LiitoKala Lii 402 Smart Battery Charger Review & Teardown

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LiitoKala Lii 402 Smart Battery Charger Review & Teardown

In this video we take a look at the LiitoKala Lii-402 Smart Battery Charger. It will charge 1-4 Lithium batteries or 1-4 AA/AAA NiMh batteryies. It’s powered from a 2A USB wall charger and can auto-detect the type of battery inserted.

LiitoKala Lii-402 Smart Battery Charger:

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SkyRC B6 Nano battery charger: Scan-to-Go with mobile APP for easy charging – BEST FOR LESS

If you like the small and very capable ISDT Q6 chargers, you will definitely like the B6 NANO charger from SKYRC!

The form factor is similarly small, the max charge current is higher, it has 3 discreet touch-sensitive buttons and a clear and simple screen layout.

Paired with a mobile device via bluetooth and using their app, you can control the charger from your phone or tablet, create charging / discharging presets and also print out QR Codes for the Scan-to-Go feature!

You can also monitor the charging progress from a distance, through the device, but you are of course not advised to charge unattended by any means 😉

This is BEST FOR LESS: SkyRC B6 Nano battery charger: Scan-to-Go with mobile APP for easy charging – Let’s go!

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Here is a great LiPo-Safe battery box if you were looking for one 😉

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In today’s video we build a fully functional Lithium Ion Battery Charger that has the built in feature of an audio buzzer that sounds when charging is complete. We go over the complete schematic and the mechanical build from start to finish. Hope you enjoyed it. All comments are appreciated. Thanks for watching.


Here is the Parts list: (This list is also in the schematic download below!
Qty Description
2 TP4056 Charging Modules
1 Active Buzzer
1 100mm x 60mm x 25mm Project Box
2 Li-Ion Battery Holders
2 3mm Red LEDs
2 3mm Blue LEDs
2 IRF9540 P Channel MOSFETs
2 10KOhm Resistors 1/4W or higher
2 On/Off Swithes, I used 1 DPDT for both
Li-Ion Batteries

Here is a link to the schematic:

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Nitecore F2 Battery Charger/Power Bank: Review & Test

Nitecore UK – USA –
I take an in depth look at the latest super compact dual bay charger from Nitecore the F2. This offers not only dual slot charging up to 1.0 amp, but 2 x USB output ports for use as a power bank.

I find out how the Nitecore fares in testing, including a pass through test, charging speeds, actual discharge using the F2 as a power bank, solar panel test etc.

Sample supplied via Nitecore for unbiased review/testing

Details from the maker:
The F2 flexible power bank is dual-slot, outdoor power bank battery charger. This double duty charger can power 18650, RCR123, 26650, 14500 and other IMR / lithium-ion batteries using the micro-USB, USB 3.0 cable, be able to charge cell phones, flashlight, headlamp and other USB devices as a power bank with batteries. Lightweight and durable, this is the perfect charger for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, backpacking, etc.

● Compatible with cylindrical rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of various sizes
● Intelligent USB charging and regulation control circuit
● Battery charging and discharging capability
● Universal micro-USB 3.0 input port, accelerated charging rate up to 1A each bay
● USB output up to 2A
● Charge two batteries simultaneously and independently
● Built-in power indicators display battery status
● Automatic power detection and voltage reporting upon battery installation
● Optimized IMR battery charging
● Automatic identification for batteries of different types and proceed with appropriate
charging current and mode
● Reverse polarity protection and anti-short circuit protection
● Made from fire retardant PC material
● Optimal heat dissipation design
● ROHS, CE, FCC and CEC certified

Input: DC 5V, more than 0.5A ( USB compatible )
Output voltage: 4.2V ( battery ) / 5V ( USB )
Output current: 2 x 1A ( battery ) / 2A ( USB )
Compatible with: Li-lithium-ion / IMR: 26650 / 18650 / 17670 / 18490 / 17500 / 17335 / 16340 / ( RCR123 ) / 14500 / 10440

The F2 includes a 3.5 inches USB to USB 3.0 charge cable, but also compatible with other micro-USB, USB and USB charging cables.


Miboxer C4-12 Full Review – 4 slots x 3.0A Monster Charger

Buy Miboxer C4-12 directly from manufacturer:
Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd AAA, AA, 18650, 21700, 26650 portable charger / power bank


SkyRC MC3000 – The Most Advanced Battery Charger & Analyzerr

SkyRC MC3000 is the most advanced battery charger and analyzer.

It support NiMH, NiCd, NiZn, Eneloop, Lithium-ion, Lilo4.35, LiFePO4, RAM, LTO.
With 100 – 50000 mAh Capacity Range.

This charger is an advanced analyzer that will display current, voltage, capacity, temperature, etc.
With Built-in USB power output and Bluetooth connection.

Available on :
Tokopedia –
Bukalapak –
Whatsapp – +62 821 1346 2608


GYRFALCON All-88 – 8 Bay Battery Charger. Li-ion – NiMH

The new GYRFalcon All88 battery charger is an 8-bay charger with the ability to charge multiple types of batteries at once. Lithium-ion, NiMH & NiCD batteries are all compatible with the “All88”. Charging currents can reach a full 1A. Each charging slot has its own digital display window.
I’m not 100% certain if the All88 has had its full release yet. When I have confirmed that, I’ll update this description.
Visit for reviews of flashlights and chargers.
If you would like more information about the All-88, you mail email their sales department at