinese 1800/2500W induction heaters:

12 old laptop power supplies put in series/parallel for 40V 51A, built and tested.

This is a power supply for the 1800 Watt Induction heater that I bought from ebay at 40 Euro, I avoided the cheapest seller for the simple reason that they all have bad reviews, so be sure to check that out before just buying the cheapest.

Pete who started the thread has a wide ranged knowledge of induction heaters. Check out Pete Stanaitis website: and his take on the 1800W IH:


using a laptop battery PCB as a stand alone charger for 18650 batteries [Complete Failure]

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Not really worth the effort to watch nothing of any value here today.

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How to Sell Your Laptop Online

Technology has become very important nowdays, if you look at it technically pretty much everything in this world runs on technology. People use technology everyday and the most important gadget that they utilize is their laptop. Laptops have earned quite a lot of publicity especially because new models are being released almost every single year! People have a wide range of different options of laptops to choose from when they step in the market to purchase a laptop. Some people throw away their old gadgets so that they can purchase new ones. Bad idea! Throwing away a laptop that is "old" means that either the person is just ignoring the actual value of the object or they just want to throw away free money. Even the oldest pieces of technology have their own place and value in the market. There are some people that choose to sell their old laptop for a new one, and this is a splendid idea!

Getting Ready to Sell the Laptop

Get all the different items that came with the laptop together such as the cables, boxes, stickers, manuals, disks, and other items that were included. Even the little things will make a huge difference to the person purchasing your laptop. Take pictures of the device. Just make sure that you remove any kind of optical media or memory cards that you keep in your laptop. The next step would be to write a complete description about the laptop and what state it is in such as its battery life, if it is damaged or not, the memory, the USD ports that it has, etc. Determine what the price of the laptop would be by doing research on the Internet such as looking it up on eBay or another website. Set the price a bit higher than what you want to sell it at and when you get a customer lower the price down so that they will feel tempted to purchase it from you.

Consider where you want to sell the gadget

Some of the places where you could sell your laptop would be:

  • Web forums
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Negotiation

Beside websites you can search around your neighborhood too to see if somebody is willing to purchase your laptop.

Take Care of the Transaction

Once you have a customer you should keep in mind where you would like to have them pay you through. You should also keep other things in mind such as

  • Managing expectations
  • Payment
  • Feedback
  • Shipping

Stay on the safe side while you are busy selling your laptop online because there are many scammers that are just waiting to trick you!

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Why Is There A Burning Smell From My Laptop Charger?

A burning smell from the adapter is a warning sign. It indicates that it either needs to be replaced or monitored from a closer angle. The smell of burning plastic from laptop chargers can be very dangerous and must be looked into immediately. When you smell something like that, you must disconnect the laptop power supply right away. If you fail to do so, you may just end up damaging your laptop. Unplug the charger from the AC/DC jack of a laptop before you go any further.

The smell of burning plastic can be due to the charger itself. You should pay special attention to the plastic insulation of the cables on laptop chargers. If you find any bare wires, you have found the spot where sparking took place and burnt the plastic around the wire. If you find nothing damaged along the plastic insulation of the cable, take a look at the tip. If you see melted plastic at the tip of the charger, it is a sure sign that something has really gone wrong. Such things usually take place when there is a short circuit connection between the tip of the charger and the socket of the laptop.

It is very important not to take any of these signs lightly. Ignoring these signs at an early stage can lead to potential risks later on. A laptop charger is an extremely important accessory that should work well at all times. If not, you shouldn’t hesitate to shell out some money to get it replaced by your laptop manufacturer or purchase the same model online.

A short circuit usually occurs when the power from the laptop adapter is obstructed on its way to the laptop. In other words, the electrical power does not flow smoothly all the way from the socket to the motherboard of the laptop. During this time, a lot of heat is generated. Overheating can quickly melt the insulation around a laptop charger cable or other plastic components near the tip of the charger. When this problem surfaces, you should immediately take your laptop adapter to a professional and get it checked.

While a professional can try to fix your laptop chargers for a small fee, you shouldn’t really rely on something that has failed you in the past. If anything goes wrong with the product again, it can cost you dearly. Safety should always be the number one priority for everyone. It is important not to keep using the same malfunctioning charger once again simply because it seems to be working fine at the moment.

Such a charger may continue to recharge your battery for a while, but can cause something really nasty like a fire or other accident after you use it continuously for a few hours. Instead of allowing such undesirable events to take place, just buy an original laptop charger from a reputed online seller of laptop chargers.


Laptop Battery not charging "plugged in, not charging" Easy fix

Laptop Battery “plugged in, not charging” is a video that shows you how to do a free & easy battery calibration. Plugin not charging is simple to fix. This laptop battery not charging fix solution is simple to do in only a few steps. This solves the problem that most people come across with their laptop battery not charging while plugged in to AC power. Is this a laptop battery rebuilding project? Just a little bit.

If you have a laptop battery plugin not charging error or laptop battery not charging fully error message than this video tutorial is for you. Get an easy battery fix quickly to this problem. So don’t sweat the how to fix laptop battery not charging problem.


HP ProBook 4510s Business Laptop

Since the HP ProBook 4510s is less of a premium-class business laptop and more of a general-purpose workhorse, the design is decidedly basic. Taking a no-nonsense approach to design, the laptop keeps clean lines and a corporate black look and feel. The laptop is decidedly square and boxy with a flat top cover and rounded corners. Utilizing a lightweight plastic chassis to further drive down manufacturing costs, the laptop offers a very comfortable and accurate raised-island or chiclet style keyboard, complete with a numeric keypad. The track-pad is a bit small though but places out of the way of the keyboard for the most part.

Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 the HP ProBook 4510s keeps cost down by offering just enough to get the job done. This includes 2GB of DDR2 memory, a 250GB hard disk drive and Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics. There are quality components though as businesses need a steady connection through the laptops' wireless-n WiFi connectivity, a LightScribe capable DVD combo drive and the choice between a 6-cell and an 8-cell battery.

While the HP ProBook 4510s has solid build quality its plastic chassis does not have a bit of flex. This means that despite the shockproof hard disk drive protection, dropping the laptop is definitely not a good idea. It can take falls from desks full-on though and comes bundled with a number of security features for passwords and so forth. Connections include a Gigabyte Ethernet LAN port, four USB ports, a VGA port, a HDMI port, a modem port, a media card reader and an ExpressCard slot.

Performance is good all-round for the HP ProBook 4510s, especially as a desktop replacement laptop. While at 5.8 pounds the laptop is quite lightweight it's not the toughest of laptops out there. Its 15.6-inch screen and respectable built-in speakers do allow for good presentations with 1366 x 768 pixel resolutions. It can handle most office and business applications perfectly. However, the lower-end graphics means you will not be enjoying HD movies or doing any gaming on the laptop anytime soon which is good considering it is targeted at Small to Medium scale Businesses. The 8-cell battery provides good mobility with up to five hours and a bit more on a single charge.

All in all, the HP ProBook 4510s delivers on all levels for business owners looking for a no-nonsense business laptop or as workhorse laptops for the general workforce. The great keyboard offers great typing for your workers, especially if they like to do number crunching using the numeric keypad. While it is not the toughest most powerful laptop out there, it does its role as a general SMB workhorse laptop quite well, offering a number of features that accommodates your laptop's security without breaking the bank.