Make your own portable phone charger with a BATTERY! (Demo)

Don’t have an outlet around to charge your phone? No problem! In this Flash Tip, we’ll show you how to make your own portable phone charger with just a few household items.


How to make Solar Mobile charger II very simple II

Hi ,in this video I am going to show How to make Solar Mobile charger. This is a small project for emergency or camping.

The materials I used – 5 volt 1w solar panel and a power bank charging circuit.

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how to make a 12v battery charger – simple

Hi youtubers!

I am sorry I did not posted a video since 1 month It was because of my studies, i was very busy with my studies

But in this video I am gonna show u guys how to make a simple 12v 5 ampere battery charger at home. It is very easy

12v 3ampere transformer
1N5408 diodes x 4
2200uf 35v capacitor
4700uf 25v capacitor
Alligator clamps

Circuit diagram :


This is a good life skill, bananas can be used as chargers!

This is the Great Planes Charge Lead with Banana Plugs and Star Plug Male Ultra Connector. (plug style … Battery Charger Charging Cable: Deans Ultra (T-Plug) Male to 4mm Bullet Banana (Wires Cables Leads Plugs LiPo LiHV LiFe… 5.0 out of 5 … I will not use these connectors and will seek a return/refund.


2 Free Mobile Charging

Free Mobile Charging life hack

more video

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Easy steps to Build your own Battery Charger – (Phone Charger Hack)

Battery Charger Tech Hack:

You will build your Battery Charger after watching this Video.


Amazing Tips to Identify Fake Smartphone Charger and USB Data Cables

Amazing Tips to Identify Fake Smartphone Charger and USB Data Cables


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The easiest way to recognize mobile phone counterfeit chargers ফোনের নকল চার্জার চেনার সহজ উপাই

The easiest way to recognize mobile phone counterfeit chargers

After the mobile phone charging smells burnt? Be careful There are problems with your charger. Charger is not fake? Please try this before buying to avoid such a problem.

Remember, uneven chargers are fake. Smartphone explosion can occur due to such fake charger. Therefore, be careful while buying a charger. You can see how the structural structure is. False chargers often get extra hot. There have been incidents of fire from this. So, before sleeping at night, advised not to charge mobile phones, experts said. Fake charger decreases the efficiency of charging and charging the battery’s battery. Many times shopkeepers or online vendors try to sell fake chargers in various temptations. Do you know the fake charger? Find out a few ways:

Samsung: Find fake fake chips made in the market for Samsung phones. Recognize this type of charger and read the above articles. Finding the difference between Samsung’s real and fake charger is very difficult to find. Understand the text printed on the charger. If the ‘A +’ and ‘Made in China’ are written on the charger, it is more likely to be fake.

IPhone: The most fake iPhone on the charger in the market These are made in such a way that it becomes difficult to understand the difference with the original iPhone charger. The original charger will be ‘Designed by Apple in California’. Apple’s logo with fake charger can easily be distinguished. False charger logo will never be the same as the original. The Apple logo will look darker in fake chargers. So notice the logo when buying the iPhone charger.

Shawami: To recognize Shawmy’s fake charger, the length of the cable should be measured. If the cable is less than 120 cm in length or the adapter is big, then assuming the charger is fake.

OnePlus: Know the Original Dash Charger of the Vanplus Phone is very easy. Flash keys are shown on the phone. Instead, when the current battery charge sign appears, the charger is fake.

Huawei: You can also get duplicate charger in Market Huawei. To recognize Huawei’s original and fake chargers, you need to get help with barcodes. When matching the adapter’s barcode information with the Barcode information of the Huawei Charger, the charger is real. If not, then you are being fooled by fake chargers.

Pixel: Google offers fast chargers with pixel phones all the time. If the pixel takes a lot of time to charge the phone,


4 Amazing Tips to Identify Fake Smartphone Charger and USB Data Cables ?

How to identify fake or local Smartphone charger and USB Cables ? Difference between fake and original smartphone charger ? Local vs Original Data Cables Main Difference in hindi Check if a Samsung Charger or Cable Is Original a fake charger and usb cable might harm you smartphone battery life so you should be able to identify fake and real charger while buying so in this video i will give 4 amazing tips to identify fake or local mobile phone charger and cable in hindi

aaj kal electronics chizo ka duplicate yani ki copy market me aapko bahot mil jate hai chahe vo iphone ka charger ho ,oppo vivo ya samsung ke phone ka charger ya usb cable ho aur iski marketing market me kafi tezi se chal rahi hai kayi baar aisa hota hai ki hamare mobile ka chargr kharab ho jata hai ya fir usb cable kharab ho jata to aise me hame charger kharidana hota hai ham ise online shoping website se ya fir offline electronic market ya mobile shop me jaake kharid sakte hai lekin ham dukandaar se original chiz mangte hai lekin kuch aise log hote hai jo hame original ke naam pe fake yani duplicate local charger aur usb cable de dete aur kehte ye original hai to aise me hum kaise pehchane ki jo charger hamare pass hai ya jo hamne kharida hai vo original hai ya local company ka kaise pehchane usb data cable original company ka hai ye fake hai puri jaankari jaaniye hindi aur urdu bhasa me

नकली मोबाइल फ़ोन के चार्जर और असली चार्जर की पहचान कैसे करे ? कैसे पता करे की ऑनलाइन जो चार्जर या डेटा केबल लिया है वो असली है या नकली

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Smart phone charging Superstition | bengali tech video | Bong info

It’s a Bangla tech video about Superstition of phone charging
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This video all about:-
Is it bad to leave your phone charging overnight
Is using the phone while charging bad
Can you overcharge your phone
Should you charge your phone to 100
Is it bad to let your phone die
What happens if you leave your phone charging all the time
Is it bad to leave your phone charger plugged into the wall
At what percentage should I charge my phone
Will my phone explode if I use it while charging
Is it safe to talk on phone while charging
Is it bad to leave Iphone charging overnight
Does an Iphone stop charging when full
Can you charge my phone to 100%
How many years does a cell phone battery last
What happens when you overcharge a battery
Can power bank charge overnight
Is talking on the phone while charging dangerous
Is it dangerous to talk on the phone while pumping gas
Do Apple Chargers stop charging when full
Can I leave my Iphone charging all night
Can a car battery explode if overcharged
Can you overcharge a battery
Can Power Banks explode
Do power Banks damage battery

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