Overlanding Power Systems-Ep.2

How do you properly charge modern AGM Deep Cycle Batteries that require a charging voltage 14.5 to 14.7 volts until it accepts less than 1 Amp, in modern overlanding vehicle dual battery systems, when the alternator only puts out between 13.8 to 14.4 Volts? YOU DON’T!

In this series of videos, see how our overlanding vehicle’s power systems solve this problem. While taking full advantage of the engine, solar, and shore power. At the same time handling all its power demands while matching the limits of food and water when parked. We also go deep into the detail on all things overlanding power systems.

In this 2nd video, we take a deeper look at our overlanding power systems. We then tack the Shore Power Systems and Ctek Multi US 25000 as they recharge the 80% depleted 110 hr axillary battery bank and pulse charges the 50% depleted start battery.


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Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Upgrade with Enerdrive DC to DC Charger

To reduce vehicle weight I convert from an AGM to a Lithium LiFePo4 deep cycle battery in my Land Rover Defender. Lithium ion batteries have several characteristics which make them a great choice for touring vehicles, primarily their lightweight construction.

I pair the lithium battery with an Enerdrive DC to DC Charger with inbuilt MPPT solar regulator.

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