Husban Zino: Using an after market battery charging cable for a faster charge.

I used the 3S JST- XH Charge & Balance Cable from Progressive RC, a ebay seller. I purchased it for $4.99 plus shipping. I used it to charge my Hubsan Zino in half the time then one Hubsan included in box. This cable made it easy to hook the Zino battery up the iMax B6 hobby grade charger. It should also give me a better balanced charge. I will do a test flight shortly to see if I get more flight time or better performance from this charging method.

Please give me any feedback you might have in the comments below. And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. And subscribe to my channel for more content like this. And if you’re on Facebook, join my group RC World. And look for me on the YouTube show Drone Therapy every Wednesday night at 8:30pm EST.

This is a link to purchase the Zino directly from Hubsan, I receive a small commission that I will use to purchase and review more RC products and camera’s:….

If you have a drone or any other camera related product you want me to review, contact me at

The opening intro was created by Bill Thomas over at Coast to Coast Drones on YouTube.


Computer Rental – A Competitive Market

The quality of computer rental service varies from company to company, and I would say, from location to location. Computer rental service providers in Melbourne really matter when it comes to this kind of online service providing business.

Computer rental service providers offer rentals of different technologically advanced items such as notebooks, monitors, LCD projectors, scanners, printers, desktop computer units, audio visual products and many more. There are two kinds of rental provisions: (a) short term rental and (b) long term rental. The time span of rental depends on the clients on which suits them best. The mentioned rental provisions also vary in price, as much as every item to be rented. This kind of service providing space works by providing computer or audio visual equipment to the people who are in need of the equipment, most of the time, for emergency reasons. The service, of course, is for a reasonable fee. Most of rental companies such as those located in Melbourne are operating online. This is because operating online is proven effective and a sales generating business strategy. Aside from exposing your business worldwide, you get more potential customers 24 hours per day and 7 days a week because a website never sleeps.

Most of the Melbourne computer rental companies have been operating for several years already despite the competitive market they are in. The mere fact that a company survives for several years is already an indication that such company must have served its clients very well. It is already a common thought that the longer the company exists, the more reputable and reliable it is in terms of providing quality and customer-satisfying computer rental service.

There are a lot of business strategies to survive. Some gives incentives in different forms to attract more customers. Some also gives a little bit cheaper prices of rental items in which the difference matters in cents only. Big companies that offer computer rental services have fixed prices. However, small and medium ones offer negotiable prices. The final price would be the one that is agreed by two parties (the rental provider and the customer).

The companies of this kind usually get the equipment they have for rents from dealers at a rate in wholesale. The rental services cover equipment customization, installation and dismanting, shipping to the item to the customers if in case they are from very far places. The shipping though may be done with extra charges to be paid by the customers.

Assistance in the operation of particular equipment is also provided by the computer rental company. They send out a person or a team to help the customer set everything up.

To recap the price issue, rental companies usually base the price of every equipment item according to its quality and length of time for that item to be rented. The payments can be made through checks or credit cards. Money order would also be accepted as a form of payment; but nowdays, this method of payment is already seldom.


600pcs 12V10A lithium battery chargers were sending to Euro market

600pcs 12V10A lithium battery chargers were sending to Euro market


The Best GPS Map Device In The Present Market – A Travelers Delight

The newly enhanced GPS map device offers a host of additional features than what was derived from its highly popular predecessors. The handheld device benefits from a new design which looks sleek and attractive to look at. Recent devices with 2.6 inch screen and 65-k color display with a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels are the talk of the town. The screen is clearly visible even in broad daylight light which make it an ideal instrument that can be used at any time of the day.

The device is also equipped with a GPS receiver through HotFix which is highly sensitive and offers the best reception capabilities. The quad helix antenna attached to the phone offers unparallel reception. The device is also water proof with a streamlined design making it ideal to be used even in rugged conditions.

The gadget is installed with a world base map through which the user can receive support via geocaching (paperless). The world map comes with the shade relief that offers greater choice in the form of marine / road maps and other maps that include detailed topographic images. This is a feature that is sure to take your navigational performance to the next level.

Another interesting feature of this device is that it you can use routes that have been uploaded by other users to explore new places. This way you can share waypoints, track routes and geocachers wirelessly between other compatible devices. The experience of these travels can then be uploaded through social networking forums like Facebook or Twitter. The device also has a 3-axis compass that will enable the user to derive accurate readings even when it is not held in a leveled manner.

Other attributes such as the barometric altimeter can be used to track the traveller's altitude to a precise degree. This is calculated through fluctuations in pressure changes while the altimeter can also be used to keep an eye on the weather. External connections to the device can be carried out through a high-speed USB interface.

Satellite images can be made to integrate with your maps through the Birds Eye Satellite imagery. The user would have to however get a subscription before the feature can be utilized. The device offers up to 20 hours of battery life and requires 2 AA batteries to function.

The instrument is perfect for travelers, trekkers, hunters, geocachers, hikers and mappers. The device can also be used for marine or automotive purposes which make its features highly versatile.


How to Price Your Value in the Market

Price and Perception: How to set your value in the market

The price of your product or service should be a reflection of its value.  Most consumers intrinsically believe in the “you-get-what-you-pay-for” philosophy. So what’s the right price for your offering? I don’t have a magic formula for setting price, but I will share with you a key to determining the right price: value.

What is Value?

Value is the inherent desirability of your product or service to your customers.  It is reflected in your brand.  The greater the perceived value of your brand, the higher the price you can and should charge.

Take chocolate, for example.  Bulk chocolate is cheap.  It’s not the tastiest treat, but if a customer is making a buying decision based on price, its good value.  A good mid-range chocolate such as Nestle or Hershey’s will be a bit more costly, but customers will value the established reliability of the mid-range chocolate brand and will be prepared to pay the price.  At the high end of the price scale there are chocolates that sell for more than $1000 per kilo.  And yes, customers are willing to pay the price.  Why?  Because they want a chocolate of the finest quality, guaranteed to tantalise their taste-buds and melt in their mouths. The price of these chocolates makes a bold promise, and to these customers the value of that promise supports the price.

Is your Business offering Bulk or Prestige?

When you set your prices, you need to consider your value to customers.  Low prices may equal bulk sales, but they reflect low quality.  That’s OK if that’s what your customers want and that’s how you want to position yourself.  High prices equal high quality, and if that’s your position you need to make sure your customers know the value you provide with the price. If you clearly communicate your benefits and target the market that values those benefits, your customers will be more than willing to pay your price.

The Painful Pitfall of Pricing too Low

Some businesses, especially in these difficult economic times, are tempted to discount their prices or set their prices too low.  The motivation behind this decision is usually fear rather than overall brand or business strategy. 

My friend, a plumber, fell into this trap.  He intentionally set his price at $40 per hour when his competition was charging between $50-$150.  He was a new plumber so he was scared he wouldn’t get any business if he charged what the others did. He advertised, and then he waited.  And he waited.  But he didn’t get any calls.  Eventually he asked his mentor, another plumber who charged $120 an hour and had a booming business, what he was doing wrong.  It turns out that people are scared of hiring plumbers who charge less than the going rate because they equate price with value or quality and they’re usually right.  The mentor was often called in to fix problems that cheaper plumbers had left behind.  My friend the plumber increased his rate to $90 and quickly grew a profitable business.

Low prices send a message of low value.  That can be damaging to your business image and brand. 

What’s the Right Price?

To set the right price you need to consider 2 things:

1.    Your positioning strategy: bulk, mid-range or prestige

2.    Your customers’ perception of value

Clearly communicate your value and set your price to reflect it.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to compete on price when it is just as viable and often more profitable to compete on value.

Deborah Jackson helps businesses understand how price, position, value and other key marketing strategies contribute to their success.  She helps her clients identify and communicate their brand value to ensure they work with great customers, charge premium prices and enjoy profitable returns. 

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Early Season Flea Market Finds, Slim Pickings out there!

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Global Battery Chargers Market Research Report 2019

The Battery Chargers report gives a top to bottom examination on a portion of the key elements, involving income, cost, limit, limit usage rate, creation, generation rate, utilization, import/send out, supply/request, net, piece of the pie, CAGR, and gross edge. Furthermore, the report shows a far reaching investigation of the market development factors and their most recent patterns, alongside important market fragments and sub-portions


Battery Charger Market Projected to Reach a Value of US$ 27.6 Billion by 2023 and CAGR 8%

Get more information about the market:

The global battery charger market reached a value of around US$ 17.2 Billion in 2017. Battery charger refers to a device which converts AC current into low-voltage AC or DC current for charging an array of portable electronic devices across various industries. There is a wide variety of battery chargers available in the market which can be powered through a wall outlet, car port or even a computer USB port.

Want more information about this market? Request a free report sample:

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Delhi Lajpat ray market mobile charger price and driver price per pice

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