Natural Disasters: Phone, App, and Tech Tips to Help You Survive

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It used to be that some kinds of natural disasters were seasonal. Snow melting in the spring. Hurricane’s picking up in the summer. Some of that hasn’t changed. Some has. The point being, you’re better off preparing in advance, when everything is calm and safe and you have plenty of time. Don’t put it off because things can get chaotic fast. Do them asap.



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How to Safeguard Your Mission-Critical Data From Natural Calamities

Natural disasters always bring devastation causing loss of life and property. The aftermath of such disasters not only affect one generation, but several ones to follow. They are followed by a reign of terror and misfortune both for the livelihood and existing businesses. Businesses that maintain tens of thousands of electronic records and have to deal with them each day suffer a major setback. This happens when the data stored on data center hard drives, SSDs, and other media gets severely damaged. It makes impossible for the organizations to resume their business processes.

Any form of natural calamity could mean serious implications for businesses. The damage caused by such calamities to your data storage media range from head crashes to electrostatic shocks to circuit board shorts. Power surges are common in the event of a disaster. A power surge can cause corruption to your drives firmware adding to your data loss woes. Sometimes, the damage is caused by extreme weather conditions (such as humidity and heat) causing your hard drive to fail much before than it would have otherwise been. Further, if your media is exposed to fire, the data can be completely or partially destroyed.

Here are some of the things you can do to protect against any impending disaster:

  • Try to avoid basements or ground floors when placing your electronics. In case a disaster like flood occurs, the equipment on ground floor would be the first to flood.
  • Unplug all the electronic devices that are directly attached to the power sources. Instead use surge protectors and battery backups. Check them frequently and replace the when needed.
  • In order to prevent water damage, you may store your hard drives and other storage devices in water-tight plastic bins.

Online data storage is undoubtedly the best option for people who reside in disaster-prone areas. But some people refrain from doing so due to slow transfer rates. Nowadays, there are many more choices available. You can seek help of professionals and leading data recovery companies to get back your lost, mission-critical files in no time. These data recovery service providers are proficient at performing complex recoveries from all types of physically damaged devices, including laptop/desktop hard drives, removable disks, multi-disks storage devices, and more. They possess state-of-the-art infrastructure to carry out recovery in a highly controlled environment for preventing further damage to the media. Moreover, these companies ensure the privacy of your personal and confidential information.


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