Complete Guide to Tesla Model 3 Home Charging (Part 1): Understanding Your Charging Options

In the first video of this series, I will help you understand the factors you need to consider when deciding on a home charging solution for your Tesla Model 3:
1. Your Model 3’s battery capacity
2. Your home charging equipment
3. The charging rate you can achieve
4. Your battery consumption pattern
5. The amount of time you have to recharge.

This video discusses the first three factors. Below is a list of useful links for information referenced in this video.
– Current list of battery capacities offered for the Tesla Model 3: .
– Home charging guide:
– Tesla mobile connector page:
– Tesla wall connector page:
– Tesla onboard charger page:
– Tesla online store’s Model 3 charging section:
– Tesla online store’s Model 3 charging adapters section:
– Order page for silver Tesla wall connector:
– Order page for black Tesla wall connector:
– Order page for Tesla wall connector with NEMA 14-50 plug:


Yeti Lithium Fast charger improvements, 12v + auto charger options, CES 2019 Link + Tank expansion

This is an update to my previous video showing my fast charger setup:

Since my 4x wall charger fast charger outputs close to 300 watts, it generates some heat. My original rubber spacers couldn’t handle the heat so I added some new extruded aluminum spacers from Makerbeam for better airflow to keep things cool. I walk through how I did it.

I have some info for people asking about whether it’s possible to use a standard 12v power supply to charge a Yeti instead of ganging up multiple wall chargers like I did. I also cover some info I gleaned from Goal Zero on upcoming products: a fan-cooled 300 watt wall charger, a 12v 150 watt auto charger, and the upcoming Link and Tank expansion packs announced at 2019 CES for Yeti Lithiums.

Makerbeam 40mm blank anodized beams (40x10x10mm size) I used as spacers:

Gorilla clear mounting tape, heat resistant to 250 degrees F:


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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today we’re going to be taking a look at several different types of battery chargers. We’re going to take a look at the similarities and differences in them, to try to help you determine which one is going to be right for your application.The four different styles that we have here today are all good at different things, some of them good at the same thing. We’ve got a Trickle style solar charger. We’re going to have an onboard 12-volt to 12-volt charger, which is pretty unique. Going to have your traditional style, kind of battery charger in a box here. Then, with the CTEK, it’s going to take a lot of the same things that we really like here, adds in a few more features.The larger box style, and the style similar to what we have here like the CTEK, these are going to be the more traditional style battery chargers, something that’s going to have quite a few uses, why don’t we take a look at those firstIf you have any experience with battery chargers at all, you’ve probably seen one very similar to this.

These are all going to operate very similar to one another. In most of these chargers, we have two modes offered, one is going to be a conventional styles, one is going to be a deep cycle, this happens to be the AGM style deep cycle.This is going to offer a two amp trickle charge, that’s just a maintenance charge, that’s just gently going to keep your battery refreshed, so you don’t have any drain issues. The next one is going to be the 15 amp, that’s a fast charge. We would set our battery up, going to monitor it here, this gives us the percentage of charge in our battery, once that gets up to a full 12 volts, then we’re going to pull that off. This one is going to offer, if you go into the 100 amp, that’s going to be like a boost, or almost like a jump start feature.For this style, of course, you’re going to have the alligator clamps.

The biggest drawbacks I see with these, are sometimes the clamps aren’t the right size or shape to fit all types of battery, and you have to gain access to your battery to use it. A limiting factor with this style of charger is that it does require to be plugged in. You won’t be able to use this in more remote locations, unless you have a generator handy.Now, with more advanced styles, like what we get here with our CTEK, this still requires it to be plugged in, the remote application isn’t really going to be applicable. But with this style of charger, most of these are going to recognize what type of battery that we are using, so we don’t have to worry about selecting that.It’s going to offer the charge mode, which is normal, that’s just like for charging up your battery. It’s going to offer the little snowflake icon there as your maintenance charge, that’s going to keep your battery refreshed.

It’s going to give us this supply, which we can use that for jump starting vehicles. But this one goes a step further, and also offers the recondition mode.Though, a lot of these more advanced chargers offer us the recondition mode, which helps to drain our battery down, it uses a pulse inaudible 00:02:46 through it to desulfate the plates, then it’s going to recharge it, so that reconditioning process helps to extend the life of your battery. I really like that.When batteries get drained down, then they get a memory inside of them, it’s good to be able to refresh those.One of the things I like about the more advanced style chargers are going to be the options in connecting to our battery that we have. You see, this one in particular is going to have your alligator clamps. It also has a hardwired kit option, so we could wire this directly to our battery, then simply plug it in when ready for use.They also offer a 12-volt cigarette lighter plugin option, if you didn’t want to access your battery, didn’t want to have to deal with alligator clips, simply plug in the 12-volt adapter, it’ll plug right into your power source.Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the traditional style chargers, let’s take a look at some


Jaguar I PACE 19MY Battery Charging Options

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Jaguar I-PACE – Battery Charging Options !!

2019 #Jaguar #IPACE – Battery Charging Options !! #JaguarIPace More Details :


2019 Jaguar I-PACE | Battery Charging Options

This video explains the various charging options for your vehicle.

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Jaguar I-PACE 19MY | Battery Charging Options

This video explains the various charging options for your vehicle.

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Hyundai Kona EV home charging options

Test charging my Kona using both the Granny cable (ICCB) supplied with the car and my Zappi charger.
Rates, times and efficiency. Additional test including an extension lead in front of the ICCB.

For accuracy I charged the car to an even 10% boundary before starting, letting the car cut off using the charge limit feature. For each test I again used the charge limit to charger just 10% . This seemed to be the most accurate way to compare multiple charges methods.

Of note the plug of the extension cord was quite warm, not hot but definitely warmer than that of the Granny cable on its own.

UK Kona Electric prices:

UK Kona Electric specs:

Facebook Page:


Twitter: @KonaElectric

UK Kona EV owners group:

The EV Puzzle channel link: