How to Make A Wireless Charger At Home | Use Any Number Transistor 2019

hello everyone..
In this video I’ll Show how to make a wireless charging circuit at home using any number transistor …Like 2n222 transistor.
tl431.You using any number transistor.
So, let’s Start it.
This is a home made project of our school since project using this ..@@@@
Chapter. How to make a Wireless Charging Circuit at home .

Some component are using in this project.
First . A copper Wire.
Second. A 1K Regestor
Third . Any number transistor.
And I recommended You Check transistor Pins because He is a PNP transistor other them He is a NPN transistor .

After Them You follow by my video step . and connect the all wire proper

If you anyone You ask any question for this project.

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