The Roomba 610 – Top of the Line in Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Imagine this: You leave your home for the day and come back to spotless floors. Every crumb has been picked up in your kitchen and the carpets look like you could eat off of them. The funny thing is that no one was at home while the floors were being cleaned and you did not hire someone to do it. So how did it get done? The Roomba 610 took care of the job for you!

You have probably heard of these nifty robotic vacuum cleaners before but wondered if they really work. Certainly, the technology has improved over the years and the Roomba 610 is the professional series of robotic vacuums. In fact, you can schedule up to 7 cleansings per week automatically! Imagine being able to schedule them while you are at work so that you come home to a clean floor.

Not only are you able to schedule your cleanings, but this professional grade vacuum cleaner comes with virtual wall lighthouses. These gizmos create invisible barriers to the keep the Roomba from being able to go into areas which are off-limits. This also means that it requires the Roomba to completely finish one room before it goes to the next one. This way you can ensure that your vacuum cleaner is not simply moving around the house in an unorganized fashion.

Another feature of the Roomba 610 is its two interchangeable cleaning bins. The debris bin is great for routine maintenance of the floors and cleaning deep down into the carpet and rug fibers. Then, there is a high-capacity sweeper bin which holds three times the debris. This vacuum also has three different cleaning modes which allow the vacuum robot to make a calculation on the room size so that it can maximize the coverage for each room. The max mode allows the Roomba 610 to clean very large areas while the spot mode allows it to clean an area up to 3 feet in diameter.

The Roomba 610 is a serious vacuum cleaner and is considered to be top-of-the-line in the Roomba series. It comes with an extra bristle brush, one extra rubber beater brush, two extra side brushes, two extra filters and two brush cleaning tools.


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Peak Design 45L Backpack | Medium Camera Cube (Travel Line) – Backpack, Carry-On Luggage…OH MY!

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Camera Cubes (small: $40; MSRP $50 | medium: $56; MSRP $70 | large: $72; MSRP $90)

5:11 – Backpack Compression Mode
7:23 – Waist Belt
9:14 – Shoulder Straps
15:16 – C-Clips
17:52 – Zipper Security
20:34 – Medium Camera Cube
24:23 – Camera Cube and Backpack (Packing Cube, Tech Pouch, Wash Pouch, 5L Sling, Field Pouch)

The Peak Design 45L Backpack is the ultimate travel backpack. Just like the 20L and 30L Everyday Backpack, there are side handles and side access on both sides. There’s a hidden compartment for the RainFly and external carry straps. There are huge side pockets to hold wine bottles, tripod or 40oz bottles. You can even tuck in the shoulder straps into the backpack. At max expansion, it can hold up to 45L. Normal size is 35L and when the top is compressed, it holds 30L.

– available in black and sage
– carry-on approved
– weatherproof construction + waterproof zippers
– 400D Nylon Shell (made from recycled plastics)
– 900D Nylon bottom
– stowable waist belt
– top handle, side handles, back handle
– pick-pocket deterrent zips
– hidden external carry straps


Camera cubes protect and organize your gear. It is made from weatherproof nylon canvas and features grab handles with attachment points for Peak Design straps. It also has origami-inspired FlexFold dividers.

– available in small, medium and large
– full back access
– on-body side access
– fits mirrorless, APS-C and Full-Frame DSLRs, drones, lenses (prime, zoom, telephoto) and accessories (batteries, chargers, memory cards, battery grip, etc.)


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– RØDE RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
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– YongNuo YN600L II LED
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