Scrapping a Car Battery Charger for Copper, lead acid batteries, money and more!

Here is another viewer request!! Scrapping a car Battery Charger! Thanks to Zedd125 for the topic! This thing has a good bit of copper and the lead acid battery is worth your while too!


How to make money charging Bird scooters and Lime Scooters by buying more bird/lime scooter chargers

MDA Lithium Ion Battery Chargers (1) for $19.99 or (4) for $65.99:
Bird/Lime Scooter Chargers (MDA Li-ion Power Adapter)

Want to make more money charging Bird and Lime Electric Scooters? The secret to making more money is to buy more Bird/Lime Scooter chargers. demonstrates how the MDA Li-ion Power Supply used by Lime Scooters, can also fully charge Bird Scooters.

Buying additional scooter chargers is the easiest and fastest way to earn more money charging electric scooters. Bird and Lime could take months before they ship their “chargers” or “Juicers” extra adapters. Why wait, and get them now.

So If you’re interested in making more money charging scooters, purchasing more scooter chargers is a must! This means you can relax more, and not have to wait around to switch up charged scooters. We are currently selling the MDA chargers, as well as generic. Get the top quality, MDA li-ion adapter for $19.99 and a generic for under $17.50. All Shipping is free around the United States.

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How to make Easy Money Charging Electric Scooters | BIRD CHARGER

Sign up with Bird and use code JMMZOG to get a free ride!

hey guys so i tried out being a bird charger job for a week and made a video talking about how to do it, what i thought, pros and cons and if i recommend it to y’all or not.


as part of the Bird Scooter app and company, the ride-sharing app have available jobs to anyone 18+ by charging their scooters. the official title of the job is ‘bird charger’.

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Inspired by The Rideshare Guy



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Making Money Scrapping Recycling Battery Chargers, Computers & A Video Camera!

Hello YouTube Scrappers! I’ve been super busy. Sorry for not having a video last week. I’ve been hitting eBay really hard lately and along with that it’s yard sale season so that takes up most of my weekends now. But I’m still getting weekly scrap loads from my main contact and from other word of mouth. I don’t film everything I get just the large loads. This load had a ton of cool items. There were massive battery chargers with lots of brass in them. I also got another large amount of flat screens, printers and wiring. There were 3 towers also mixed in. I’ve already processed this load since I filmed and got just under $125 for it! Not bad for $4 bucks in gas. The video camera shown in this photo is for sale if your interested. Let me know. I hope your all having a wonderful weekend of scrapping. As always I hope my videos motivate you to go out and get contacts/contracts. And don’t forget you can get cheap or FREE scrap at yard sales/estate sales too. Just give them your card and go pick up what is left when the sale is over. I hope you like this video. Please Like & Subscribe! Take Care!


How To DIY Solar Battery Charger – How To DIY Solar Battery Charger
The DIY Solar Charger | Popular Science
Jul 6, 2007 … The DIY Solar Charger. Keep your gadgets powered even when the grid … and build frames to hold the DC charger controller and the battery. …DIY: Solar Powered Battery Rechargers
In their latest catalog, several solar battery chargers are offered but one is particularly useful. The small Multi-volt Output Solar Panel (Cat. …Get Prepared Stuff – DIY Solar AA Battery Charger”
Most of the AA solar battery chargers available wouldn’t charge two AA 2000 mAh batteries in 4 days let alone 1 day of 4-5 hours of sun.Solar Battery Charging – Solar
Jul 30, 2007 … One of the simplest DIY solar projects is to make your own solar battery charger using a small Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel. …DIY Solar Battery Charger – Solar Energy How-to-Guide Directoy
DIY Solar Battery charger. Build your own solar battery charger for all of your electronic gadgets.Design Solar-Powered Computing Device – Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog
DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. … Solar Battery Chargers – Cheap Solar Battery Chargers and Battery Charger ..
How To DIY Solar Battery Charger

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How to Repair Battery Charger for Dewalt/Skill/Black and Decker. Save Money

A simple troubleshooting method to fix your cordless drill power pack without spending money. Common Issue with packs.
This fix will work on many other power tools that use a battery. Store in dry areas. Thanks for all your support!



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The Q6 and T8 are two new LiPo battery chargers from ISDT. Q6 packs 300 watts into an unbelievably tiny package. T8 delivers 1000 watts for when you need MOAR POWAH. Both of them are incredibly feature-rich and value-priced.

But there’s a catch.

The 300 watt and 1000 watt rating of the chargers is based on charging at the maximum possible voltage (6S for the Q6, 8S for the T8). This inflates the specification a bit if you’re actually charging 4S or lower, as most of us are. So if you’re looking for the best LiPo charger, you should probably look at the amp rating (14 amps for the Q6 and 30 amps for the T8) not the watt rating.

Even taking this into account, I think these are some of the best value for the money you can buy today.


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Learn How to Recondition Battery and Save Money

Learning how to recondition battery is the solution to restore old batteries to new again. This is an ideal solution for people who often discard batteries when they stop functioning after a period of time and purchasing new ones again and again. Just imagine the amount of money everyone can save by reconditioning these old batteries.

There is a common misconception among many people in regards to recharging and reconditioning for being identical. The fact is that recharging a battery only gives charge for a period of time, however, battery reconditioning means restoring the battery to its full capacity.

When you learn how to recondition battery, you will eventually come across various methods of approach. Some people may use mechanical tools to reclaim them, and some others will build new devices. Some experts even place their batteries in a freezer through the night and then recharging it. This process takes about 3 full cycles for the battery to start working again. Also, some chargers come along with the option of reconditioning and they do work extremely well with fridge pre-conditioned batteries.

There are many companies out there that offer reconditioning services, however, homeowners can do it themselves by buying a reconditioner. In fact, some batteries do not require a special reconditioner and can be easily reconditioned by draining the battery completely with the help of a battery powered device or a resistive circuit that discharges the battery safely and then charging it as per normal.

All types of batteries, including the latest car batteries can be reconditioned, but if the reconditioning process is done by the users, it has to be handled with extreme care as they do contain dangerous acids. Before learning how to recondition battery, it is essential to understand the various battery types and know exactly how it should be appropriately handled.