Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers Over Traditional Gas Lawn Mowers

Are you one of those people who are just sick and tired of mowing the lawn with their traditional old lawn mower, and are looking for a better option? Electric lawn mowers are a new alternative that offer many benefits over conventional gasoline powered lawn mowers. Traditional mowers have an engine that runs on gasoline fuel. In contrast, electric mowers are powered by electricity, either directly from a cord that you plug into a socket like any other appliance, or by using a rechargeable battery that fits in the deck of the mower.

Cheaper to Run

While the initial upfront cost of an electric mower can vary and may potentially be more expensive than a gas mower, there are long term cost benefits to be gained. There is no need to buy gasoline fuel or fuel storage containers, and you’ll never have to make a last minute dash in the car to get more gas when your mower runs out of fuel.

Easier to Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, keeping an electric mower running smoothly is a lot simpler than a traditional gas mower. You don’t need to fill or change the oil, or replace spark plugs or air filters – only keep the battery charged as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Many models have a durable non-metal deck casing, which won’t rust over time and can be easily wiped clean as you won’t have any greasy oil or gas stains to remove.

More Lightweight

Most electric mowers are lighter than traditional mowers because they do not have a heavy gas engine or a tank full of fuel. Cordless electric lawn mowers can be heavier than the corded models due to the weight of the battery. Being lightweight and easily manoeuvrable makes electric lawn mowers ideal for use by people who have difficulty pushing a bulky, heavy mower when mowing the lawn.

Safer to Use

There are also health benefits to using an electric mower as opposed to a conventional gas mower. Being relatively lightweight reduces the risk of injuring or straining yourself while pushing or lifting the mower. And because they are powered by electricity, you are no longer breathing in toxic fumes and exhaust every time you mow – now that’s a breath of fresh air! If you opt for a corded model you will need to take care not to trip or mow over the electric cord, or you can avoid this risk altogether by opting for a cordless model that uses a battery instead.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, electric lawn mowers are much more environmentally friendly than conventional mowers, simply because they do not run an engine that burns gas (fossil fuels). At a rough estimate, an hour of mowing with a gas mower is equivalent to driving 350 miles in terms of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the atmosphere! Electric mowers can help to significantly reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.


Lawn Mower Battery

Most lawn mower battery packs that come with the mower are usually adequate enough to get the job done without any problems. However after a while as with all batteries there will be a decline in performance and it would be a good investment to buy another lawn mower battery.

Ideally accessories should not cost more than $ 50 as it will become rather expensive when you decide to upgrade your machine in several ways. When it comes to power units in particular the things you should look out for are voltage, compatibility, expected lifetime and power output. Starter batteries tend to produce a smaller power output as time goes on and when you notice this in a significant way you should look to replace it.

For those of you that do not have all the time in the world to research these lawn mower accessories I have given you two batteries below that are compatible with a lot of models and are very high performance.

2 affordable lawn mower batteries

1. One of the best mower power options comes from Exide Technologies with their "12V Powersport 12N12a4a1battery". This product is also ideal for those of you that own a motorcycle, but you must take caution as the lifetime is greatly reduce if it is overused on multiple devices during a short period of time. Some product notes are written below:

  • Compatible with most mowers and motorcycles.
  • Has a 12 volt output
  • 6 months free replacement warranty
  • Battery size is 5-3 / 8L x 3-3 / 16W x 6-3 / 8H
  • Costs around $ 60

2. The next battery is for people that own a Black & Decker CM1936 or SPCM1936 lawn mower. This 36 volt power unit has been very well received with the owners of these machines as it has proven to work very reliably at high performance levels. All units come with their own charger which is great with you want to charge both units at the same time. Anyone with a large property and lots of grass do not need to worry about the energy running out too soon as the running time is more than enough. Some of its main features is listed below:

  • Extended running time over the initial battery
  • This Black & Decker battery hold charge very well once it has been charged which means that you can have it on stand by when the primary power source fails.
  • With a 2 year warranty you have peace of mind that this product will perform for years to come.
  • Over night charging is completely safe and a good method

Where to find these batteries?

Online some of the best places to check out sales for these types of accessory products is eBay, sears and Amazon. All three online retailers have proven to be selling many a wide range of items in the garden maintenance industry for many years now.

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Lawn & Garden Battery Not Charging

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Best Trickle Charger for Riding Lawn Mower – Top Picks for You

Our Top Pick►►

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Here are the reviews of the top trickle charger for lawn mowers and even for vehicles. These chargers ensure that the battery charges up fast and does not even fall.

Good Luck!

Top compared Best Trickle Charger for Riding Lawn Mower are:

1. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 Smart Charger
2. Black Decker BM3B Fully Automatic battery charger
3. OrionMotor Tech Automatic Lead Acid Battery
4. Mroinge Automatic Trickle Battery
5. Leicesteron LST Automatic Battery Charger


Weed Whacker Lithium Battery Charger Didn’t work. Quick Fix

20 Volt Lithium Black & Decker Battery Charger Quit Working. Had to replace. The Price was crazy. Found it on Ebay cheaper. Ordered & Received it. Did not work. Found a quick fix. I don’t recommend any one do it. Thought I would share it.


Robotic Lawn Mower Overview

Robot lawn mowers are not the gadgets you might think they are. The robot lawn mowers on the market today are serious mowing machines. Not only do they do a great job mowing, they keep your lawn mowed.

Do you care about the environment? If you care in the slightest, you are already using a mulching lawn mower vs. bagging your grass clippings. However, since you do not have much time to mow, the length of your grass overwhelms your mower. Long clippings and large clumps remain on your grass. They turn brown and kill the grass underneath. Is it possible to be environmental yet still have a great looking lawn?

The answer is yes. Electric robotic lawn mowers are the answer. Since they run on batteries, there is no gas, oil or pollution. All-electric, robot lawn mowers reduce global warming. Are you aware of traditional lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers pollute 10 times more than cars?

Robotic lawn mowers maintain a consistent grass height by mowing more often. They obey the 1/3 rule of grass cutting. That is, only one third of the height of your grass should be cut at each mowing. This is the healthiest way to mow your lawn. Experts also agree that the random mowing pattern used by robotic lawn mowers is the best pattern for keeping grass healthy and avoiding permanent lawn mower tracks.

Many electric robot lawn mowers are self-recharging. That is, they recharge themselves in a charging station that stays outside. This enables the robot to mow as often as it needs to in order to keep the lawn mowed. The batteries last anywhere from 3-7 hours, depending on the model chosen. The recharge time is 2-3 hours. This is plenty of time for the robotic lawn mower to mow the lawn in a random fashion and get all of the missed spots on its own.

Electric robot law mowers can mow by themselves with no intervention from you, or you may prefer to be present while the robot mows the lawn. Robot lawn mowers can be set-up to mow one section at a time. In this configuration, you set the robot lawn mower down, click a few buttons and off it goes to mow the designated section. Then you can move him to the next section for more mowing and so on. Choosing this method enables one to purchase a less expensive robot for a larger yard, saving money.

Now that you are intrigued, you will want to understand more about how a robot lawn mower works. As mentioned above, some models have a charging station that sets outside. The robot has a control panel in which you can set the days and times the robot can come out to mow. There is a wire that goes all the way around the edges of the property and around any flower beds or troublesome tree roots. The wire can be staked down (recommended) or buried up to four inches. The robot comes out when scheduled and goes back to the charging station whenever it needs to recharge or if it is scheduled to go back. Many robot law mowers include a rain sensor that will send the robot back to the charging station during a rain storm.

There are three main brands of robotic lawn mowers that have been shipping for many years. These are Lawnbott, Robomow and Husqvarna Automower. Lawnbott is manufactured in Italy by Zucchetti. Lawnbott is available under the name Ambrogio all over Europe. Lawnbott's US importer is Kyodo America or KA for short. The Automower is distributed by Authorized Husqvarna dealers and is manufactured in Sweden. Robomow, also known as Robomower, is made in Israel by Friendly Robotics. Robomower's US importer is Systems Trading Corporation, or STC.

Lawnbott and Robomower are the main US consumer robot law mower brands. Lawnbott is available through a group of authorized dealers (most are online) and a handful of smaller hardware stores. Robomower is available through many online retailers. The Automower from Husqvarna is primarily promoted through dealers rather than on the internet and is not available as widely as Lawnbott and Robomower.

Belrobotics is the first commercial robotic law mower brand to become available in the US. Belrobotics also sells a robot that picks up golf balls. It comes with a lift station that places balls in a bin. Soon, a new robot lawn mower will become available specifically for putting greens. It is designed to mow in perfectly straight lines to golf course manager's greens specifications. This new robot is from Precision Path. It is not clear what Precision Path's marketing plan is since this has not been publicly disclosed.

In light of the green movement, the recent gas price escalation, people's desire to save time and business's desire to optimize labor costs, robotic law mowers are here to stay.


FARM SHOW – How To Convert A Lawn Tractor To Electric

You can mow a 2-acre lawn for pennies with an all-electric lawn tractor. Brian Edmond’s DIY Electric Tractor Conversion Kit lets you take a lawn tractor headed for the scrap heap and make it mow again.

    “I put together a complete kit for converting a 38 to 42-in., gas-powered lawn tractor to 24-volt all electric drive,” says Edmond. “You can convert almost any lawn tractor of that size.”

    Edmond recommends checking with local repair shops for tractors headed for the scrap heap. He advises looking for tractors with 18-in. rims to match the gear ratio of his transaxle. Deck size is also important, as he has sized the electric motors to 19 to 21-in. blades.

    Once it has been stripped down and parts resold or discarded, the frame should be power washed. He estimates the repower could take as long as 40 hrs., depending on experience levels. He provides complete plans, including videos and diagrams.

    “Standard hand tools and basic electrical skills stripping and wrapping wires are all that are needed, aside from a small amount of welding,” says Edmond. “A local welding shop can easily handle that.”

    With the exception of batteries, the kit contains the most difficult-to-get parts. The transaxle with brake and drive motor come in one unit. The kit also includes individual motors with mounting flanges for blade drives, electronic motor controller, control relays, digital amp/volt meter, circuit breakers and more.

    Edmond selected components for their energy efficiency. “Other conversion kits are out there that will run for 15 to 20 min., but my kit will cut as much as 2 acres of grass on one 50-cent charge,” he says. “Another difference is battery placement. Instead of under the hood, I put the batteries under the driver’s seat for traction. Without the extra weight over the drive wheels, you can spin out on wet grass.”

    Safety is a big feature with Edmond’s kit. He focused his 41 years of experience with electric motors and instrumentation on making his kit not only efficient, but also safe.

    “Take your foot off the accelerator pedal, and the tractor slows in 1/2 a second, stops and applies the parking brake,” explains Edmond. “Without a mechanical drive, the cutter blades stop within 2 seconds. You could fall off, and the tractor will come to a standstill and the blades will stop before they could hit you.”

    Other safety features include the mower deck itself. In order to activate the blades, the deck has to be lowered and the tractor has to be at rest with the operator’s foot on the brake pedal.

    “You can’t activate the blades when the tractor is moving,” says Edmond.

    Stopping and restarting on a hillside is also safer than with a mechanical drive. Stop on a slope, and the parking brake engages. Step on the accelerator pedal, and the parking brake disengages. The tractor begins moving within 1/10 of a second.

    “With a mechanical drive, release the brake, and the tractor will begin to roll as you let out the clutch,” says Edmond. “With my kit, the mower won’t roll back more than an inch.”

    Minimal maintenance is an attractive feature of Edmond’s converted tractors. Not only are there no oil or gas levels to check, but there are also no filters, belts or pulleys to replace.

    Removing the entire mower deck can be done by pulling 2 pins and a steel bar at the front. Even the blades are easy to maintain. Remove 4 pins to pull the blades for sharpening or replacement. Again, safety is paramount.

    “Power to the motors on each blade is delivered via a plug-in cable,” explains Edmond.

    The kit is available at an introductory 22 percent discount of $1,247 U.S. or $1,597 Canadian. It uses standard 6-volt golf cart batteries and can be recharged with a standard battery charger in 4 to 5 hrs.

    “You can go on eBay and find a battery charger from an electric wheelchair. They are all smart chargers,” suggests Edmond. “They will shut off automatically, extending battery life.”

    Edmond estimates annual operating cost for cutting 2 acres 22 times a year with his repowered mower at about $11 plus $57 towards replacing $400 batteries every 7 years. He compares that with the $366 estimated cost of operating a gas tractor (fuel and service) the same amount of time.

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John Deere Battery Charger /Maintainer- TY25866 Install On X350 Lawn Tractor By KVUSMC

This Is A Video Of Me installing The John Deere TY25866 Battery Charger Maintainer Fully Automatic on My John Deere X350 and My John Deere 2320 This Will Make your Battery Last Twice as Long for many years to come ! Keep Your Batteries Charged
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Quick Tip #10 : Tips On Charging Lawn Mower Batteries

Quick Tip video on charging lawn mower batteries. Always follow the manufactures recommendations on the battery and follow the manual with your charger. Batteries can be very dangerous if not charged properly. Thanks for Watching!!!