How to use the TP4056 to make a 18650 lithium battery charger that can display voltage

In this video you will see how to make a 18650 lithium battery charger that can display real-time voltage using the TP4056 and inexpensive electronic components. This electronic project is very simple to make and can be made at home according to the circuit diagram.
Materials needed:
18650 battery box
Cement resistance
1K resistor


5S26650 Lithium Battery Board that supports hybrid charging sources

WONDOM 5S 26650 lithium battery charger with battery protection components on board.Supporting wide charging voltage range and hybrid charging sources is one of the highlights of this board.Let’s see how it goes.


Lithium Batteries, Chargers & Connectors from DigiTech, New Delhi (Made in India) || #EVBasics

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REVA G-WIZ: lithium ion conversion type 2 charger lead installation.

A longer video showing the progress today. It has been a success and the Type 2 plug is neatly mounted and sealed. Everything is wired up and I am now able to charge at 6kw (108 amps) from any fast charger that I pass on the road that has a Type 2 socket. I may have to consider moving the chargers or finding a better way to mount them due to potential heat build up as they get very hot at 54 amps each. Other than that everything is working great and I am almost ready to drive longer distances than a 100 mile round trip (can possibly do up to 140 miles round trip but will always stay safe on the expected range to account for any unknowns on the journey).

I bought my Type 2 socket from:

Martin will fit the resistor and diode for you so that you receive a Type 2 socket with 1m tails all ready to wire straight into your car. He also stocks many other useful items to do with charging your electric car. Whilst he made the slight error of putting the CP pin in the PP socket it was nothing major and I doubt he does this often. But he is a very helpful chap who will spend hours emailing you until you are confident with what you need.


Unboxing Limitless Lithium battery charger


Lithium Battery Charging with an Alternator – 46

After a lot of testing and tweaking, I’m finally happy with how my Lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries are charging using my narrowboats alternator. Initially, the charge was too harsh so I used a Victron BMS 12/200 to regulate the current and give me the option to disable the charge when I want to.
#lithium #victron #alternator

Victron BMS 12/200

Victron Alternator Control Cable

Marine Grade Battery Box

Blue Sea 300A Switches

Victron BMV 712 Battery Monitor

Blue Sea MaxiBus Insulating Cover 2719

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We’ll also take a look at the RELiON website and show you where to find the specific charging parameters used to program your lead-acid battery chargers to work with the LiFePO4 Lithium technology. This isn’t to say that your current lead-acid charger is configurable to work with Lithium batteries even though ours are. So please check with your battery charger manufacturer for compatibility.
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Lithium Ion Sealed Battery 12V 420 LCA Quad Terminal

Lithium Ion Sealed Battery 12V 420 LCA Quad Terminal
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Specially designed to accommodate aftermarket fuel modules and accessories due to a smaller construction compared to replaced batteries.
Extremely lightweight, 50% to 70% lighter than standard batteries. QUAD terminals.
Built-in LED Test Gauge. Increased Cranking Amps over Lead Acid Batteries. Can be mounted in any position.
Fast recharge, can be brought up to a 90% charge within 6 minutes. Long shelf life, up to 1 year before requiring recharging.
Easily 6 to 12 times more cycle life compared to lead acid batteries. No hazardous acid or heavy metals, non-explosive and non-combustible.

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Exploding Lithium battery, how not to charge a lipo

what happens if you over charge a lipo battery, they explode..

thanks for watching


600pcs 12V10A lithium battery chargers were sending to Euro market

600pcs 12V10A lithium battery chargers were sending to Euro market