Li ion battery 48volts battery charger li ion charger with battery meter


New drok meter for 18650 battery bank

In this Video I will show you what I am doing and it is meant for me only, do so at your own risk or reward enjoy.
New drok meter for 18650 battery bank

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Below is a list of a lot of what I use for the Power Shelves
Here are my discharges I use now 10 of theses soon to be 20
Resistor for above charger
Also 5 of the following they charge and discharge
I have 30 of theses chargers

I have 36 of theses chargers
single 18650 battery holders

The 7S BMS I use

The 18650 batteries I use

The plastic 4 x 5 18650 holders

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48V Battery Charge Meter | How to Install Video | Madjax® Golf Cart Accessories

How to install a Madjax® 48V Battery Charge Meter on a golf cart.
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New battery charger can it bring an old Gel cell back to life?

We will see. I think this old Gel cell is toast. But I wanted a charger for AGM (absorbed glass mat) so I got this one. You can check it out on amazon at the link below.
It is a Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship ‘N’ Shore 15 Amp SpeedCharge Charger with Battery Clamps.


Installing 12v Quick Charge QC3.0 USB Charger & Volt Meter Combined Unit

This short video shows how I install a Quick Charge QC3.0 USB & volt meter all in one unit in a Daihatsu Hijet I am converting in to a micro campervan (See link below). The Quick Charge 3.0 USB Volt Meter is a neat little unit which provides 2x USB charging points which can charge at up to 3 amp, providing quick charging times for devices that accept higher charging. The unit is also backwards compatible for standard USB charging so it is a very hand unit. Along with the USB chargers, this unit has a built in batter volt meter, meaning separate meters are no longer required saving space and install time. I think it’s a very neat tidy little unit that would be suitable to be installed in any camper, motorhome, car, boat etc.

Quick Charge USB3 Charger & Volt Meter (UK):

Quick Charge USB3 Charger & Volt Meter (US):

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Schumacher Ship ‘N Shore Battery Charger SS-51A-PE Meter not working, solution and Schematic

Charging meter on Schumacher Ship ‘N Shore SS-51A-PE automatic battery charger appears to not be working at all so there is no indication of whether the battery is charging or not. This video shows the cause and solution to that problem in that the battery leads were defective and open circuit and therefore the charger was unable to deliver voltage and current to charge the battery. This video also includes a reverse engineered schematic initially created by someone else but edited by me to include some part numbers and descriptors. WARNING: I have seen different schematics for this charger model with substantially different component values and components (different SCR brands, different transistors, different resistance values) but essentially the same basic circuit. A really smart engineer has posted a very good article about this charger circuitry and design enhancements he would have favored. You can also see the schematic here:


Solar boat battery charger, great for marine, or utv atv car or truck I love this!!!

Solar boat utv atv battery charger
I got tired of electric battery chargers and went with a solar panel battery charger for my boat deep cycle battery, it is easy to use I love this
Solar battery charger
Amazon affiliate link above

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Battery charger investigations and repair, rectifier test, meter shunt problems

Looking at a modern 30 amp battery charger from the scrapyard. Why was it scrapped? Only some minor faults. Checking through things and testing the output.


How To Build a portable solar battery charger for your Aliner Ranger , Boat, RV. DIY

Here’s a link to the solar panel i used
Here’s a link to the charge controller i used
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Car Battery Charger Voltage Needle / Meter Stuck or Wrong

Most likely happened as a result that pushed some + voltage through the ground wire by either:

1] Cranking while plugged charging(some chargers have a crank setting and can handle it).

2] The battery being charged had a bad short.

3] The battery being charged was given a cable jump by another vehicle while still plugged into the charger and possibly cranked.

You can also touch the + red wire to all the other connection on the charger for a few minutes while on a concrete or dirt floor. Be sure the charger is not connect to a power supply.