Auto ON OFF auto charger cut off room emergency Led light, diy led light

How to make Auto ON OFF auto charger cut off room emergency Led light circuit, diy electronics led light project.
Today i will show you how to make automatic on off automatic cut off rechargeable room emergency led light circuit make at home with simple and easy steps. This circuity work in electricity shortfall in rainy weather or storm etc. Complete diy idea automatic led light circuit, simple and easy electronics project.

Make 12 volt auto ON OFF rechargeable Room Emergency Led light,diy light

How to make Auto cut off 12 volt battery charger,diy circuit

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Best Bi-Color Portable LED Light Kit for Photography: Digital Juice ColorBurst PRO

The ColorBurst 320/480 3-Point Light Kit is the perfect affordable lighting solution for field or studio production crews who shoot in variable lighting situations. It’s bi-color LED lighting technology allows you to dial in color temperatures ranging from daylight to tungsten or anything in between. The technology ensures visually accurate color temperatures and no color-shift when dimming. This affordable light kit’s high CRI produces consistent and superior color reproduction for the most demanding of photo or video projects.
The ColorBurst Bi-Color 3-Point Lighting System includes 1 ColorBurst 320 and 2 ColorBurst 480 LED light fixtures, along with compatible power supply adapters, batteries, battery chargers, diffusion filters, three hotshoe adapters and stand mounting kits. Three lightweight light stands are also provided, as is an attractive compact deluxe carry bag so that you can easily transport and store your lights and stands when not in use.
With this portable lighting system’s spotlight effect and 60° beam angle, this LED lighting kit is perfect for shooting at relatively long distances. However, with the included diffusion filters, you can soften both highlights and shadows, reducing contrast and increasing the beam angle, so it’s ideal for all photographer and videographers.

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This is E4 multi-function digital movable 18650 battery charger box.
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