2019 Online Exhibition: Battery Restoration System, Battery Smart Discharger, Battery Charger

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Battery Restoration System
The system ensures rapid regeneration and significantly prolongs battery life.Batteries can be used for 2-3 years if properly maintained. The restoration process is fully automated and all processes are controlled by software programs. When used with the BMS (Battery Monitoring System), even the cell level of batteries can be analyzed. If you can reduce the fixed overhead, your business can enjoy a big profits with minimum maintenance cost. Please take full advantage of MarooOn’s maintenance equipment to save your enterprise money and time.

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Battery Smart Discharger
■ MCS battery regeneration system interlocking function
(MCS equipment is operated for charging, MPD-1007K operation/automatic control for discharging)
■Automatic switch control through discharge current monitoring
(200A constant current discharge from 110V to 10V)
■ Large capacity discharge (1.0A ~ 200A), 1,000AH Forklift battery compatible
■ Overheat protection, battery polarity connection check alarm (equipment protection)
■ Computer wireless control program (optional)

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High voltage range battery chager
• Charge mode support of constant current/constant current-constant voltage methods of maximum performance and efficiency
• A wide range of battery charge and low-current charging (0V ~ 100V, 0A ~ 40A)
• Automatic adjustment of charge current according to battery temperature
• Overcharge protection through battery capacity settings
• Mounted with AC220V input 50A breaker equipment
• Overheat protection, battery polarity connection check alarm (equipment protection)
• Computer wireless control program (optional)


How to Charge 12Volt Bike/Car Battery with 5Volt Mobile Phone Charger Updated 2019 | shop online

How to Charge 12Volt Bike/Car Battery with 5Volt Mobile Phone Charger

Hello Friends, Today i will Show You How to Charge your 12v Bike/car Battery with 5v Mobile Charger at Home, Upgrade your phone charger to charge the 12v battery, generate 13 5v, 14 2v on mobile charger

Isi Baterai Bike 12v dengan 5v Mobile Charger

تهمة 12 فولت بطارية الدراجة مع 5 فولت شاحن المحمول

Chargez la batterie du vélo 12v avec le chargeur mobile 5v

Lade 12V Fahrrad Batterie mit 5V Ladegerät auf

Carica batteria 12v per bici con caricatore mobile 5v

Carregue bateria de bicicleta 12v com carregador móvel 5v

Cargue la batería de la bici 12v con el cargador móvil 5v

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How to Repair Power Bank Not Charging or Working at Home in Hindi shop online, online shopping china

How to Repair Power Bank Not Charging or Working at Home in Hindi

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11. How to Clean Car and Bike Headlight Using Colgate – https://www.youtube.com/wsn8YH46svg


Product BEST BUY Review – Apple Macbook Laptop Car Chargers – Gissaral AM2 90W – Online Offgrid

This is a Product Best Buy NO B.S. Review of the range of Apple Macbook Laptop Car Chargers by OnlineOffgrid.

(For the full article, see https://onlineoffgrid.com/product-reviews-no-bs/apple-mac-laptop-12v-socket-car-chargers-review-and-best-value/)

Product being reviewed:
GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 – 90/110W Laptop Car Charger.

Cigarette Lighter/ Convenience Outlet 12V Socket
Laptop Charger Port PLUS 2 x USB slots

Overview of review/test parameters:
I have conducted extensive testing of this laptop charger, amongst several in-car charger devices for laptops and USB devices, in multiple vehicle 12 volt cigarette socket outlets, including car and van cigarette lighter 12 volt sockets and ‘convenience’ 12 volt sockets elsewhere within the vehicle.

I have tested them with power supplied by the vehicle’s main battery, by alternator*, and same specification sockets in a motorhome/caravan, in this case powered by leisure battery with and without solar.

Apple Laptop Models tested: Macbook Air 13 inch, Mid 2012, which usually uses a mains power 45W charger; Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina, Mid 2014, which usually uses a mains power 85W charger.First things first… is this the right charger specification you are looking for?
Which Laptops this charger can charge
The GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 110W Laptop Car Charger is designed for charging the 2012 to 2015 Retina MacBook Pro MacBook Air and MacBook range of laptops using the MagSafe 2 Connector .

To see the results of the review and which Apple Laptops this charger is designed for, watch the video or go and see the full article linked above!

See you soon,
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid

Or, feel free to read below for much of the video transcription:

Hi I’m Miles from Online Off-grid and we’ve found a GREAT Best Buy product review for you.

The car charger 12 volt socket charger for the laptop, the Gissaral 90 watt car charger.

And it’s just a box that comes with a very small… nice and compact… and it’s a pretty good quality looking device.

It’s very solid, it’s not heavy but it’s got a weight to it…

Now in this case we’re testing it with MacBook Apple laptops, so it comes with a special type connector that goes into the middle connector of the adapter and it then goes in this case to a MagSafe 2.

So, first of all, a couple key features about this product is it has three attachments… so one for a laptop in this case as I said to the MagSafe 2 connector, and you’ll see two USB slots, which can handle about 2 amps if they’re both used at the same time.

Plus the manufacturer claims this to be a fast charge device in terms of laptops as well.

Now here you will see a standard car 12 volt cigarette lighter socket… it does wiggle slightly. but it is fairly solid.

And here’s the reason why it’s so important… for charging laptops it takes a lot… a lot more power. And in some cases three or four times as much power as it takes to charge a mobile phone. So it’s incredibly important that these contacts here (on either side of the charger) which is where the power is delivered, have a really good secure fit in the socket.

So we’ve tested it in the front of the vehicle on the standard dashboard mounted cigarette lighter socket…

Now we are using a socket that’s in the motor home, which means it’s powered by a leisure battery (that’s a completely separate battery to the one the vehicle uses and it’s usually slightly larger and has a longer life and it gives power in a smoother process).

The other thing you can test (as we have done) is with solar power…

And you’ll see that a green LED light now is emitting there, just to denote the fact that it’s connected to a power source… and that the power source is good enough for charging it.

Also, you’ll see here in this list there are a vast array of Apple laptop models that this charger is designed to charge with this 90 watt setting.

So just two in the range here (that we are testing as listed above)… you get the white, Apple charger that comes with it and for a 15-inch MacBook Pro or Retina or otherwise, the charger is usually an 85 watt setting; and the 13 inch MacBook Airs, are typically a 45 watt charger.

So it means that you want to make sure that you get something that does denote that it has a 90 watt minimum setting if your going to have a Macbook like this.

Ok, so there you go! That’s the Gissaral AM 2, 90 watt charger!

The great thing about this product is.. which shows real confidence by the manufacturer, is that it has an 18 month warranty!

Now this one is at the upper range of the price brackets, however at £35 or £36 pounds, which is around about €40 or €45 euros, or even $40 or $45 dollars…

And the only con I can think of is that there are cheaper, less expensive chargers out there… but like most things, “you get what you pay for!”

And, we’ll be back with more product reviews to help you get “The Best Buy!”

See you later,
Online Offgrid


Online Business Mindset

Since you are reading this article, I am sure that you are interested in making money online. Many think that this is an easy way of making quick money and even go further in imagining themselves sitting on their sofa watching TV while their bank account is piling up with money. Well, I am sorry to give you this news but this is all an illusion.

Online business is like any other business – you need to dedicate some of your time regularly to become successful. One of aspects that most people ignore is to have the right state of mind or mindset to run this business.

Having the right mindset means have the ability to consistently focus and act towards you business objectives. You must act like a successful business person even if you are just starting up your project. But your question will be "How will I do that?". There are various ways how to get that business entrepreneurial mindset. You are what you feed your mind. There are numerous books and online forums and blogs out there that will help you in fine-tuning your way of thinking and acting. Read, read and read. Participate in subject related discussion and talk to people who are successful and ask questions. Feed your mind with the right know and gradually you will be molding your behavior into that of a successful entrepreneur.

Your daily routine will most likely change. You may not switch on your TV anymore as you believe that you better spend that hour writing an article to increase you SEO presence and hence have better ranking on Google. But does this mean that I can not rest or entertain myself? It is definitely not the case. In every day you must have time for yourself and time to share with your loved ones and friends. If you spend your entire day on your computer you isolate your self from the rest of the world. Any extreme measure is bad for you: being it business, food, drink etc. Always find a balance in your daily life. Plan your day properly and stick to your plan. Create time to take care of your mind, body and your self.

By myself I mean your inner self, the real you. This has a lot to do in your online business. If you are at peace within you, you will deliver good results in whatever you do. While if you are troubled within you, you deliver twisted unpleased results. So clear your troubles first and then proceed with your daily life with a clear mind. Always dedicate at least 5 minutes a day in silence so you can hear your inner self. This is what I call my battery charger. I normally do this when I start my day early morning before my walk. It is a great way to start your day.

I know that I did not write anything about making money online but your mind is essential in your success. Never forget that your will to make money online started from a thought in your brain. Now it's time to develop that thought into an action plan and with the right mindset you will create the right road map towards your online business success.

I wish you a good day – you deserve it.

Joseph Cale


Online Trojans and Spyware Problems Today

One of the worst threats to computer users today is Spyware, be it a virus, Trojan or a stealth downloader. These nasty programs have been associated with slowing computer's performance and security issues like identity theft. In this article we will discuss them more.

Do to the fact that all our computers are connected together via the Internet, if one person gets Spyware then all of that person's friends end up with it too do to email, messenger programs like MSN and links. Many Spyware can use an user's email address book to automatically send its self to all their friends. It does not take long to spread across the Internet in record speed.

Hackers used to go after exploits in the Microsoft operating system, that forced Microsoft to keep patching and updating their software to close the holes. That has made the malicious coders to go after other software programs that we use on a daily basis like Adobe Flash, Java, and certain web browsers. Since almost every computer has one or more of these programs they are more vulnerable than ever.

You may have searched online for Trojan removal because your computer is not working properly or having strange things like like pop up windows. Here are some symptoms:

  • Slow to boot
  • Registry errors
  • Windows updates failed
  • Firewall turned off
  • Corrupted files
  • Registry errors

Computers or computers are wide open to trojan and security risks from all sorts of directions but it's too bad the time and resources needed to maintain and secure a computer or whole network is time consuming to a large number of home and business users so the problem is often not deal with.

For many people who are not experienced in how to keep everything up to date or secure, having an online remote tech log in and get it done is a great alternative to taking your computer in or having an IT tech come to you.

Viruses are not going to be simply problems that prevent you from using your computer, they can bring about lots of other issues at the same time so take them seriously. Increasingly cyber criminals are using trojans to get into computer systems and stealing personal data which is later used for identity theft, so if you believe that something bad happening on your system has it checked by a certified computer technician.

The best way to remove all the junk and get your computer running like it should yourself is to download Malwarebytes or Superantispyware, either of these will do the job. If you computer is too badly infected and being blocked from installing / running / or updating these programs then Online Computer Repair will help you get it done.


Online Theater Grows in Popularity

In what may seem like an odd concept, filmed theater performances are growing in popularity. When they were interviewed at the Camden Fringe Festival they received an average of 500 viewers per show. The shows undertaken of plays, dance and comedy and reportedly 5-7% of people said they would be willing to pay for the privilege in future.

Some theater producers are already seizing the oppurtunity to put records of their performances online, along with rehearsal footage and even 'trailers' for new plays. Here the similarities between theater and film become interchangeble in the complete lack of 'live' setting which is arguably why people watch plays not films. But the case study of the Camden Fringe tells a different story of people who are willing to see something new and unusual online.

When something is filmed 'live' it can be edited and saved for further views while still retaining its energy and spontaneity. Stand-up comics regularly film their performance with a few cameras, edit it well and then put it to DVD with great success. Other forms of performance may not transcend so well, especially more serious drama that requires a believbility that would have been removed by the containment of a screen. When viewers are used to seeing drama filmed on-location then it may also seem flat in a theater setting.

Gauging by the popularity of recent shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Glee !, the more glitzy and spectacular forms of the theater may transfer better to the smaller screen. Musical theater in particular would film well as it is a very visual medium providing trips for the eyes and ears as well as the soul.

The reality of installing technical equipment and requiring players to wear mics may limit some smaller theaters' capacity to produce these shows well. The cost involved may be a better investment for these theaters than the larger ones though, as it is often the smaller theaters with riskier productions and less well-known actors that struggle to fill seats.

The Pilot theater in York has already honored this concept with their Pilot Live Project, which streams live performances for a 'virtual box office' fee. The immediacy of live streaming may seem advantageous for this new medium's appeal but would be a shame for it to be so time-restricted when almost all other media can be accessed on-demand. Plus due to the large amount of media that is accessible for free, legally or otherwise, it may discourage potential real box-office takers who may use the experience to try-before-they-buy.

For example, the TED technology, entertainment and design lectures were originally only accessible by ticket holders who would pay thousands to see some of the leading thinkers from around the world spread their ideas. Then the founders decided to film all the lectures and put them online, for free. They have their own YouTube channel and have found since this sharing of their work the real talks have been selling-out faster than ever. The Royal Society of Arts has followed suit, but added animated 'illustrations' to their lectures that really add to the audience's understanding of the talk.

There is real potential for this idea to promote the live arts when it is done well. The idea of ​​charging for it might not sit well with viewers used to free media elsewhere, but a 'pay-what-you-want' scheme like many music artists used could work effectively. Either way, other 'live' arts are already doing it with positive results. Moving with the times could seriously help the theater gain popularity in the real world as well as the online one.


Perks of Getting Personal Loans Online

Personal loans are the prime way to get some immediate money at hand. There are many lending institutions and financiers who will provide with immediate financial assistance to genuine and potential loan applicants. These lenders provide such gratifying terms that the borrower is obliged to avail a loan with them. That said, these loans are the most convenient methods to avail a quick loan especially during emergencies. Keeping in mind the urgent needs, most lenders provide personal loans online options too so that it is more convenient for the borrower.

Personal Loans Online Options:

Most of the finance lenders provide simple online tools on their websites for availing a personal loan. You may use these online options either to apply for a loan or for exploring the details for getting a much-needed loan. These online options on the lender's website can be used to check and compare the interest rates, loan processing fees, and other charges which the lenders may charge you for availing a loan with them. A borrower can avail either an installment loan or an instant payday loans via online application process, although most of the times it is an instant payday loans for short-term purposes.

Here are a few benefits which a borrower can seek while getting an online loan –

1. It is convenient –

Imagine a sequence in which you are filing an online loan application while sitting on your cozy bedside and then, another scene, where you are running out in the hot sun and waiting outside the lender's room to file a loan application. Which do you think is more convenient? Undoubtedly the online option!

2. Save A Few Pennies –

Most P2P submitted loan applications are levied with other additional fees which may increase the repayment amount or the EMIs, depending on the loan type you are availing. However, with an online application, you will not have these additional fees which will help you save your cost.

3. EMI and Other Calculators –

There will be options for checking and calculating the interest rates and the corresponding EMIs or the loan repayments amounts. The digital calculation tool will solve your doubts regarding the complex calculations for the EMI amount with the interest rates, etc.

4. Information Accessibility –

All the information required to know about a loan process and other related details will be displayed on the website by the creditors. There will be all the data and cue related to the APR, the eligibility criterion, the repayment options, processing fees and other additional fees if charged, documents needed, and other small detail regarding the loans will be provided on the online portal.

5. Least Possible Documentation –

Unlike the banks, personal loans do not need any clarify verification and paperwork to be done. These lenders do not consider the credit scores and will provide loans for bad credit without any collateral. The only needed documents will be to prove your age, residency, income, employment, and checking account details.

By providing the flexibility and luxury of applying for a loan from the comfort of their home or from their work cubicle, these personal loans online option has become a bought-after option among the loan seekers.


Buy Electronics Online – Ideally Choose a Samsung 65 Inch Smart Curved LED TV

The UN65KU7500 is known as Samsung's affordable cost curved 65-inch second generation belongs to 4K Ultra HD TVs manufactured by Samsung Company. It offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 resolutions, which is four times the motion of Full HD. It lets you sit closer to a larger TV and enjoy the better movie theater familiarity. The majority of the movie theaters now make use of the 4K projector; therefore the popularity of the movie theater resolution is in high in demand. The curved screen promises for better immersive movie theater kind experience and gets better viewing angle as well as image quality.

Better 4K Image Quality: Samsung 65 inch Smart Curved LED TV backlit TV installations Samsung's advanced UHD Micro Dimming LED edge rear light technology for the better blacks and colors. The option of PurColor and Auto Depth Enhancer are the best premium points associated with the TV. The highly upgradated Ultra Clear Pro Panel removes the reflections, as well as improvements the ratio of contrast. Moreover, the 120 Motion Rate anti-blur technologies merge a resident 60Hz Panel along with rear light control to give blur-free and open motion. The availability of the PurColor Technology will provide you vivid and bright colors.

Setup and features

This model of LCD panel works with about a 3-inch curve. The weight of the wall is around 62 pounds, and the 14-inch-deep place adds yet more 7 pounds. There are different four HDMI 2.0a inputs, all of them assist HDCP 2.2, and one of which offers audio return channel for joining the TV to an outside sound system.

Remote control as well as user interface

After having to manage with yet vendor's rather clunky Android border and old-school distant, using the KS9800 was a delight. The remote sports just a few buttons, feet better in your hand, and the on-screen border is straightforward and reasonably laid out. The one and only complaint is the absence of rewind buttons and even fast forward.

There are tons of images tweaks for the KS9800, which includes professional settings for those who are exacting about the things. Buy Electronics Online at the best price.

Image and Sound

The KS9800 specifies the ointment of non-OLED image technologies: complete quantum dots, array backlighting, and local dimming among others. The color is incredible, extremely right and around with HDR stuff-wonderfully arranged. The TV does quite job upscaling lower- declaration material as well.


How to Sell Your Laptop Online

Technology has become very important nowdays, if you look at it technically pretty much everything in this world runs on technology. People use technology everyday and the most important gadget that they utilize is their laptop. Laptops have earned quite a lot of publicity especially because new models are being released almost every single year! People have a wide range of different options of laptops to choose from when they step in the market to purchase a laptop. Some people throw away their old gadgets so that they can purchase new ones. Bad idea! Throwing away a laptop that is "old" means that either the person is just ignoring the actual value of the object or they just want to throw away free money. Even the oldest pieces of technology have their own place and value in the market. There are some people that choose to sell their old laptop for a new one, and this is a splendid idea!

Getting Ready to Sell the Laptop

Get all the different items that came with the laptop together such as the cables, boxes, stickers, manuals, disks, and other items that were included. Even the little things will make a huge difference to the person purchasing your laptop. Take pictures of the device. Just make sure that you remove any kind of optical media or memory cards that you keep in your laptop. The next step would be to write a complete description about the laptop and what state it is in such as its battery life, if it is damaged or not, the memory, the USD ports that it has, etc. Determine what the price of the laptop would be by doing research on the Internet such as looking it up on eBay or another website. Set the price a bit higher than what you want to sell it at and when you get a customer lower the price down so that they will feel tempted to purchase it from you.

Consider where you want to sell the gadget

Some of the places where you could sell your laptop would be:

  • Web forums
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Negotiation

Beside websites you can search around your neighborhood too to see if somebody is willing to purchase your laptop.

Take Care of the Transaction

Once you have a customer you should keep in mind where you would like to have them pay you through. You should also keep other things in mind such as

  • Managing expectations
  • Payment
  • Feedback
  • Shipping

Stay on the safe side while you are busy selling your laptop online because there are many scammers that are just waiting to trick you!

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