Small Drone Multi Battery Charger – Works Great!!!

Banggood sent me this super small portable battery charger. It will charge the most common type of 1 cell (1S) batteries (the kind that come with mini-drones). You can also charge most USB powered devices. You can find it here on the Banggood website:
URUAV 6 in 1 PRO Battery Charger:
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Hubsan H117S Zino:
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CTEK Multi XS 3600 battery charger teardown & repair

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Top 5 Best Portable Solar Charger Multi Use Solar Chargers For All Applications For 2017

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URUAV 1S multi charger (and a few alternatives) supplied by Banggood

A cheap and simple multi charger for 1S lipos and LiHV batteries – which seems like a no brainer if you are flying whoops, so let’s check this out and also highlight an alternative charger or two.

This product was supplied by review by Banggood, so here’s their (affiliate) product link

The slightly less flashy, but still great Eachine alternative is here

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Audew Multi Function Battery Charger

This video is about Audew Multi Function Battery Charger…An amazing jump starter, power bank, dual usb, quick charge, LED flashlight, strobe light and sos light device. High quality. Everything is included from 12 volt cigarette adapters, USB cords, multi function wall outlets, jumper cables, etc.

This is a great gift item for a spouse, kid off to college, cross country travelers, first time drivers, retire couples, campers, rv families, boaters, winter sports adventures light snowmobiling, etc. It’s uses are endless.

Here is the link to the Audew website and this multi-function device!

For clarity…I do not make any commissions or any money of any kind based on sales of this product or any other products at Audew.

This is an independent review. Thank you.,Peak-1500A,LCD-Power-Display-p-100058.html


Dji Ryze Tello Battery hub Multi Charger Intelligent Charging 4 and 1 Unboxing!!

Beyondsky 4 in 1 Tello Battery Multi Charger Intelligent Charging Hub US Plug For DJI Tello Drone.…Thank you for watching my video..Don’t forget to subscribe like and share😎👍


Dji Ryze Tello Battery hub Multi Charger Intelligent Charging 4 and 1

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Arduino multi battery charger using one trickle charger

I wanted to be able to charge 7 batteries using one trickle charger without changing anything on the trickel charger, so I used an Arduino Uno unit with 9 relays and a voltage regulator to create a multi battery charger unit


Maha Powerex MH-C9000 Multi cell charging and HIGH explanation.

This video is mainly to address a few things I left out of my original review for this charger.

How it handles charging multiple cells.
What the HIGH means and a potential workaround.
Does it have memory settings.

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Powerful 12 volt battery charger and multi voltage power supply

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