Multiple Rapid Charging / Charging concerns & why I wouldn’t buy a 39kWh Kona Electric

Not my finest video creation for sure. I’ve really disliked making this video from start to end.

The idea was simple, three rapid charges and some quick driving but I wasn’t to know my opinion of the car would dramatically change.

So much of the footage I shot became redundant and Inappropriate once I analysed the data. The car seems to charge slower than I expected and potentially had issues charging from cold. The BMS becomes active at various times without a consistent pattern.

Compared to the 64kwh version the 39kwh is half the car when you consider it’s limited range in worst case scenarios and slower charging performance.

Remember this is my opinion only and I’ve been spoilt with the 64kwh version.

With so much secrecy from Hyundai about what the BMS is actually doing, we simply can’t fully understand the cars abilities in respect to charging and hence it’s sadly easy to draw conclusions from tests such as this. Ideally, such tests would be repeated over multiple times to prove results and again varying parameters to learn more.

The charging time of 57 minutes seemed accurate for the 20% to 80% charge but sadly 6% to 80% wasn’t so swift.

Does the 39kwh Kona have issues charging from cold? Why does the BMS come on when the battery is cold? Why was charging limited to 14kw from cold in my final test? All unanswered I’m afraid.

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In this video Bill from Bill The Drone Reviewer tells us about DJI Mavic 2 Multiple Battery Charger By RC Geek. Bill shows us the DJI Mavic 2 Multiple Battery Charger By RC Geek charge three DJI Mavic 2 batteries and the DJI Mavic 2 Remote, how long it took to charge, and his overall impressions of the charger.

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TUTORIAL: How to Make Simple DIY Multiple 18650 Lithium Cell Charger! (Part 2) – Without TP4056

This is my latest project! I have loads of cells and I want to charge them all quickly. This show you how I made something which can carry and parallel 15 cells into one unit! Each cell is seperate and can be taken out to be used elsewhere – these calls are not soldered up. It costs £1 – £2 to make. You will need some device which allows an output of 4v or so and maybe 5a. For now, I’m using a Variable Power Supply.

ATTENTION: For this design, you must stay with the charger at the start and take out any hot/broken cells. Shorting cells will attempt to draw the full 5a, which is not good!

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DIY multiple camera battery charger. Get rid of that power board.

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Battery Charging Hub for DJI Phantom 4 | Hands-on Review

The Battery Charging Hub ( for the DJI Phantom 4 ( is supposed to charge up to three intelligent flight batteries at a time. How does it look like, what are it’s pros and cons and does it have any hidden features?

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