Free 100% Mobile Charging at Home – Easiest way – 100% working

Free 100% Mobile Charging at Home – Easiest way – 100% working.




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How mobile charger works???🔥🔥🔥

Hey Guys!! Welcome to tech insight. In this video we show you how a normal mobile charger works and what are the components that are used in the circuit.We hope you enjoyed the video.Please like share and subscribe for more awesome contents!!!

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Simple clear sound audio amplifier | from old mobile charger

Simple clear sound audio amplifier | used old mobile charger | c945 transistor

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Soldering iron:-

HOW to make a clear sounds speaker’s :

Simple audio amplifier circuit:

C1815 transistor projects:

BC547 transistor projects:

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Free Energy Mobile Charging Copper Wire With Magnet And Mobile Charger Awesome idea 2018

Free Energy Mobile Charging Copper Wire With Magnet And Mobile Charger Awesome idea 2018

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Symbols On Mobile Charger And Mobile | Meaning Of Symbols On Charger Dedicated 2 TECHNICAL GURUJI

In this video i will talk about some mysterious symbols on back side mobile phone charger , mobile phone itself and other electronic devices .
every person usually saw these symbols in daily life but people don’t know the meaning of these symbols so i make this video so that people will be able to know the meaning of these symbols.

If you want to know the meaning of unknown symbols in mobile phone or chargers this video must help you.

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