AGM Battery Charger Review – NAPA AGM Battery Review – NOCO Genius G7200 Review

Best AGM Battery Charger on the Market. NAPA AGM Battery review married with the NOCO Genius Charger G7200, A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN

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Noco Genius G3500 Battery Charger Review
Noco Genius G3500 Battery Charger Review


Demo NOCO Genius Battery Chargers 329-GENM3 –

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NOCO Genius Battery charger G7200

Check out the NOCO Genius Battery charger. Well this is looking to be a great little battery charger. Not only does it charge but it desulfates and brings back a low voltage battery. This is a must have.
After having this charger for while now I have no idea how I managed without it. It is easy to use, and hard to mess up!

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NOCO Battery Charger Genius G750 Breakdown

This video is a detailed look into the NOCO battery charger Genius G750 – what it does, and how it does it. We will touch on the basic features of the NOCO charger to begin with and then move on to take a closer look at the NOCO Genius charging cycle as well as what it looks like in action.

NOCO battery charger G750 specs at a glance: -For use with both 6V and 12V batteries (Wet,AGM,GEL) -Type of Charger: 5 step, fully automatic, switch-mode -Charging Current: 750 mA (.75 Amps)

For a more in-depth look at the NOCO charger G750 check out To see the full line of NOCO battery charger options from High-Tech Battery, visit


NOCO Genius® G7200 Battery Charger – Charge and Repair a Battery – Desulfate Car Battery

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Here I am reviewing the Noco Genius G7200 smart battery charger maintainer & repairer. The Noco Genius G7200 can repair, maintain, and charge 12v and 24v battery systems. It is safe to use and doesn’t apply voltage until it senses a battery, or until you select the power supply option. The Noco charger has settings for warm charging, cold charging, 12v, 24v, repair, AGM battery, and lithium battery charging.


Load Tracking
Maintenance Plus

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Noco Genius Gen3 Gen2 Onboard Smart waterproof Battery Charger use and review car boat auto marine

I had a couple batteries that were dead. I took them in to charge and an auto parts store said they were I needed new ones and they would not hold a charge. I figured I needed a charger either way so thought I’d try this one. After using this charger for just over 30 hours they live. See for yourself.

NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger


Charging a Dead Battery – NOCO Genius G7200 Battery Charger

Charging a battery is something everyone should know how to do.
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Features of the G7200 NOCO Battery Charger

The Genius G7200 NOCO chargers ( are smart, 12 Step, fully automatic switch-mode portable battery chargers and maintainers. The NOCO battery charger features a dedicated repair mode, meaning it can recover deeply discharged or sulfated batteries. It can charge batteries in cold climates, rescue drained batteries, and provide maintenance charging to increase battery life.

Inside the NOCO Genius G7200 box you will find:

Battery charger
Mounting screws
Rugged, heavy duty battery clamps
Eyelet terminals (good for hard to reach applications: motorcycles, vehicles where the battery is under the seat or in the trunk)

Version 2 of this NOCO battery charger is better than ever before. Battery clamps are higher quality and quick to disconnect, the charger itself is slimmer, it features a dedicated repair mode as well as provides a lithium charging option and 13.6 v supply mode. This supply mode maintains a constant power source to computer operated cars, ensuring the power supply is never disrupted.


12v and 24v modes
12v: 7.2 amp/hr charge
24v: 3.6 amp/hr charge
Normal AGM: For flooded battery, car battery (anything you can add acid to)
Cold AGM: For sealed, maintenance free battery (can’t remove caps, spill proof)
Off season maintenance: Ideal for winter/cold storage. Set the charger to the Cold AGM setting to compensate for the cold weather.

Ready to learn more about the new and improved NOCO battery charger? Check out the video to learn how this charger can power your car, motorcycle, boat, RV and more.