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How to charge 4.7 volt battery
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How to make 4.7 battery charger
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Liitokala Lii-500 Engineer Review | Battery Charger

Liitokala Lii-500 is a high-end, smart battery charger with 4 independent charging channels.Order it from GearBest – for 25USD. It supports Ni-MH, NiCd, Lithium Ion batteres and 26650, A, 17335, 22650, 26500, 14500, 18650, 17355, 17335, 17670, AA, 10440, 18490, AAA, 16340, 17500 sizes. Also it has really neat function to test batteries for real capacity
IMPORTANT: NOR test stands for Normal test , basically it’s a lot slower test then Fast Test.
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Review of Titanium 16 Bay Battery Charger MD-1600L

Review of the Titanium Smart Fast 16 Bay Ni-MH AA/AAA Battery Charger.
Also check out my Review on the “Yongnuo RF-603 Wireless Flash Trigger/Shutter Release”

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Power Bank Portable battery Charger Unboxing/Review

Full review of the power bank portable charger

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Portable iPhone battery charger, cell phone battery pack – Zeittech Portable Power Bank Review

Zeittech reviews a handy little gadget that can bring any USB-powered device back to life from a dead battery. Whether you need it for your iPhone, Android phone, MP3, or other device, this gadget is a must have.


Sealed lead acid battery charging – requested

Please read! YouTube user Ciprianwiner wanted to know more about what I use to charge my sealed lead acid battery, so here it is.

The charger is a Numax 1 amp 12v sealed lead acid battery charger. I paid around £20 for it from a local battery specialist (Manbat) where as it would usually cost £35 on-line.

I am not saying that you never charge a sealed lead acid type with a car battery charger but I would advise being careful or using some sort of current limiting as once you have a gassing sealed battery from too much charging current its pretty much downhill from there in terms of capacity.

Usually you can find datasheets online from the battery manufacturers website with all of the charging specs for your specific battery.

Also it is common to see the battery’s voltage read well into the 13v range when it is taken off charge (I have even seen as high as 13.6v stay for a while!). But once you put a load on them it will come back down.

Quite a dull and boring video really!


Top 5 Best Portable Battery Charger 2017 | Mobile Power Bank

Collection of the top 5 best portable chargers or the best power banks based on their price, durability and their charging power, I hope you will like the video! Reviews Portable Charger below.

#1 Anker PowerCore 20100
#2 Anker PowerCore 10000
#3 ZeroLemon ToughJuice V2.0 30000mAh
#4 Mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery
#5 AmazonBasics

Best portable battery charge – iPhone portable charger – Best power bank charger – top best portable charger


How to use a portable battery charger

This video describes how to recharge your smartphone when there is not access to a power outlet or any other means of recharging.

The portable battery charger can be pre-charged at home and then taken on long trips, where the cellphone battery is likely to run out of power.
When the phone is low on charge, simply connect the portable charger to your phone and it will start recharging it immediately.
Depending on the charger, it may be possible to recharge your smartphone more than just once.
This is especially helpful when you are taking a lot of pictures and videos during the day or are using the phone’s GPS functionality.


Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger

Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger

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Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger – Allows for quick charging of your cell phones, PDAs, PDA phones, digital cameras, as well as other devices. This universal battery charger is able to charge most if not all Li-ion cell phones battery with voltage of 4.3V or less. This charger feature adjustable charging pins to accommodate various size batteries including cell phones, digital cameras, or PDAs. 4 LED indicators lights notifies: charging indicator, polarity confirmation, power source confirmation, and switch indicator. Video by Melissa Brand?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Melissa


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Hot New Portable Battery Chargers

Hot New Portable Battery Chargers
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