Suzuki Intruder Motorcycle Battery Charging An Easy Way

Charging the battery w/o having to remove it. Warning: If unfamiliar with electrical safety procedures or equipment. Seek professional assistance.


DURABOOST & MEGABOOST Battery Chargers Official Product Overview at Cycle Gear

MEGABOOST Pro Series 4000 Charger & Maintainer

DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 1000

DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 750

No matter what your battery charger or maintainer needs are we have you covered. If you want all the bells and whistles then the MEGABOOST Pro Series 4000 is for you. This charger comes with a battery disconnect for ease of hooking up your motorcycle battery. It also comes with alligator clips in case your battery has already been removed. It fully automatic switching from charge to maintain status on its own. The MEGABOOST has two charge modes (2 amp or 4 amp) and is safe to use on all 12v lead acid batteries.

The DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 1000 is the same as the MEGABOOST just without the dual charge modes and a slightly lower charge rate (1.5 amps). Otherwise this is a full featured charger and maintainer that is safe to use on all 12v lead acid batteris.

The DURABOOST Battery Maintainer 750 is the smaller brother to the 1000 as it only charges at 0.75 amps. In everything else this charger/maintainer is the same as it’s big brother. We have all your battery needs covered with the MEGABOOST and DURABOOST battery maintainer and chargers.


Motorcycle Battery Chargers and Maintainers

There are many types of motorcycle battery chargers and maintainers but in my opinion the CTEK brand is the best.

Motorcycle battery safety tip:

Bonfires are fun, but not when it’s your beloved bike that’s fueling the blaze. when working on the battery you must disconnect the negative black ( – ) terminal first!!!! a simple step that’ll help ensure your motorcycle doesn’t go up in flames the next time you’re working with your battery. This is because the negative is connected to the entire frame and when you work you the positive terminal you might touch the frame with your metal tool which might get stuck there and start a fire…



We take a look at the new version of the Optimate 4 that is specifically designed to deal with motorcycles run Can-bus electronics.


“Not All Battery Chargers are Created Equal” by Randy’s Cycle Service @

“Not All Battery Chargers are Created Equal” by Randy’s Cycle Service in central Virginia USA. We restore vintage motorcycles – all makes/models. (No parts or bike sales) Phone or email assistance starting at $25 — go to, “Need Help?”


Black & Decker BDV090 – 6V 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer

Battery Charger and Maintainer BLACK&DECKER BDV090-QS.
It works with all 6V and 12V battery types.

***** IN THIS VIDEO *****
– Unboxing and Overview
– Usage


Motorcycle Battery Charging System Explained

The motorcycle battery charging system has multiple components. It is not easy to explain the whole process of troubleshooting in a single video. Hence, I have only summarized how the system works. I have successfully fixed this issue on our Yamaha R1 and BMW 650F. Please write to me regarding your issues and I will help you. Please excuse the camera angle (my face) 🙂


Maintain your Battery with Optima’s Digital 1200 Battery Charger

This isn’t your grandfather’s battery charger. Slick features, easy to use and understand controls as well as several industry firsts make the OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 12-volt Battery Charger stand out in a very crowded market.

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Battery Chargers – Pulse vs Conventional Battery Charging Technology – Comparison Research Summary

Summary Research Overview of “Battery Saver” Charger with Advanced Auto-Pulse Technology comparison to Conventional Battery Chargers for effectiveness in desulfating lead acid batteries