How to Charge a Bad Battery (not really bad, but computer says is bad)


Often times a computer controlled battery charger will determine a battery is bad after the battery has been fully discharged and the lead plates in the battery are sulfated. You can often times rescue the battery by using a 1 amp manual charger, and slowly charging the battery back to life. It can sometimes take the 1 amp charger 24 hours to bring the battery back to a point where the computer controlled battery charger will accept the battery and charge it.

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A Generator Maintenance Checklist for Diesel Generators

An industrial generator (a.k.a. genset) can last for decades, but only if it is properly maintained. Although a generator has few moving parts, it contains sensitive components that need regular attention. Complete genset maintenance requires different measures to be performed on different schedules. If you need a schedule for performing these measures, below is a basic checklist for diesel generator maintenance on a daily, monthly, semiannual, and annual basis.

Daily Measures

Diesel generators should receive the following measures on a daily basis:

  • General inspection – Check the genset for loose parts, signs of corrosion on parts, traces of carbon, and dust build up.
  • Coolant heater check – Make sure the coolant heater is securely in place and inspect it for signs of wear.
  • Oil check – check the oil level and add oil as necessary.
  • Fuel check – check the fuel level and add fuel as necessary.
  • Charge-air piping check – be sure the charge-air piping is connected securely to the radiator and inspect it for signs of wear.

Maintenance personnel commonly perform the measures above. Generator technicians can also perform them as part of a scheduled service agreement.

Weekly Measures

Diesel generators should receive the following measures on a weekly basis:

  • Air cleaner check – Check the air cleaner for debris and clean it as necessary.
  • Battery charger check – Check the float voltage reading on the battery charger and adjust the voltage as necessary.
  • Fuel Filter Drain – Drain the water from the bottom of the fuel filter housing.
  • Fuel Tank Drain – Drain the water from the bottom of the fuel tank until the diesel fuel appears.

Many facilities have generator technicians perform the weekly measures on a generator maintenance checklist. If building maintenance personnel perform them, they should have training in generator maintenance.

Monthly Measures

Diesel generators should have the following measures performed on a monthly basis:

  • Coolant concentration check – Take a sample of the coolant with a hydrometer and check its concentration by referring to the service manual from the manufacturer.
  • Drive belt tension check – Check the belt for proper tension and inspect it for signs of wear.
  • Exhaust condensate drain – Drain the condensate from the condensate trap.
  • Battery check – Check the charge on the starting battery and examine the connections for looseness and corrosion.

Because the correct concentration of coolant in an outdoor generator may be influenced by climate, a generator technician that specializes in emergency power equipment in the Carolinas should perform the coolant concentration check.

Semiannual Measures

Diesel generators should have the following measures performed on a semiannual basis:

  • Oil and filter change – Replace the oil and oil filter, regardless of whether the genset has been used in a non-simulated power outage.
  • Coolant filter change – Replace the coolant filter, regardless of whether the genset has been used in a non-simulated power outage.
  • Crankcase breather cleaning – Clean the crankcase breather according to the service manual from the manufacturer.
  • Air cleaner element change – Replace the air cleaner element, regardless of the level of debris accumulation.
  • Radiator hose check – Check the connection of the radiator hoses and inspect them for signs of wear.
  • Fuel filter change – Change the fuel filter, regardless of the level of sediment accumulation.

Generator technicians should perform the measures above.

Annual Measures

The genset should have a thorough annual cleaning of its cooling system.


The measures above are required for a diesel generator to stay in excellent condition. By incorporating them into a generator maintenance checklist, you can prepare the generator in your facility for the next power outage.

Although building maintenance personnel can perform some maintenance measures, many of them deal with components and types of inspection that are specific to diesel generators. Unless maintenance personnel are trained in these measures, they should be performed by a power service that maintains emergency power equipment in the Carolinas.


Car Battery Charger and Maintenance

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Office Space Subletting Terms on Maintenance, Bills, Damage and Electrical Charges

Office Space subletting Terms

Have you ever wondered what the term ‘Subleasing an office space’ means? Well, subletting is a simple term, which is used when a tenant leases his leased property to a third-party. This is a pretty common term in the real estate department and the idea of subletting is also pretty simple. However, the terms and conditions followed in this process are intricate and complex. Catch a glimpse of the following text to grab a more insightful idea about the topic.

Sublessor and Sublesee

While renting a property, a tenant might feel the urge to sublet the property to another party. In this case, the tenant becomes the sublessor and the second tenant or the third-party becomes the sublesee. Both these terms refer to the fact that these two parties are actually leasing the property simultaneously. Take for instance, if a company leases an office space they becomes a sub owner. Now, if this company wishes to expand its ability, then it can always lease small units of this office space to a third-party. This third-party therefore becomes the subleasee or the subtenants in this respect.

Maintenance of property by the Subtenant

Among the various terms and conditions for subletting a property, a major clause is concerned with the with the proper maintenance terms undertaken by the Subtenant. According to the terms, the subtenant or the third-party has to take the responsibility of maintaining the property. The subtenant also has to keep the furniture and the decorations safe from wear and tear, as it was kept initially. The second tenant is also responsible for all the damages caused to the property.

Repayment of pending bills

The second tenant is also responsible for paying all the pending bills of the property. He remains liable to the original Lessor in this respect. When there is a lower rate of interest, the original tenant is awarded with a comparatively lesser rent. However, when there are high market rates, then the subtenant has to pay a considerably higher rent to the first tenant.

Damage recovery charges

Very often, the Subtenant has to pay a specific amount to the sublease as a security deposit for any and every damage caused. This damage cost is not covered in the monthly rent, wear and tear charge and utility charge. Again, the original tenant returns this deposit amount to the third party, if the office space or property is returned in the initial condition when it was subleased. This deposit money is then returned to the subtenant within thirty days of the conclusion of the term.

Payment of utility, telephone and electricity charges

According to another vital term of clause, the subtenant has to pay a percentage of the utility charges, telephone charges and electricity charges, if the charge is not fixed by the sublease. The third-party might also offer the said services, if the bills are not paid on time.

These mentioned terms cover the major clauses that are to be followed by the sublease and the subtenant. Keep these clauses in mind while subletting a property. The various terms and conditions associated with office space subletting is mentioned in this text. The complete meaning of the term ‘sublease’ is also thoroughly mentioned here.


Charging Dead Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Carts by Beaver Creek shows you how to charge your 6 volt golf cart batteries when they are too weak for the golf cart charger to work.


This video shows you how your BMW Battery Charger works and how to use it.

This video shows you how your BMW Battery Charger works and how to use it.


Drone Battery Care and Maintenance | What You Need To Know

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-Very few remote drone operators have a good understanding on how drone batteries work and what type of care and maintenance is needed to ensure drone safety and longevity of drone batteries.
-DJI drone batteries can be deceiving because they are kept in a plastic shell that hides the internal battery. This prevents drone pilots from inspecting the batteries properly.
-Aftermarket drone battery chargers are essential to proper care and maintenance.

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**Steel City Drones Flight Academy offers complete drone training services anywhere in the United States.
-We offer training services for all DJI platforms including the DJI M200, Inspire, Mavic, and Phantom series.
-We offer drone-introduction classes, advanced drone flying, commercial drone applications classes, cell tower inspections with drones, and precision agriculture using drones -such as golf course management.
-If you are ready to take your drone capability to the next level, visit our website today!


Telwin T Charge 12 Evo battery charger review

BikeSocial tests this versatile car and motorcycle battery charger. Read the full review at


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Computer Maintenance – Computer Repair in Hawaii

Computer Repair Hawaii

Computer Repair Services in Hawaii is not so much different than the mainland, especially on the island of Oahu, but there are a few challenges. Having lived on Oahu over 45 years ago in Ewa Beach, and returning just over 7 years ago, the scene has changed drastically. Things were more rural back then, and of course there was no internet.

In Oahu, people seem to work on one side of the island and work on the other. Since there are only 1 or 2 ways to get around, traffic can be extremely congested, and parking can be a challenge. So while you are looking for a Computer Repair Shop to drop off your computer, or waiting for a Mobile Technician to drive out to you, timing can be a challenge. For some reason, even in Paradise, things can get pretty busy. With that said, I just wanted to put out my two-cents that affect both the customer and the service provider about computer repair in Oahu.

Traffic Challenges

If you live in Waianae, Waialua, Haliewa, or the North Shore, Windward and around Waimanalo, you will have to rely on Mobile Technicians willing to come out to your location, or to drive the distance yourself. The problem with dropping off a sick computer yourself is that most shops open about 9-10am and close at 6pm. You either have to take time off from work, hope traffic is light after getting off work, or just wait until a day off.

For some reason, there are no shops I am aware of in Waianae, Haliewa and all through the North Shore. Shops on the Windward side are scarce as well, but I vaguely hear that there may be a shop out in Kaneohe, but they must not do much advertising. If you have a Macintosh, there is definitely a shop in Kailua, just be aware that not all shops repair both PCs and Macs, and while do mobile technicians.

My Rant About Windward Computer Repair

Concerning computer repair for our valued Windward customers, I have to rant a little bit. Windward customers in Kaneohe and Kailua are fiercely loyal to their local businesses, which is a good thing. But when it comes to computer repair and they are looking for a mobile technician, they always want someone who looks closer to where they are, which at first, looks to make sense.

If they call you and you actually have a physical location and provide both in-shop and mobile services, they get hung-up on your shop's physical location even though they are calling for mobile service. The truth is, that they have no idea where the technician is coming from. The technician may already be scheduled to be out in that area for another customer and can easily set an appointment for you as well. They are not just just sitting around at home all day waiting for you to call, so you just can not assume where they will be dispatched from. That may sound harsh, but it always surprises me when we spend some valuable time over the phone with a prospective customer, trying to understand their computer problems and comfort them with our solution to their problem, and as soon as we mention that our shop is over the hill on the other side of H3, they start backing out of the conversation almost as if they thought they were doing "us" a favor and say thanks but no-thanks, we'll just call someone a little closer. I do not get it, and even when I can truthfully say that I have a tech in the area already, they do not care. I know other shop owners who get this same response about mobile repair on the Windward side. The fact is that we are happy to serve customers on the Windward side, and we appreciate their loyalty once they finally hire us to repair their computer. But it is a hurdle starting that relationship. I might add that it is a beautiful drive to the Windward side, especially if you get to drive back through the Northshore if you have the time. I always look forward to a good Shrimp Plate lunch from one of my favorite shrimp trucks along the way.

Parking for Mobile Computer Repair Technicians

If your business or home is located in a reliably populated area away from the areas I just mentioned, you'll have plenty of options for both in-shop and onsite computer repair in Oahu. But if you need service in the congested business areas of downtown or Waikiki, parking is a problem. My suggestion is that if you want prompt service, that you provide information to the technician about the most convenient place to park as well as any parking fees (which may be added to your bill). You might even be able to pre-arrange parking in a reserved area for vendors. And lastly, it even helps to know details such as any vehicle height restrictions for parking garages, or detours due to emergency or special events.

Giving Directions

When setting an appointment for mobile service, it is vital that you provide an accurate address and phone number. Many local Hawaii residents prefer to give directions and landmarks than actual addresses, but Mobile Technicians end up learning the island very well and even use GPS devices these days. Some even print out directions with Yahoo or Google before coming out. We would prefer that you just give us your complete address and then maybe a landmark if you live in an obscure hard to find location. We need the address for our invoice anyway. We appreciate the directions, but customers somehow assume we will be driving to their location the same way they do everyday, but the fact is that we might be coming from the other way, and then left becomes right, and right becomes left and it gets confusing while driving.

Be Sure to Give and Get Correct Phone Numbers

As for your phone number, things happen and we may need to call you. We also like to call before we come out to ensure you'll be home. Fortunately, we are not like the cable companies that tell you they will arrive between 9-5. Mobile Technicians can usually provide you with a 30-60 minute window. But if you have something come up, we would appreciate if you could call us as soon as possible to postpone.

Also, be sure that you know which Computer Repair company you made the appointment with and have their correct number. Many customers call quite a few shops before they choose who they will make their appointment with and get phone numbers mixed up. Some even call us more than once because we have more than one phone number. It gets quite funny hearing the same person calling again, now using a better description of their problem because of talking to us earlier. The problem is that it might get confusing to remember who you chose in the end. Now and then I'll get a person calling us by mistake to cancel an appointment that we never made. Imagine the frustration of the technician when he drave out to your home or business just to find out that you said you called and canceled already, why are you here?

In-Shop vs Onsite Computer Maintenance

This basically boils down to price, turn-around time and convenience. In-shop repair fees are usually flat rate fee based, and takes days to get back, but you will get more thorough service this way. Shops are also more prepared for the extremely difficult problems. With shops, you can just walk-in during normal business hours, although you should call first to get guidance on what to bring. For laptops, you should always bring the AC Adapter (battery charger). For desks, we usually only need the computer itself (no cables or peripherals, although it would not hurt if you bought your CDs).

Onsite service is usually hourly fee based, and may even have a trip charge. Onsite service by nature is by appointment only, but many problems can be diagnosed and repaired within an hour or two. With onsite service, it is critical that you describe your computer problem as well as possible, because if it sounds obvious that it might be a hardware problem, your computer may be a better candidate for in-shop repair. It's already difficult enough to get certain types of parts on island such as motherboards and CPUs at a Computer Store, so you can expect that a Mobile Technician will not have every part needed to fix every computer in their vehicle. Some parts even have to be ordered online and can take a week or so to arrive. Hopefully you can see the complications this may cause with setting another appointment as well as how the technician will bill you for the first and second appointments. It would just be better to bring these problem computers to a shop.

Major Limitations for Mobile Only Technicians

I certainly do not want to knock mobile only technicians, because I got my start that way. But you have to know that these ones can only service a small finite number of customers in any given day. Many people get attached to their computer guy once trust is established, but it can get frustrating when your trusty Mobile PC Tech can not make it out fast enough. They might even need to take a vacation and when you get a hold of them on their cell phone, you find out they are on the mainland for a week or two. If you can not wait, you have to find someone else.

Mobile repair is limited as well for reasons spelled out in the "In-Shop vs Onsite Computer Maintenance" section above. There are also certain types of maintenance that will never get done onsite due to how long it will take. If I think I have to perform a surface scan on a hard drive just for starters (which can take 2 hours or more in some cases), I almost immediately recommend I take the computer back to the shop to complete at the flat rate. Some computers develop multiple problems and can take 4-5 hours to repair. For one, it will save you on further hourly charges, but it will also help the technician to be on time for other appointments after you, since he probably only allotted 2 hours for your appointment. The complicated part is that a mobile technician may not have a shop to take your computer to, and may only be able to take it to their home. If you are okay with that, then fine, no problem.

I would add that a technician that has both in-shop and onsite experience are the best technicians. For mobile only technicians, it can be hard to get this experience because they will rarely get a customer that is willing to pay a technician to spend 4-5 hours onsite, not to mention having to dedicate their own personal time as well to be there . But if the technician does not ever get the chance to spend time on the real hard problems, it is unlikely that they will ever progress to become a master technician. If you were choosing a doctor for a complicated surgery, how concerned would you be about his or her experience? The answer is obvious.

Anyways, while our computers and online lives might not be life and death situations, we seem dependent on them neglectless. So I hope this insight into both sides of Computer Maintenance and Repair in Hawaii help you make the right decisions when that inevitable computer problem occurs. That way, you can be armed with the insight to make the best choice available for your computer needs.


Motorcycle Battery Chargers (Genius G1100)

Comments on Motorcycle trickle and float battery chargers. Also unboxing of my NoCo Genius G1100 Smart Charger.