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Hi friends welcome to my channel. My name is itham prasad. here are Top 3 tips charge phone faster android. In this video I will tell you how to charge battery faster and to increase the android mobile battery life. You can charge android mobile faster telugu. I hope you got how to speed up charging android. Friends please do subscribe my youtube channel for more videos. aluminium foil does not charges mobile faster. That’s fake. They will try to increase their video’s view count. You can also use third party charger if in case your charger was damaged or lost. But the configuration must be the same. Use reputed branded chargers for best results. Keep your mobile in airplane mode or switch off while charging.


Use Fast chargers. Fast chargers are available in all e-commerce sites.use the fast charger and keep your smartphone in airplane mode or switch off so that mobile charging will be much faster.

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Every phone battery has life cycles. if you charge from 0 percent to 100 percent, that’s called as one life cycle. Mobile batteries might have 1000 life cycles or more. Keep your battery charging between 20 percent to 80 percent to keep your smartphone battery healthy and long life. It’s best for the battery life.

Don’t play with your phone while its charging. Do not plug to computer or laptop for charging purpose. Turn off bluetooth, wifi, gps and all other networks while charging to increase the battery life. Reduce the mobile brightness, disable the adaptive brightness. And also reduce the display sleep time.

Reboot your android mobile or phone once in a week. Turn on the Stand by battery saving mode in settings. turn off the auto-update option in the playstore for all apps. If your display is amoled then use the black colored wallpaper to increase the battery life. If you have TFT or IPS display then do not use animated wallpapers that is, live wallpapers. just use static wallpapers.

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Fast Battery Charger | PA Mobile 2019

Your work, meeting, and conversation are interrupted because your phone is out of battery, and you have to wait a long time to fully charge the phone. And are you tired of that? Don’t worry about it!

Fast Battery Charger is an ultimate charger tool which can quickly boost your battery charging speed about 30-40%. This app will automatically activate when you connect your charger and will boost your charging speed.

Fast Battery Charger lets you charge your mobile device quick and comfortable. It examines all those services that drain out the battery, applications with heavy power consumption by app which will kill or pause all apps running in the background and consumes battery services.

In order not to waste time waiting for your phone battery to be fully charged, install the app now.

– Nice and user-friendly UI
– Auto clean RAM and optimize battery saver.
– Automatically fast charging optimization: Ram booster, turn off wifi, turn off bluetooth, reduce screen brightness…
– Show information battery: temperature, voltage, model, battery health,…
– It’s a free application

Fast Battery Charger is the best fast charging app for android.

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Best Mobile Phone Chargers Review !

Mobile Phone Chargers

Best Mobile Phone Chargers :

Model Number:CD122Quality Certification:CE,RoHS,FCCOutput Interface:USBCompatible Brand:UniversalOutput:9V-12V/1.5APower Source:USBType:quick chargeType:Charger,Adapter,Xiaomi Charger,Huawei C
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SR Robotics Wireless Mobile Charger Handmade [2019]




How to make a Generator mobile phone Charger

In this video, you will learn How to make a Generator mobile phone Charger. Thank you for watching.
DON’T make this project because it does not work for a long time.

Required Materials: dc motor, switch, power banks module, battery, wire etc.

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12 Volt DC Mobile Battery Charger (Hindi Urdu)

12 Volt DC Mobile Battery Charger (Hindi Urdu)

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battery to mobile charger, mobile battery charger

it convert 12v-24 volt into 4.5 volt , you can charge upto 6 phones same time. each usb port is 2100mah .


How to Make an Emergency Mobile Phone Charger|Emergency Power Bank|Batteries DIY

How to Make an Emergency Mobile Phone Charger|Emergency Power Bank|Batteries DIY

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Emergency Mobile Phone Charger can help you when required to charge your phone but charger or power not available.

The Emergency Power Bank by batteries is very easy project where the main component is 9 Volt DC battery and a voltage regulator
IC 7805.

This IC would ensure a regulated voltage to charge your phone.
If you follow the whole video I hope you can make your own Emergency Power Bank with batteries for Mobile Phone Charge on emergency basis.

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How to Make an Emergency Mobile Phone Charger using AA Batteries

In this video tutorials, I show how to make an emergency charger for Mobile Phones using AA Batteries.

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Increase Ampere for Mobile Charger (Using IC 7805)

Increase Ampere for Mobile Charger (Using IC 7805)

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