Nintendo Switch Not Charging – Wont Turn On – Switch Dead

If you have Switch problems…like a problem with the Nintendo Switch not charging (or if it’s dead) or if it won’t turn on hopefully this video will help. This is a very common problem with these consoles and I’ve already had some in for repairs for this problem.
There are several things that can cause this type of problem (bad battery, faulty charging cable, etc.) one of the most common causes is a faulty charge port. This is the port that you plug the USB C charge cable into. The problem is that the small copper pins inside the charge port get bent or broken which causes a bad connection. Once that happens then the battery will drain or discharge and cause your Switch to not turn on when you press the power button.
I show how to disassemble the Nintendo Switch, remove the motherboard, replace the charge port and put it all back together again. Enjoy!

I can fix your game console:

Products I use:


Tools I use:
-Protech Toolkit:
-Torx Security T8:
-PH00 Phillips:
-Tweezer Set:
-Electric Screwdriver:
-Thermal Paste:
-Canned Air:

Equipment Used:
-Hakko Hot Air Station:
-Nozzle for hot air station:
-Hakko Soldering Station:
-Hakko Air Filter:
-Kester Solder:

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Como prolongar a vida útil da bateria do seu Nintendo Switch

E DURAÇÃO DA BATERIA – Veja a descrição
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Dicas de cuidado com a bateria do Switch incluindo:

1-Quanto tempo se deve usar a bateria
2- Como funcionam as baterias de lítio ion
3- A bateria do Switch vicia se ficar no dock?
4- Evite temperaturas extremas
5- Tire o Switch da tomada em uma tempestade
6- Não compre carregadores baratos e o porquê
7- A cada 3 meses, descarregue e recarregue a bateria completamente

Entre outras!!

Espero que se divirtam!! Por favor me ajudem compartilhando.



Carregadores recomendados

Informações oficiais da Nintendo sobre Bateria

Assistência técnica oficial da Nintendo no Brasil

Tabela de duração da bateria do Switch em diferentes Jogos

Playlist dos melhores Jogos do Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Duração da bateria testado: Quanto tempo vai durar?

Nintendo Switch Battery Life Tested: How long will it last?

Teste de vida da bateria comutadora: O Nintendo Switch está em plena atividade e os revisores – incluindo nós aqui na [Link acima]

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Charge Your Nintendo Switch in Style | GGTR Gamer Series Power Bank Review

GoGoToro has a new set of Gamer Series Power Banks and they look cool. They come in 3 different flavors – DexCharge, Cheeky Charger, and (my favorite) the Outlet Evader. These gaming portable chargers feature quick charge 3.0 and can even charge a Nintendo Switch on the go.

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How To Charge Nintendo Switch Without the Dock

I would use THIS block: ZMI PowerPlug Turbo:

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How to Charge Nintendo Switch, without the Dock, for $5, using stuff you already have, such as an ipad block

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Gallium nitride (GaN) is a term you’re going to start hearing a lot more of; it’s spoken of by some as a replacement for silicon, although so far that is mostly manifesting itself in extremely small USB-C Power Delivery (PD) chargers.

With 45 watts of power and USB-C PD, this is enough to charge a new MacBook Air or Nintendo Switch with ease, as well as fast-charging iPad Pros and newer iPhones.



BEST Portable Charger 2018/2019 for iPhone (iOS), Nintendo Switch, Laptop, & Smartphones (RAVPOWER)

BEST Portable Charger 2018/2019 for iPhone (iOS), Nintendo Switch, Laptop, & Smartphones (RAVPOWER) – Top Portable Chargers

RAVPower 45W PD Wall Charger:

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Nintendo Switch Gets New Dedicated Battery Packs – Up At Noon Live!

Anker designed new PowerCore backups with Switch players in mind. Watch the full episode here:

Catch up with Up At Noon here!

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NINTENDO SWITCH CHARGING ??? Do Portable Battery Packs Work? USB Plugs Chargers and USB Slots

Nintendo Switch Battery Life – Different ways to charge your console – Portable Charger External Portable Battery Packs / USB slots in your Computer / Laptop & USB Plugs

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If you’re looking for the best battery case & best portable charger for Nintendo Switch the Bestkey Power Case may be that.

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