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Twitter Buys Snappy TV

Who would have thought that TV viewing would ever be more social? Twitter is looking to do just that by agreeing to purchase Snappy TV, which is a San Francisco based video sharing startup. The move seems to be the second step towards Twitter's aspirations of making its way in to what it calls "Social TV", the first being it's unveiling of the Vine app last year. Some of the clients of Snappy TV includes Fox Sports, Universal Sports and ABC News just to name a few. Snappy TV is already being used by various media companies to post sports updates and other videos on Twitter. This deal will allow Twitter to make videos a big part of its service, which is something it's been wanting to do for some time now. Both parties have so far been tightlipped about the purchase price.

Google and Microsoft Phones to Provide a 'Kill Switch'

Since technology is spreading, few would disagree that Smartphone still remains a sad reality, and the recent numbers have only shown that there are more likely to increase. Keeping that in mind, two titans of the tech world, Google and Microsoft recently announced that their future Smartphone models will feature a kill switch, which will enable the user to disable their Smartphone, making it useless to the thief. The New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, also said that with companies like Google and Microsoft on board, almost 95% of Smartphones will feature kill switches. The latest version of the Apple iOS does not have a kill switch called "Activation Lock" along with a tracking software which requires a password before the iPhone or iPad can be reset. Samsung also launched a similar feature called the "Reactivation Lock" in May.

While many are calling it a marginal improvement at keeping Smartphone theft at bay, there are those who think that the Government's introduction will take us to an Orwellian scenario, with companies who are offering contract phones in a position to brick a phone just to punish either a disloyal customer or after a two-year service contract is ended. While there will be obvious financial incentives for network carriers, adding a kill switch could be the deterrent Smartphone theft needs. Whether it will work or not? We'll just have to wait and see.

The App which Encourages "Yo-ing"

Yo is a new messaging app which looks to change the way we send texts via our phone. The app was developed by a Tel-Aviv based entrepreneur who obviously thinks that 140 characters are too much to handle. Since the word 'Yo' can mean anything to anyone, you can use the app to say almost anything you want, except maybe, order a pizza. message?


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Tesla Time News – Tesla Adds CCS Adapter!

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Tesla CCS Adapter – 1:04
Charging a Model 3 in Europe – 3:37
Increased power and performance for M3 – 5:31
Judge Nathan’s Ruling – 6:46
More efficient motors for Mode S&X – 9:27
Welcome to the Largest Battery Charging Park in Europe! – 12:35
Curtis unveils Zeus – 14:50
Wiebe Wakker’s EV World Journey – 17:08
FCA Pooling with Tesla to avoid Fines – 19:59

Tesla CCS Adapter

First look at Tesla’s highly-anticipated CCS adapter

Increased power and performance for M3

Tesla is updating Model 3 to allow higher power output for longer periods, increases top speed

Welcome to the Largest Battery Charging Park in Europe

Curtis unveils Zeus

Curtiss taking pre-orders for its $60k and 280-mile range Zeus electric motorcycle

Wiebe Wakker’s EV World Journey

FCA Pooling with Tesla to avoid Fines

Tesla makes deal with Fiat Chrysler to pool fleet for EU emission requirement


2020 Ford Explorer PHEV Revealed With 25 Miles Of Electric Range

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Self-Charging Rant: Toyota advertising, Gridserve charging & What Car Magazine | Fully Charged News

The ‘self charging hybrid’ annoyance and the report from ‘What Car?’ magazine is explored by Robert Llewellyn, he tries to breath into the pain. He fails. There’s also some other, uplifting and positive news about Gridserve Electric Forecourt plans for the UK.

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City Slicker electric motorcycle news and updates

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Compatible Ink Cartridges – Some News and Views

If you search online, you will literally be inundated with articles and information regarding compatible cartridges or toners which are particularly topical again. As yet another printer manufacturer (Lexmark) has successfully settled with 10 of the companies it recently sued over alleged patent infringements.

Lexmark lodged cases against 24 companies with the U.S. International Trade Commission and a Federal Court in Ohio for patent violations relating to the manufacture, sale and import of toner cartridges for their laser printers but the interesting point about all this is that Lexmark was able to bring about legal proceedings in the U.S. that concerned companies based in China. Manufacturers are being consistently aggressive in following up alleged patent violations relating to printer consumables since Epson lead the way in the UK in 2006. So why are they so worried about 3rd party companies producing cartridges to fit their printers?

Quite simply, printer consumables is a very lucrative market and hold the key to valuable sales that Manufacturers are keen to protect and they wish to discourage any potential competition. Anyone who owns a printer is familiar with the high cost of purchasing (genuine) replacement cartridges, but with the ingredients in your average inkjet cartridge little more than some pigment and de-ionised water – why are they so costly? It’s because the Manufacturers want it so.

Generally many printers are sold with only a small profit margin and in some cases virtually at cost, especially in the inkjet market, so costly cartridges are an easy way for printer companies to boost profits. After all, a printer is of no use without any ink! Since cartridges aren’t a costly item to produce in bulk and are only overinflated by the printer manufacturers, this has left the market wide open to 3rd party companies to produce low cost alternatives. Compatibles are therefore not cheap because they are a poor quality copy but because their cost lies somewhere between the actual production costs and a sensible retail cost that allow the company’s producing them to still make a profit and seem cheap only when compared to the cost of genuine.

So, this gives a little understanding of why there are compatibles in the printer cartridge market, why they seem so cheap and why manufacturers are so keen to prevent them becoming easily available. The next question is, are they right for you?

The answer to that lies in your expectations and what you require from your printer. Realistically and honestly, there are going to be some differences between the printing quality of a manufacturer’s genuine cartridge when compared to a basic unbranded compatible, especially if your motivation was to simply pick the cheapest on offer. However, if the main requirement is that text can be easily read and you print the occasional picture expecting it to be a good example of the original then there’s no reason why an economy range or unbranded compatible won’t do the job.

If you print a lot of photos and are looking for a reasonable quality, then branded or re manufactured may suit better. Re manufactured cartridges are OEM cartridges that have been used, professionally cleaned then refilled using high quality ink and are considered to be a ‘greener’ option, so kinder on both pocket and the environment. All compatibles should install in your printer the same way as the original ink cartridge and as a rule are filled with more ink, so a compatible can not only cost you less but allow you to print more. You could easily end up saving 50-70% against the costs of the original. You can find a wide selection of genuine, compatible and re manufactured cartridges online which generally work out cheaper than buying on the high street but it’s definitely worth looking around to compare things like postage costs, returns policies and how long it will take for your order to actually reach you.

A reputable online retailer should offer a guarantee to replace any faulty ones should you get any, easily, with no fuss and will probably offer free postage too. Don’t be caught out by sites offering low prices only to add high delivery charges at check out. On a final note, if considering a new printer purchase, personally I like to know reasonably priced compatible are easily available, even if I still choose to use genuine – it’s always good to have options!


Smok Intelligent Charger – Eleaf Pico Dual Handcheck – Tesla Terminator – Vape Gear News Slideshow

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Mooch News – Week of October 29th, 2018

Battery Mooch updates and news for the week of October 29th, 2018

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Where known, the ratings set by Samsung, Sony, LG, or Panasonic/Sanyo will be used.

Any battery from Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo can be a lower grade battery or a fake. Only buy from a known, trusted source of genuine batteries. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Carefully research any battery you are considering using before purchasing.

Testing batteries at their limits is dangerous and should never, ever, be attempted by anyone who has not thoroughly studied the dangers involved, understands the risks, has the proper equipment, and takes all appropriate safety precautions.

These tests I do only note the estimated ratings for the batteries at the time I tested them. Any battery that is not a genuine Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo can change at any time This is one of the hazards of using “rewrapped” batteries or batteries from other manufacturers so carefully research any battery you are considering using before purchasing.

The information and opinions contained in this video are for general information purposes and are not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice. This video should not be relied on or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular circumstances.

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Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC80 and RPC-4X Power Adapter

First Impressions:

The RP-DC80 charger has a large LCD display, and it comes with two backlight colors to give users the ability to view charging details in lowlight conditions. This charger is powered with a two-prong cable and has an additional USB output to charge or power a second device. A D-tap power adapter cable is also included with the charger and can be easily exchanged with the Hedbox RPC-4X power adapter cable to charge camcorders or other 4-pin XLR compatible devices.



• 1.6-inch LCD display
• Backlight dual color (Red or Blue)
• Battery charging mode
• Powering LED light
• USB power output
• RPC-DT battery charge (D-Tap) adapter power cable
• 110V-220C AC power cord


• Designed for Hedbox RP-DC80
• Supports constant power supply mode
• Powers units through a 4-pin XLR connections
• Provides constant power of DC 16.V/5A and 90W (Max)

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Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC30, RP-DC40, RP-DBPU, RP-DFM50 and Batteries

First Impressions

As we unbox more power supply units from Hedbox, we appreciate how adaptable and effortless each of their products perform on live productions or on the go. The Hedbox RP-DC30 and RP-DC40 are interchangeable chargers that can supply power to various batteries with Hedbox’s collection of adapter plates that include the RP-DBPU, RP-DLPE6, RPDFW50, and RP-DFM50. Each of these adapter plates connect to a specific battery or multiple batteries and offers extra flexibility on set.


• 2-step LED Indicator Display
• Exchangeable power plugs (EU-Euro, US-America, UK-United
• 12VDC car power cable
• Interchangeable battery plates

• Large digital LCD display screen
• Implemented back-light
• 12VDC car power cable
• USB Output
• Interchangeable battery plates

RP-DBPU: 1500mAh/16.8V

Compatible with: Hedbox RP-DC50 battery charger

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-BPU80; RP-BP85D; HED-BP95D; HED-BP75D
• Sony | BP-U30; BP-U60; BP-U90

RPDFW50: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: Hedbox RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery

Designed for:
• Hedbox | HED-FW50
• Sony | NP-FW50

RP-DFM50: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery chargers

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-NPF550; RP-NPF770; RP-NPF970; RP-NPF1000
• Sony | NP-F550; NP-F770; NP-F970; NP-FM91; NP-QM91
• Panasonic | AG-BP25; AG-EZ30P; VW-B202; VW-VBD5; VW-VBDR1
• JVC | BN-628; BN-628U; BN-V812; BN-V812U; BN-V814; BN-V814U

RP-DLPE6: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery chargers

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-LPE6
• Canon | LP-E6