Ryobi 40 Volt battery will not cahrge – Alternate Charging Method

Frustrated with 2 warranty repairs is SIX months and not willing to spend $100 on a new battery that will probably FAIL again, I developed this method to allow the RECHARGING of a Ryobi 40 Volt Li battery (not in the Ryobi charger) for less than $15.oo. I have only tried this on one battery, but the principals are sound.
With so many 40 Volt Li batteries FAILING on Ryobi equipment, my guess is that the logic used to control the charging is flawed (eg., charge the 40 Volt battery in a Ryobi charger, do lawn work for an hour, until the battery is exhausted, place in charger-after it cools down-and get the kiss of death Red/Green flashing lights. I even put mine in the frige for a few hours, STILL Defective, waited days, STILL defective, put on the charger for days, STILL Defective) I put my 2nd battery in the charger after use, CHARGES up completely. BOTH worked at first, now, for NO reason, AGAIN, ONE is defective!

Hope this helps. Please be careful.

UPDATE Got several comments/questions about size, capacity, nominal s, manufacturers. I am building several battery packs and use this site for all specs..
Also, If your building battery packs, this guy is a real guru:


Which charging method is faster? Quick Charge 2.0 vs Turbo Charging !

In this video lets do a charging time test between Quick Charge 2.0 provided by Qualcomm vs Motorola’s Turbo Charging (Based on Qualcomm QC 2.0) Lets see whoi wins!
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Amazing New charging method

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car battery charger (PROVEN method)

If the lights get left on and the battery gets drained all the way down, you might be able to jump it to get it home but the battery won’t be fully charged. It’s best to put a battery charger on the car and top of the power so you have the confidence to drive the car without the concern of a dying again.



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환경부 전기차 충전기 사용법 ( A method of battery charger to charge for ev )

전기차 충전


How To Fast Mobile Charging in Any Charger killer Method

Hi frndzz in This Video How To Fast Mobile Charging in Any Charger killer Method


How to make 9v battery charger in easy method.

Published on may 28 2018.

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How to charge 9v batteries | 9v DC battery charging method |

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EEVblog #35 2of2 – NiMH and NiCd Battery Charging Tutorial

While we’re on the subject, Dave talks about NiMH and NiCd battery charging methods.