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NITECORE USB Battery Charger LCD Screen Smart Charger For 26650 18650 21700 16340 18350
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UMS4 Dimensions
159mm x 106.9mm x 40.9mm (Length x Width x Thickness) / 6.26″ x 4.21″ x 1.61″
UMS2 Dimensions
152mm x 73mm x 40mm (Length x Width x Thickness) / 5.98″ x 2.87″ x 1.57″
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NiteCore i4 vs XTAR VC4 teardown. 18650 lithium battery chargers

See the insides of two lithium battery chargers.


Nitecore USN3 Pro Camera Battery Charger: Review

Nitecore have a new charger for Sony cameras, this one is a dual slot, USB, and chargers all the Sony Alpha A mount camera batteries as well as various camcorders from the company. An LCD display shows charging current, battery internal resistance, capacity charged into the cell, voltage. Also features QC2 compatibility for faster charging and can be used with a normal USB port

Sample supplied via Nitecore for unbiased testing/review

Details from the maker:
USN3 Pro is a dual slot QC 2.0 USB charger compatible with NP-FM500H/NP-F730/NP-F750/NP-F770/NP-F970/NP-F550 camera, camcorder and video light batteries and specially designed for Sony users. The USB input enables the users to enjoy the inexhaustible power supply on the go.

QC 2.0 Available Dual Slot Design
Considerate towards the using habit of Sony camera users, two Sony NP-FM500H/NP-F730/NP-F750/NP-F770/NP-F970/NP-F550 camera, camcorder and video light batteries can be inserted into the USN3 PRO simultaneously. It offers an extremely safe and efficient max output of 1,200mA when charging one battery and only takes 3 hours to fully charge 2 batteries.

LCD Display for Monitoring the Charging Status
The smart charging management system of USN3 Pro automatically detects the charging status while displaying real-time charging information on battery voltage, charging current, charged volume and battery health.

Compatible with Various Input Sources
A USB 2.0 charging cable is included in the package. Equipped with the unique anti-dragging groove design, it provides constant power supply compatible with various mobile power source, solar panel and USB adaptors.

Multiple Safeguards and Activation Features
USN3 Pro has over-discharged battery activation and multiple safeguards including reverse polarity and anti-short circuit protection.
Constructed from durable and fire-retardant PC materials, USN3 Pro is fearless of the complex outdoor environments.


Battery Charger Test – NiteCore D4 (MEHS) Episode 60

A quick test of the NiteCore D4 battery charger to see how the constant current, constant voltage cycles look when done correctly.


Charge Your Leica Camera Batteries on the Go // Nitecore USB Chargers Review

Batteries are the lifeblood of digital cameras. Once you run out of batteries, you’re done shooting. Solutions up until now have included charging at coffee shops and restaurants, taking a huge number of extra batteries, or just giving up once the batteries are exhausted.

But, with the new Leica-specific USB chargers from Nitecore, we can now charge on the go using USB power sources. Being able to charge while waiting at airports, during flights, driving in the car, or even in your camera bag as you walk around, you don’t have to call it quits or hunt for AC power.

In this video David reviews the full range of Leica-specific Nitecore chargers.

Our favorite battery pack: MyCharge 6700 mAH battery pack

Nitecore ULQ Charger for Leica Q, CL and V-Lux 114
Nitecore USB Battery Charger ULQ for Leica Q, CL & V-LUX (Typ 114)

Nitecore ULSL Charger for Leica SL (Typ 601)
Nitecore USB Battery Charger ULSL for Leica SL (Typ 601)

Nitecore ULM10 Pro Dual Charger for Leica M10, M10-P and M10-D
Nitecore USB Dual Battery Charger ULM10 Pro for Leica M10 & M10-P

Nitecore ULM240 Cahrger for Leica M (Typ 240), M-P (Typ 240), M Monochrom (Typ 246), M (Typ 262), and M-D (Typ 262)
Nitecore USB Battery Charger ULM240 for Leica M/M-P (Typ 240), MM246

Nitecore ULM9 Charger for Leica M9, M9-P, M8, M8.2, M Monocrhom
Nitecore USB Battery Charger ULM9 for Leica M8/M9/M Monochrom

Nitecore UL109 Dual Charger for Leica D-Lux 7, D-Lux (Typ 109), and C-Lux
Nitecore USB Dual Battery Charger UL109 for Leica D-LUX 7, (Typ 109) & C-LUX

Nitecore USB 40″ Extension Cable
Nitecore USB Extension Cable for Battery Chargers – 40 Inches


NiteCore UGP4 GoPro Battery Charger

NiteCore Chargers on Amazon:
NiteCore Batteries on Amazon:
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NITECORE i4 Intellicharge universal smart battery Charger:

USB charger for charging GoPro Hero 4/3 battery pack and an external device simultaneously

Compatible with:


4.2V±1%/4.35V±1%/ 5V
800mA*2, USB 1500mA*1

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Nitecore F2 Charger

Unboxing Nitecore F2 Charger and Power Bank, and doing current test, could get 1.63A out of it!, meaning probably it can get to 2A as written in specification

Nitecore F2 on Ebay:
10 Ohms Power resistors 3W:
USB current measurement Dongle:
FX-951 soldering station on Ebay:

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[ถูกและดี] แท่นชาร์จ NiteCore for Sony A7III

เครื่องชาร์จสำหรับกล้อง Sony A7III, A7RIII, A9 ที่ใช้แบตเตอรี่ NP-FZ100 ใช้ไฟจาก Port USB ใช้ PowerBank ชาร์จได้ มีหน้าจอ LED Display



NiteCore SC2 Superb Battery Charger Smart Flashlight Battery Charger Overview

The NiteCore SC2 Superb Battery Charger is a dual slot Smart Charger with plenty of features for advanced users such as manually adjustable Amperage and Voltage for use with a variety of more uncommon battery types as well as automatic 4.2v charging and Amperage detection for every day users with more common batteries like 18650s. The SC2 has premium features including: 3A max output in a single slot, polarity detection, automatic non-rechargeable battery detection, 2100 mA external USB charging, and more! Check it out now at


Overall Length 6.10″
Width 3.16″
Thickness 1.73″
Weight 9.28 oz.
Country of Manufacture China

Read more about the SC2 from NiteCore here:


Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger Review – And Problems…

A look at the Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger, a really nice charger but iam not so sure about the quality.