Schumacher SC-1000A Battery Charger Review – Quick Overview

Schumacher SC-1000A 2/6/10A 12V SpeedCharge Battery Charger

–For car, light truck, marine, RV, farm equipment, AGM and deep cycle-batteries

–10 Amp Fast Charge ─ charger monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate downward to prevent battery damage

–6 Amp Medium Charge ─ self-adjusting charge rate for everyday charging needs and to keep your battery in peak condition

–2 Amp Slow Charge ─ for charging and maintaining small batteries, such as motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and lawn tractor batteries

–Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled charger with electronic push button controls to select Charge Rate or Battery Type


Yuasa Battery Charge

Very simple video walking through the steps to setup a Yuasa YTX12-BS battery from box to fully charged.

Further info correcting my video from Rob (thanks Rob)


I wanted to say that was a well made video about how to charge up a Yuasa Battery.. But, some of the info you give isn’t correct. First , after you take it off the charger, you should wait at least 1-2 hours to let the battery rest before taking a voltage reading to make sure it’s between 12.8-13.00 volts. Secondly, A flashing green on the battery tender you were using only indicates that the battery is greater than 80% charged. A steady green light is when it’s fully charged. Thirdly, that brand of Battery Tender recommends when using it to charge a newly flooded battery that it should be left on the new battery for a minimum of 24 hours, in addition to whatever time it takes for the charger to get to the float stage. Here are some links to support what I’m saying.

Other than the minor mistake, I really like the way you made the video and how clear your instructions were. Plus you can’t go wrong when using Rush as Background music..:-)
Ride Safe! – Rob


Easy Motorcycle Battery Charging F650GS F700GS F800GS

I use this low cost method to charge my installed F650GS battery. The F700GS and F800GS are charged the same way. You could use this method for most motorcycles.


275. Drift Battery Charger Fail, Collect+ and Remote Control Mounting

The perils of cheap battery chargers and my super-simple remote control mount.


Title: “I Will Not Let You Let Me Down (Instrumental Version)”
Artist: Josh Woodward
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Things to carry for LEH LADAKH MOTORCYCLE trip and how to prepare your motorcycle.

Hi Riders,
There are all the stuffs listed below you need to carry for LEH LADAKH ride, and we feel we covered all, as our aim is to help riders to enjoy a hassle free ride. happy riding friends…

Motorcycle Essentials: ( What I prefer )

1. OEM Toolkit
2. Spare motorcycle key
3. Spare Chain link
4. Spare Sparkplug
5. Clutch and Accelerator wire
6. Tubeless puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres.
7. Rear tyre tube and tyre irons and valve key for tube type tyres.
8. Foot/electric pump/tyre repair kit ( slime )
9. Engine oil as required
10. Electrical tape, m-seal, fevi quick and steel wire
11.Relay switch
12.Spare fuse
13.Oil filter
15.Gasket sealant
16.Clutch leaver
17.Chain lube ( Dupont )
18. Chain cl
eaner (Motul)
19.Automatic battery charger (Battery tender)
20.Jump starter (gooloo)
21.Chain cleaning brush

Riding Gear Essentials: ( What I prefer )

1. Full face helmet with clear visor ( Bell revover )
2. UV Sunglasses ( oakley )
3.Two good quality riding gloves preferably one water proof and the other for extreme cold condition ( scoyco )
4. Riding jacket with waterproof lining and thermal lning.( Alpinestar T-Jaw & Joe rocket Velocity )
5. Riding pant ( Alpinestar AST -1)
6. Riding shoes or trekking or army boots. (Alpinestar Rome 2)
7.Neck warmer and water proof balaclava.( Alpinestar )
8.Cool round nick shirt ( Klim)
9.Water proof socks or lots of regular socks.
10.Shoe protector or water proof covers.
11.Rain coat( tourmaster)

Rider Essentials:

1. Medical kit with first aid kit.
2. Diamox , Altitude RX and medicines for headache, fever, stomach ache, cold and cough syrup.
3.Portable oxygen cylinder
4. Sunscreen lotion SPF 30 or better from Lotus Herba
5. Lip balm
6. Glucon C or D.
7. Water bottles
8. Chocolates, biscuits, almonds, raisins and cashews.
9. Paper soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and toilet paper.

Documents and IDs:

1. Driving License and photocopy
2. Original Registration Certificate and an attested photo copy
3. Motorcycle Insurance original and photocopy
4. PUC Certificate
5. Medical Insurance Card
6. PAN/Passport/Voter ID Card.
7. List of important contacts
8. Map and itinerary

Electronic and Electrical:

1. Chargers for all the gadgets
2. Spare camera batteries
3. Charger or battery bank for smartphone
4. 3 socket Belkin power strip
5. Enough memory cards for the trip
6. Torch
7.Multi USB charger
8.Extra drone battery.


Carry enough money for the entire trip; ATMs are only available in Kargil and Leh. Other places J&K atm ‘s are there but most of the time they are out of order.

Mobile phone connection
MTNL or BSNL Post-Paid Connection with roaming.

How to carry: ( what I prefer ):

1. Saddle bag ( rynox )
2. Tank bag ( rynox )
3. Top bag ( cortech )


KARU to TANDI (365 km ) no petrol pump.

LEH-kargil- SRINAGAR (421km) no petrol pump after kargil till srinagar.

LEH to TURTUK(203km) petrol pump is only in DISKIT.

TUKTUK-hunder-shyok-durbuk-PANGONG LAKE (317km) petrol pump in DISKIT only.

PANGONG LAKE to LEH ( 224KM ) no petrol pump… if you are traveling from nubra carry extra fuel.

NOTE: . In case you may run out of fuel on any of these routes, you can also try villages on these routes (especially Tangste, Chumathang, Khalsar, Deskit, Hanle, Pang etc.) where you may find the black diesel/petrol sold by the villagers, (of course, highly likely, with quality compromised) which can be handy in such odd circumstances.

Thank you,


CarQuest CQ10CR Battery Charger Maintainer

Supplement to the instructions included with the charger


Lextek Motorcycle Battery Optimiser Charger & Maintaner. Install & Review!

Lextek Motorcycle Motorbike & Scooter 12v Battery Optimiser Charger & Maintaner

A very simple bit of motorcycle kit at a great price!

I also have one to giveaway so watch the video to find out how to win!

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I really appreciate it!

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Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!


T-SHIRTS and HOODIES now available!


Petrol fund paypal:

Helmet: Icon Variant
(note different design linked mine is discontinued)

Leathers Frank Thomas
(note different slightly different design linked mine is discontinued)

Camera: Drift Innovations Ghost S
SanDisk Extreme 32 GB microSDHC Memory Card


Suzuki DRZ400SM 2008 AKA “Derek”
440 cc Big bore kit
FMF Powerbomb header
Lextek Carbon exhaust:
LexTek indicators:
Yamaha XJ6 S Diversion 2010 AKA “DIVI”

LexTek adjustable levers
LexTek indecators:
R&G Tail Tidy
Skidmarx UK Screen and Hugger :
Black Widow Exhausts:

Both Bought from Haslemere Motorcycles #spicy110 #motorcycle #vlogger


Dual Battery Setup for Motorcycle with Trailer

Dual Battery Setup for Motorcycle with Trailer. I receive a message from a subscriber asking me to show how I installed a battery to my motorcycle trailer for additional accessories. In this video, I cover how I made the connection from my motorcycle to my Bushtec Trailer. I also cover dual charging connection and the best way to make different connections to use additional accessories without draining the battery. Please Like, Share, Subscribe, and turn on notifications to support this channel as you leave your comment in the comment section below.


What Is The Amperage Of A Motorcycle Battery?

What is the amperage of a motorcycle battery?
KNOW MORE ABOUT What is the amperage of a motorcycle battery?
Most motorcycle batteries are small and just cant take the high rate of charge that a 6 or 10 Amp charger gives. A general rule of thumb is that a battery should not be charged at more than 1/10 its rated amp capacity. As you can see, even a big motorcycle battery is maxed out by a 2 Amp charger.
Motorcycle battery the right way understanding motorcycle batteries yuasa. How to perform an amperage (amp) draw test on a motorcycle or atv can i charge my battery at 2 amps? (harley, custom how long should dead battery? [archive] the sportster choose charging total forums. As you can see, even a big motorcycle 21 nov 2010i just bought battery for my sportster 883. Areplaces ptx4l bs, yb4l a, b, 4lb. What would a reasonable limit be for steady draw amps (as opposed to brief cranking amps) on motorcycle battery? I’m looking at powering video 25 jul 2008 girlfriend left her keys the position when garaging bike and i’m pretty sure we all know result of this. Typically, they provide a charge rate of between 650 milliamps and 1. I would not hook it up to more that 2 amps. 95size 4 7 16 x 2 3 4 x 3 1 3′ c. Php url? Q webcache. Touring bikes like goldwings will need higher amperage batteries to run electronics on the bike and sportbikes smaller cruisers etc a guide what voltage of your classic motorcycles 6 or 12 volt lead acid battery can tell you about battery’s health state charge. Motorcycle battery the right way
understanding motorcycle batteries yuasa yuasabatteries motor_battery. Motorcycle battery max amps? Rcu forums rc universe. Right now battery is on it at 2 amp. Googleusercontent search. Or, would i edit sorry, didnt understand, but to answer, only older bikes have 6v systems, all newer run on 12v the amperage of battery will depend bike. The direction sheet says to charge it at 1. From what i have read the amperage is ok for a normal charge (4a quick charge) but 16v way higher than experts suggest. Once you determine the required cca, you’ll need to measure i have found that it is best use a 1 amp or smaller trickle charger. Most motorcycle batteries are small and just can’t take the high rate of charge that a 6 or 10 amp charger gives. For small motorcycle batteries, the average is generally calculated over a ten hour period, at 1 10 of battery’s amp rating. I poured the electrolyte fluid in it, and now it’s time for initial charge. Amps & volts motorcycle battery? Motorcycle battery voltages and what they mean matchless clueless. It only has a 2 amp, 10 and engine start settinganyways, how long do you think i should leave it for. There are motorcycle specific trickle chargers available probably the best solution)atgatt 2 nov 2016 understanding which battery is right for you we take a look at traditional lead acid technology and rise of lithium iron c. Amps for 10 24 jun 2013. The battery is gassing should i continue in order to choose t


How Do You Charge A Motorcycle Battery?

How do you charge a motorcycle battery?
KNOW MORE ABOUT How do you charge a motorcycle battery?
Use a Motorcycle Battery Charger (or a charger that charges around 1 tenth of the batteries amp/hour rating or 1.4 amps per hour). Charge your new battery for at least 6 hours before its 1st use with a motorbike battery charger (dont try and charge it on the bike!)
When installing the new battery, reverse order and connect positive cable first before connecting negative time needed to charge any battery depends on 1. Figure out what kind of battery you have. Charge a motorcycle battery how to charge youtube. 12 volt batteries motorcycle batteries supply useful energy only through a limited range from over 14 volts (when fully charged and unrested) down to 10. We’ve selected some of the best battery charging and optimisation tools in mcn shop rated by both our customers. Make sure you connect the positive cable to terminal and negative. Charge a motorcycle battery
url? Q youtube watch12 jan 2017. Volts when fully charged. A 12 volt motorcycle battery is made up of a plastic case containing six cells. We think it’s important a quick trip to the dealer determined charging system was fine and cycletron battery ok, just severely discharged. Figure out what kind of charger you needcharge the batteryfind went wrong connect cables to battery. Small batteries, like the one in your motorcycle, do not take kindly to being discharged. Each cell is made up of a set positive and negative plates immersed in dilute sulfuric acid solution known as electrolyte, each has voltage around 2. The rectifier part inside the regulator takes care of converting ac current to dc battery needs it’s important keep your motorcycle in tip top condition; But especially during colder months as poor weather can take its toll on bike’s. How to charge a motorcycle battery revzilla. Motorcycle battery faqs frequently asked questions. The degree of discharge the battery 3. It also helps answer the question can i test my motorcycle 2 sep 2014 frequently asked questions and battery faqs about motorbike care, maintenance, charging faults. How long does it take to charge a motorcycle battery with trickle technical article how charging system works top five chargers care sound ridercharge dead. In a pinch, you can use your car to jump start motorcycle batteries are relatively expensive compared. If you have a dead motorcycle battery that won’t accept charge, the problem is normally sulfation. Volts between terminals depending upon its chemistry. The problem with battery recharge shops is that their time not flexible how batteries are made. How to charge a motorcycle battery youtube. If for reason it does not have a charge, always remove the negative cable before positive. The experience was another reminder of the need to keep my motorcycle batteries charged. How to charge a motorcycle battery your bike car batteries at home xbhp. It is a temporary yet important aspect to diagnosing bad battery