XTAR VC2 USB LCD Li-ion Battery Charger (Unboxing and Testing)

XTAR VC2 USB LCD Li-ion Battery Charger (Unboxing and Testing)

Unboxing and Testing XTAR VC2 USB LCD Li-ion Battery Charger With WITH 16340 LI-ION BATTERIESes.
XTAR VC2 USB LCD Li-ion Battery Charger shows only charged capacity.

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Golisi S4 Smart Battery Charger

Golisi S4 Smart Battery Charger

Golisi S4 2.0A Smart Charger with LCD Display and Wall Charger Cable : https://amzn.to/2xNEmab

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3.7V Smart Li-ion Battery Charger Using LM358N

Note : Description Available Soon


Simplest 18650 Li-ion battery charger that brings dead batteries to life using LM317


How to make 3.7 volt battery charger / how to charge 3.7 volt battery with mobile charger Hindi/Urdu

Hello friends in this video i explain how to make 3.7 volt battery charger or u can say how to charge 3.7 volt battery with mobile charger

#batterycharger #3.7voltbatterycharger #batterychargercircuit
Parts List :- Transister BC547
Resiste:- VR 10K , 1K, 220 OHM all 1/4w
Diode IN4007

Circuit Link :- http://corneey.com/wK7O8t


Review Tenergy Li-ion Battery charger 18650 14500

Inexpensive Li-ion battery charger for 18650 and 14500 Li-ion cells.


Banggood RC Giveaway – Two Aluminium Battery chargers up for grabs

Banggood Giveaway – Two 2-4S Li-poly/Li-ion Aluminium Battery chargers up for grabs. Details on how to enter are in this video and in the description below here, Good Luck to all participants.

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Fenix ARE C1 Li ion Battery Charger Review

Click here to purchase: http://goo.gl/mbP6Ht



Thank you for checking out my latest review on the Fenix ARE-C1 Li-ion battery charger. This is a very nice and versatile charger for recharging 18650 li-ion batteries. I use these cells in the BT20 bike light and they are also a nice substitute for those expensive CR123A cells.
The charger will charge batteries from dead to full in about 3.5 hours.
fenix are-c1 battery charger, best 18650 battery chargers, fenix 18650 battery charger review, fenix 18650 battery

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diy battery charger 3.7v

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How to Make a Lithium Battery Charger

Hi YouTube in This video I’m Going to Show You How to charge a lithium battery

If you Have any Question Please Comment.

Where To Buy “Cheapest”


1. 8A Step Down Converter – https://goo.gl/iIMJn6
2. 4A Step Down Converter – https://goo.gl/izcvjK
3. BMS With Balance Charging – https://goo.gl/wXBPJa
4. 24V Power Supply – https://goo.gl/dNrs5m
5. Multimeter – https://goo.gl/VuNQw7
6. Battery Status Indicator – https://goo.gl/0aJAFz


1. 8A Step Down Converter – http://amzn.to/2rpEutT
2. 4A Step Down Converter – http://amzn.to/2oQyENZ
3. BMS With Balance Charging – http://amzn.to/2seSyEz
4. 24V Power Supply – http://amzn.to/2rFxA4Q
5. Multimeter – http://amzn.to/2pqKLEF
6. Battery Status Indicator – http://amzn.to/2w63yrY


1. 8A Step Down Converter –
2. 4A Step Down Converter –
3. BMS With Balance Charging – https://goo.gl/6KXGEC
4. 24V Power Supply – https://goo.gl/4zRZ1N
5. Multimeter – https://goo.gl/m0FJg4
6. Battery Status Indicator – https://goo.gl/hJtKcq

Make your own 4S Lithium battery Pack -https://youtu.be/npA8FiqI9Tw

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