Quick Charge auto Smart Battery Charger any Type NiCD,NMH,SLA,LiPo,LiIon

$2 PCBs(in 48hours): https://jlcpcb.com
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220V to 24V 15A Switching Power Supply

Make PCB at home easy

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Name: Tobu – Seven [NCS Release]
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Make inverter 12v to 220v 200W, Simple circuit diagram, ( use 12 0 12 transformer )

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Quick Charge auto Smart Battery Charger any Type NiCD,NMH,SLA,LiPo,LiIon

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Optimate Battery Charger Review

This is a review of the Optimate Brand battery chargers. Visit their website at tecmate.com


Lextek Motorcycle Battery Optimiser Charger & Maintaner. Install & Review!

Lextek Motorcycle Motorbike & Scooter 12v Battery Optimiser Charger & Maintaner

A very simple bit of motorcycle kit at a great price!

I also have one to giveaway so watch the video to find out how to win!

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How to make 12V battery charger with auto cut off / 12 volt car battery charger hindi/urdu

Hello Friends in this video i will tell u how to make 12V battery charger with auto cut off this circuit is based on Transister BC547/BC548

Parts List
Transister BC547 , Diode IN4007 2PC, 1k resister 3pc, 4.7k resister 1pc, relay 12v 1pc, 10uf/16v or 25v , VR 10K led red and green,

Circuit Link :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B2rtgTjkPuSCdmoNYPUzrdoMnklkYqgU/view?usp=sharing

Simple Diagram :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ite1PHJksGAsJU6eogUtEY7YvUEtVb8w/view?usp=sharing



Bike battery charger : make Low budgets home made motorcycle battery charger using dc to dc converter xl6009…

Link to purchase this:-


How to make 12 volt battery charger At home !! 12 volt battery charger kaise banaye

hello friend
aaj mai aap logo ko bataunga ki 12v battery charger kaise banate hai aap chahe to bike ki batter ko bhi charge kar sakte hai
12v batter banane me kya kya lagega
tv transfarmer
clip red or black
6 mp doide
wire red or black
1. how to make 12 volt charger at home !! 12 volt battery charger kaise banaye
2.12 v battery charger
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5.How to make 12v battery charger
6. 12v battery charger homemade
thank mera video dekhane ke liye




Top 5 Best Cheap Car Battery Chargers Five Fast Facts

Top 5 Best Cheap Car Battery Chargers Five Fast Facts

Check Here: https://bit.ly/2xi5cH4

I put links to each Car Battery Charger reviews at AliExpress page in the description, So you can check out the other reviews at AliExpress.

1. Super Power Car Jump Starter Power Bank 600A Portable Car Battery Booster Charger 12V Starting Device Petrol Diesel Car Starter

2. Car Jump Starter Emergency 16000mAh 12V Starting Device 4USB SOS Light Mobile Power Bank Car Charger For Car Battery Booster LED

3. Car Battery Charger 12v 24v Full Automatic Electric Car Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair Type 100AH for Motorcycle

4. Car Jump Starter 16000mAh 600A Portable Power Bank Starting Device Booster 12V Emergency Car Charger For Car Battery Charger CE

5. 2018 Mini Emergency Starting Device Car Jump Starter 12V Portable Power Bank Car Charger for Car Battery Booster Petrol Diesel


How to make 12v Battery Charger at home | DIY 12v Car Battery Charger Homemade

Detailed Do it yourself video about how to make 12V car / generator battery charger at home.
Hi viewers! in this video i am going to show you How to make 12v Battery Charger at home by using 220v to 12V transformer, rectifier circuit and some waste materials. In first part of this video you will learn how to make rectifier circuit and in the last part you will see how to make complete 12V battery charger at home.

Materials Required for Rectifier circuit:
1. Diode: 1N4007
2. Resistance 1.2k Ohms
3. Capacitor: 1000uf, 16v

Materials Required for Complete 12V battery Charger:
1. Rectifier circuit
2. LED indicator
3. 220V to 12V Ac Transformer
4. Diode: 1N40075
5. Wood base
6. Nut Bolts
and some basic tools.
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Motorcycle battery charger and optimiser

the Optimiser 900 from Oxford this battery charger works well for me and as an optimiser it will keep your battery maintained motorcycle


Motorcycle Battery Chargers and Maintainers

There are many types of motorcycle battery chargers and maintainers but in my opinion the CTEK brand is the best.

Motorcycle battery safety tip:

Bonfires are fun, but not when it’s your beloved bike that’s fueling the blaze. when working on the battery you must disconnect the negative black ( – ) terminal first!!!! a simple step that’ll help ensure your motorcycle doesn’t go up in flames the next time you’re working with your battery. This is because the negative is connected to the entire frame and when you work you the positive terminal you might touch the frame with your metal tool which might get stuck there and start a fire…