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More Motorola IMPRES Information:

Motorola developed the IMPRES energy management system to bring a comprehensive battery management approach to Motorola portable radio users, whereby the portable radio user could know and be confident that their radio batteries were being used in the most effective way to deliver more talk time, and that they were being recharged in a way to ensure the longest overall battery life.

Motorola didn’t stop there. They developed IMPRES battery housings that can withstand the roughest treatment any radio battery can withstand. That includes:

* Shock
* Vibration
* Moisture
* Heat and Cold Extremes

Motorola IMPRES batteries, when used with an Motorola IMPRES battery charger provide automatic, adaptive reconditioning, end-of-life display, and many other advanced features. Battery energy Data is stored in the battery, and communicated to the charger via a unique IMPRES communication protocol, which is designed to maximize talk-time and optimize battery cycle life — all automatically. Automated maintenance, and an added six month extended capacity warranty when used with Motorola IMPRES chargers. That is a full year and a half warranty on Motorola IMPRES Battery.

Motorola IMPRES batteries are available for several different Motorola Portable Radios including the super popular Motorola MotoTRBO Portable Radios and the Motorola XTS5000 and XTS2500 Portable Radios. Motorola IMPRES compatible radios give you a visible metered approach where you can monitor the available charge of your portable radio battery.

Motorola IMPRES chargers are available as single unit chargers or as multiple unit chargers. IMPRES Batteries can be charged when attached to the Radio or as separate battery units.

When you look a little closer at a Motorola IMPRES charger that is equipped with a two line LCD Display, you will be able to learn:

• Battery serial number, kit number, and chemistry
• Battery charge capacity in milliamp hours (mAh)
• Battery charge capacity as a percentage of rated capacity
• Battery voltage
• Estimated battery capacity at end of charge in mAh
• Time remaining to complete rapid charge cycle (NiCd and NiMH only)
• Notification when a battery is approaching reconditioning requirement

Certainly, optimizing battery performance requires an intelligent approach to battery maintenance. Inadequate maintenance and overcharging are two of the leading reasons for premature battery failure. Motorola IMPRES Energy systems give you the tools to protect your radio batteries and the knowledge to get the most from your radio battery investment.


Forney® 52755 Wheeled Battery Charger Overview

This wheel charger features LED indicators and button controls for easy reading and accuracy. It can charge both a 6-volt and/or a 12-volt battery. At 6-volts, this wheel charger can charge at 2 amps (trickle) and 10 amps (standard). At 12-volts, it can charge at 2 amps (trickle), 10 amps (standard), 40 amps (quick charge) and 200 amps (Engine Start). Using the 200 amps emergency start setting is powerful enough to bring cars, large SUVs and small trucks back to life!

Product Specifications:
• ETL certified
• Recessed control panel protects against accidental setting changes. Features LED indicators and button controls for easy reading and accuracy.
• Voltage: 6-volts and 12-volts
• Spark proof
• Operation: At 6-volts, this wheel charger can charge at 2 amps (trickle) and 10 amps (standard). At 12-volts, it can charge at 2 amps (trickle), 10 amps (standard), 40 amps (quick charge) and 200 amps (Engine Start).
• Suitable for Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), GEL and standard (STD) batteries
• Automatic charge cycle functionality switches to float mode after fully charging the battery
• Short circuit, overheat and reverse polarity protection will not operate if clamps are reversed
• Easy to use! An error notification will light up if a bad connection is detected
• Active Charging Indicator: Cycles between volts, amps and battery percent
• Wheels: Rubber
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Forney® Battery Charger & Jump Start Overview

Check out our line of battery chargers and jump starts with this overview.
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ISDT SP3060 Power Supply and T6 Charger Overview

Checking out some things from ISDT, including their new PSU.

T6 charger (recommended):
SP3060 power supply :
BC-6S battery checker (recommended) :

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An Overview of UAV Hardware Components and Software

Drones are a complex amalgamation of mechanics, hardware and software. Many drone users are not aware of the inner systems that combine to form a drone. Nor are they aware of the individual workings of the components. Today I will discuss the different drone components and provide an overview of the different components needed to run a drone.

As highly complex technological gadgets, drones have several main components:


The body of a drone comprises of a fuselage, plane wings, tail rotor and canopy, multi-rotor frame and arms.

Power supply with corresponding platform

Smaller drones usually fly on batteries while the larger ones use fuel or even solar power.

Computer operations

Drones’ hardware systems are constantly being specialized, operation numbers increased and accelerated in order to support operating system with no failures.


There are three types of sensor: proprioceptive, exteroceptive and exproprioceptive.


Installed actuators are determined by the type of drone (several electronic controllers, engines, propellers and other)


Uninterrupted flight is enabled with installed software safely leading the drone on its way and giving the information where to go and when to react.

Loop principles

Open loops for elementary types and closed loops for larger and more sophisticated systems.

Flight controls

They are similar to a regular, aerial vehicle flown by a pilot. However the automatic flight control is much more demanding.


The connection is quite regular (antenna and analog-digital converter) and enables the transmission of data needed for flight to proceed. Radio signal can be transmitted from a ground control, a remote system as well as another manned aerial vehicle.

UAV software

As drone software is the brain of the drone we have to explain how it works. Drone´s software is designed to tell the drone where to go and what to do while flying from A to B. In order to understand and connect all necessary information of the drone, the software part becomes a very complex system. The software installed in the drone operates in a layer like system. Furthermore, the layers are divided into tiers which perform in various time slots. The layers have to be combined properly to control the flight patterns, altitude and other important information for drone to work and act accurately. This combination of layers is called the flight stack or autopilot. Many surveys and inquiries have been conducted and they all have a very firm indication i.e. it doesn´t matter if the drones have different efficiency or mission complexities, they all need effective operating components. The received information has to be analyzed during the flight. In order to achieve unified component’s communication a generic architecture must be designed and promoted.

While the onboard system itself is not enough, external middleware and operating system are necessary.

Software layers are:

· Firmware

· Middleware

· Operating system.

The requirements of firmware and middleware are time critical. The requirement of the operating system is computer intensive.

Firmware operates from machine code to processor and afterward to memory access.

Middleware conducts flight control, navigation and telecommunication.

Operating system monitors optic flow, avoids interference while SLAM searches for the solution and decides what the action according to received information would be.

Open source stacks will considerably assist in finding solutions for the drone industry, globally speaking. New, improved drone applications will have to be reliable, rapid and flexible in order to meet all new demands and requirements of the future UAV industry.

Listed below are some of civil-use open-source stacks:

· KKMultiCopter

· ArduCopter

· DroneCode

· MultiWii

· BaseFlight

· CleanFlight

· BetaFlight

· RaceFlight

· Paparazzi

· OpenPilot Copter Control

· TauLabs

· CrazyFlie

The following are poplular UAV software serious pilots and UAV service providers should consider using:


This is professional software used for drone based mapping. This takes pictures taken from drones and converts them into maps and models. It comes in handy in a range of industries ranging from construction and mining to inspection and environmental monitoring, from agriculture and emergency response to aerial photography and real estate. Not only, that, the company of this software has a plethora of knowledge and information from all the mapping done and is ready to provide you with accurate analysis and insights.


It is a company which makes it easier for the users and developers to run drones. The great thing is that its source code is open to public. So, developers and drone lovers from all over the globe can tweak its components according to their wishes and designs. It also has an app name 3dr Solo App. Along with a live camera view, it also provides with a detailed satellite overview. It makes it easier to adjust the flight control settings and play with the camera angles. Not only that, it has a quick support service. Just submit a ticket and you will get a response within no time. It is available on the App Store as well Google Play.


Microdrones has two major pieces of software up its sleeve. The first one is mdCockpit and the second one is called mdFlightSim.


It has three major functions. The first is for planning of the flight, the second receives data from the flight and the last one carries out analysis of the flight data.


This serves the purpose of flight training without really flying the drones. It is for those who are new to drone flying and do not want to risk their drones due to their inexperience. The software provides them with real life scenarios although on their computer screen. Once they are sure they can operate it without crashing it down, they can then go in the real world and fly their drones.

The UAV industry is rapidly evolving almost on a daily basis, its expansion can be detected not only in military but also in journalism, delivering packages, helping firefighters, surveillance, filming industry and many more.

According to several global forecasts, even though drones are going to be a big part of our life in the future, the main market for UAV will remain military. So, it is mandatory for the users to have a thorough understanding of the internal workings of the drone. So much so, some universities have even started offering degrees dedicated entirely to drone flying.


What Is A Hybrid Car? An Overview Of The Hybrid

What’s Going On In There?

There are many ways hybrid cars are different from standard vehicles. There’s emissions, fuel consumption, cost and, of course, the mechanics of it all. The main difference between the two is that a hybrid car uses electricity combined with gasoline and a standard vehicle uses only gasoline.

In a gas-powered car, fuel runs the engine, which turns the transmission, which then rotates the wheels and propels the car forward. These standard cars create more pollution and further our dependence on oil. With prices at the pump rising every week, these cars represent not only a less than eco-friendly mode of transport, but also a big bite out of your wallet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, are electric cars which use batteries to power the engine and turn the transmission and wheels. Electric cars have not been seen as feasible for the mainstream market because of two main factors: cost and performance. Existing batteries can not run for very long before they exhaust themselves and must be replaced. Additionally, the cost of production on these batteries is very high.

In the middle, are hybrid cars. They use a combination of fuel and batteries to run the vehicle. A gas-fueled engine powers a generator that is used to either charge electric batteries or power an electric motor that then spins the transmission and wheels. When possible, the batteries are used to charge the electric motor, instead of the generator. These power sources switch as a car faces different driving conditions and you, the driver, get the best of both worlds.

For the true nuts and bolts (along with a diagram or a hybrid car/system), is always a great place to start! Other resources include What Is A Hybrid Car, How Hybrid Cars Work, and the History of Hybrids.

So what makes a hybrid so efficient?

The fact that gas is not directly powering the car. Since a gas-fueled engine is powering a generator (and not turning the transmission – a much larger job), it can be much smaller and lighter, which results in less of a load for the car to work to carry. Having the flexibility to run the motor on batteries or generator power also cuts down on the total amount of fuel used.

What’s next?

The future of hybrid cars has endless possibilities. One trend would be to create a car that ran on electric batteries (charged by plugging the car in, hence the name “plug-in hybrids”) until they were exhausted and then move to fuel. This would use less fuel because some of the battery power would come from the grid, as opposed to a gas powered generator.

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Rosewill Powerbank 5000/112000/13000mAh External Backup Battery Charger Overview – Newegg TV | Mobile Battery Chargers:
Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13010-WH White 5000mAh External Backup Battery Charger
sku: 75-949-120

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13010-BK Black 5000mAh External Backup Battery Charger
sku: 75-949-119

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13010-SL Silver 5000mAh External Backup
sku: 75-949-121

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13020-WH White 11200mAh External Backup Battery Charger
sku: 75-949-123

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13020-BK Black 11200mAh External Backup Battery Charger for Smartphone/iPhone/iPad/iPod
sku: 75-949-122

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13030-WH White 13000mAh External Backup Battery Charger
sku: 75-949-125

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13030-BK Black 13000mAh External Backup Battery Charger
sku: 75-949-124

Here’s an External Backup Battery Charger, made by Rosewill, Model: RCBR-13010-WH. Check out the video for more info!

Rosewill Powerbank RCBR-13010-WH White 5000mAh External Backup Battery Charger


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Acer Predator 21 X GX-71-76ZF Overview of the Biggest, Most Powerful Laptop in the World

Looking for the "world's most powerful laptop"? In spite of its price, the Acer Predator 21 X GX-71-76ZF is a top-seller. There is a lot about this machine worth admiring, from its appearance to capabilities. With an i7 quad-core processor, 64GB of memory, dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1080 SLI graphics, and a 21-inch display, you can not ask for more in a laptop PC.

Not only is the display large, it's also curved and has an aspect ratio of 21: 9. On this display, expect a refresh rate of 120Hz, thanks to its utilization of G-Sync technology. Special eye-tracking technology allows for a very immersive gaming experience.

If you want a machine with a noticeable, attractive design, this one takes the cake. You're not going to find a more eye-popping laptop anywhere else, thanks to its sharp angles and edges, bright LEDs, curved display, Gorilla glass panel, and gorgeous dragon art painted on the right side of the keyboard.

The 21 X has dimensions of 2.71-inches (front height), 3.28-inches (back height), 22.4-inches (width), and 12.4-inches (depth). Its approximate weight is a whopping 18.74-lbs.

While it's not much lighter than a gaming desktop, the Acer Predator 21 X GX-71-76ZF comes with a traveling case that makes it something portable. The case, which is built by Pelican, actually comes with an expendable handle and four wheels for rolling. Keep extras, like an external mouse and power supply stored in cutouts in the case. It is also filled with foam to provide all components with cushiony protection.

Temperature Control in the Acer Predator 21 X GX-71-76ZF

When playing the most demanding games with the heaviest graphics, the laptop will stay cool – even if you have the settings on Ultra. The 3x Predator AeroBlade technology keep the GPU and CPU at a cool temperature at all times. In addition to the all-metal, ultrathin fans, the machine also contains nine heat pipes in its body to help dissipate heat from the hardware. Noise is kept down as well.

As noted above, the 21 X comes with an i7 7820HK processor (2.90GHz), 4 memory slots (up to 64GB), and NVIDIA GeForce GTX dedicated graphics (up to 16GB). For storage, it comes equipped with a 1TB Serial ATA hard drive and 6 stereo speakers. Built-in devices include a microphone and front webcam with a 1280 × 720 resolution.

Keep in mind that this is such a premium machine that Acer is only making a limited number. If you can afford it, you should consider it while it's still available. Take advantage of any Acer Predator 21 X GX-71-76ZF discounts and promo codes that might be available.

When browsing through tech bargains, you'll probably come across some Acer discounts. The promo codes are easy to use and can be applied to your order. There are a variety of way to finance this machine, so if you are considering the investment, you'll find Acer Predator 21 X GX-71-76ZF coupons to be very helpful.


Data Virtualization Overview

The IT world is changing these days. Many new schemes, processes, and technologies are being implemented to improve business performance. One of these new technologies is data virtualization. Data virtualization offers potential benefits for an organization by offering a real-time data access environment so users can find information in the quickest way possible. This technology is becoming more popular, but careful consideration should be given before trying to implement it. There are varying opinions of the actual data quality that is achieved by the data virtualization process because of security issues.

Data validation techniques are usually implemented with these applications in order to find any errors so they can be corrected immediately. Data quality can be achieved through data validation because information is validated first before it is passed to the database. Validation is also an effective way to gain data standardization and normalization. Standardization means that data are reformatted based on the rules set by the company. Standardization is usually implemented as part of pipelining during the data validation process.

You company information is sensitive and clients should not be allowed to access it. Data normalization should accompany the data virtualization process. This means that information can be pre-programmed in order to insure that it follows the standards set by the organization. This normalization process makes data integration much easier.

Data cleansing is also part of data validation. Cleansing involves merging records, de-duplication, and error correction. Data should be crossed or matched to verify any missing information in the records or any duplication as well. Both data cleansing and enrichment are complex processes, time-consuming, and they both need extensive calculations.

Many IT industries have already implemented data validation as part of their data integration process. This is usually covered with other approaches to achieve quality and reliable data on the user interface side and through the data virtualization layer. There are a lot of critical factors to consider first before implementing data virtualization technology. There are a lot of potential benefits that come with this technology, but there are also some risks. These risks and these benefits need to be weighed and measured carefully. Otherwise your company could join the thousands of companies that buy expensive technology and then wonder why it is not working as well as they had hoped.


HP EliteBook 850 G3 Overview: A Premium Business Laptop With Excellent Design

This is an impressively thin notebook, yet it still has plenty of impressive hardware packed inside. The EliteBook lineup consists of premium-range business notebooks at relatively inexpensively prices. An Intel Core processor and 7200-RPM SATA hard drive are just two of the many great features found with the redesigned HP EliteBook 850 G3. With its advanced Wi-Fi technology, thin design, and long battery life, it's designed to be a highly portable laptop.

There are no flaws or weak spots with the build. It features a metal casing compose8d of magnesium and aluminum. The base tray can be removed to access the interior. The hinges are designed to keep the lid firmly in place. It outperforms stress tests, so there is no risk of it overheating. The temperatures remain lower than 104 F on all measuring points.

Connect devices to the G3 without the use of dongles, as it comes with 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 3.0 charging port, as well as a USB Type-C port. For connecting with a second display, a VGA DisplayPort are both included.

A variety of display options are available. The base configuration features a 15.6-inch LED HD SVA display with anti-glare technology and 1366 x 768 resolution. You can select a better display, including UWVA models with 1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 1260 resolution. A webcam is also optional.

For the processor, the HP EliteBook 850 G3 starts with an Intel Core i5 CPU, but you can opt for i5 or i7 if you need more power. Integrated Intel HD graphics (520) are included. The machine has room for AMD Radeon R7 discrete graphics (1GB). Select anywhere from 4GB to 32GB of memory (2133 DDR4). You can customize the laptop with as much memory as you think you'll need for getting all of your tasks done, be they business related or personal.

HP EliteBook 850 G3 Hard Drive Options

As mentioned above, there is a 7200-RPM hard drive available for storage, with options to go with a SATA-3 SSD if you need something even faster.

The keyboard and trackpad are both designed well and provide good input support. The keyboard is chiclet style and features a full-sized number pad and sleek, backlit keys. The multi-touchpad has a surface area of ​​approximately 4.1 x 2.6 inches, providing ample room for gesture control. Below the pad, two smooth mouse keys allow for the cursor to be controlled and moved more accurately than just using the touchpad alone.

In this HP EliteBook 850 G3 review, it must be stated that this is a quiet machine. A notebook will ideally produce as little noise as possible, and this one meets that criteria. Since this is advertised as a business notebook, it comes with features such as Preboot Authentication, TPM technology, a security lock slot, and optional HP fingerprint reader.

Are you looking for a new HP laptop for school, work, or personal use? The company regularly has big sales going on. Even if it's not on sale right now, you still might be able to use an HP EliteBook 850 G3 promo code to knock money off of your order total.