Solar Panel 10W 5V Solar Charger Portable Solar Battery Chargers Charging for Phone for Outdoors.

Allpowers Solar Panel 10W 5V Solar Charger Portable Solar Battery Chargers Charging for Phone for Hiking etc. Outdoors.


RAVPower 24W Foldable Solar Charger Panel with Triple USB Ports

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Give a kiss goodbye to power sockets and embrace the power of the sun. The RAVPower RP-PC005 is a solar powered portable charger that utilizes the sun’s rays to charge your smartphones and tablets.
Constructed with our premium SUNPOWER solar charging cells that have an increased charging efficiency of 21.5% – 23.5%, you can power your portable devices from sunrise to sundown whenever you are outside.
Light and Portable:
Cumbersome solar chargers are a hassle to carry, set up, and use. For something much easier, this 26.4 oz (754g) solar charger is half the size of similar chargers yet capable of generating just as much energy without the extra baggage.
Charge Smarter:
iSmart technology automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device, ensuring the fastest and most efficient charge. When under direct sunlight, all three ports are individually capable of reaching 2.4A; with a total of 4.8A being reached when all three devices are simultaneously charging.
Power for All:
Having an option for more than one USB port can result in an uneven distribution of power where one device charges faster than the other. With our built-in Smart IC chip, the flow of energy is regulated resulting in every device charging at an even and constant rate.
Hang It High or Lay It Low:
Whether you’re placing it on the ground, or hanging it off your backpack via the four stainless steel hooks, as long as it’s directly under the sun, your devices will charge.


Harbor freight solar panel battery charger.

The harbor freight solar powered battery charger tender isn’t worth the money it’s garbage it doesn’t even produce a half an amp.


Build a SOLAR PANEL WINDOW AWNING Battery Charging System

Build a lightweight portable solar panel stand for a flexible solar panel that can be easily mounted to your RV window. I installed an external plug and I connect multiple flexible solar panels to an small MPPT charge controller with bluetooth monitoring. This setup is great to add more solar to your RV or use it as your primary solar charging system.


Note: The 1/2″ PVC pipe and fittings, stainless steel screws and washers were purchased at my local hardware store.




ALL OF OUR SOLAR GEAR in one place

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80 Watt Folding Solar Panel – Dokio – $100!! Quick Review

80 Watt Folding Solar Panel I bought it on amazon: 

80 Watt Folding Solar Panel – Dokio – $100!! Review

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Learn How to Make a Solar Panel

All that solar energy that was once wasted is today harnessed into electricity using solar panels. You can either buy your panels, or make one at home using items found at home or the hardware store.

Here are the steps involved in learning how to make a solar panel.

  1. The first thing you have to do is buy some solar cells, to harness and turn solar energy into usable electricity. If you can afford it, you could buy the more expensive brand new ones.
  2. However if you want to learn how to make a solar panel by spending only about $ 200, look for solar cells that cost between $ 50 and $ 100. With these solar cells, you will be able to create a small panel that produces at least 12 volts of electricity.
  3. Then again, if you do not find solar cells of this size at that price, look for second-rate cells. Of course, while these solar cells will not work as efficiently as perfect-condition cells, they are perfect to create cheap, small panels.
  4. With your solar cells ready, you need a battery to store your electricity. The best option you have is to buy a rechargeable deep-cycle 12-volt battery which you can continuously use and store energy. A $ 50 battery should be sufficient to suit the needs of a small solar panel, with a battery box, for safety purposes.
  5. You also need a $ 10-15 DC input to run your appliances on the electricity your panel produces. The choice of the DC input depends on the products you wish to power. In case of appliances that run on AC power, you will have to buy an AC inverter to power these appliances. For example, in case you want to power a small television, you require a 100+ watt inverter, that costs about $ 50.
  6. Now that you have everything that you require to make a solar panel, you have to connect everything to the battery. You have to use insulated wires to do this, and always starting from the negative battery pole, connect the DC inlet to the battery, one wire at a time. Repeat the procedure with the panel.

The benefit of this system is that it can be expanded into a larger battery or solar panel or both. The amount of electricity this panel produces depends on the solar cells you use in it and the weather. Of course, the top quality ones produce maximum electricity when used in maximum sunlight.

These panels run different appliances for different amounts of time. While televisions may run for a few hours on a fully charged battery, you can use a radio the whole night on the same battery.

On an average, if you learn how to make a solar panel this way, you spend about $ 215 on it. However you can always make a larger or smaller panel with different outputs, based on your budget and requirements. These well-made panels are a one time investment in providing you with all the power you require for many years.

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10000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank Review

Get it on Amazon HERE (updated model with built in wireless charging)


About compass:
Please put the compass flat on the floor for the accuracy, any tilt would affect its direction.

About the flashlight ,Please kindly follow our steps to use SOS and strobe mode.
1. Long press the side button, two LED light will lit on.
2. Continue to shortly press the side button, it will enter into SOS mode. More once, it will enter into flashing or storbe.Next short press will turn off the charger.

1. External battery pack for iPhone Smartphone HTC Nexus Gopro Camera GPS and Tablets.
2. Equipped with single crystal silicone solar panel, where there is light, there is power.
3. Portable light weight durable reliable high quality Lithium-ion battery.
4. Water resistant dust proof and shock proof, ideal for outside use.
5. Dual super bright LED light with 3 mode for emergency.
6. Compass and hook as gift, get your way on the moving.
7. 100% customer service satisfaction and product warranty.

Battery type: Li-polymer battery
Solar panel: single crystal 1.5W
Material: ABS+PC+Silicone
Input:DC 5V/1.0A
Output: DC 5V/1A DC 5V/2.1A

Packaging list:
1*Solar power bank
1*USB charging cable
1* Manual

Kind note:
1. In order to fully activate the battery, please charge it via outlet or computer for 10 hours at least at the first 2-3 uses.
2. The energy transformation from solar to electricity is rather slow and the solar charging speed is subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate. it could take 8-21 days for a full 0-100% charge.In daily life, we highly recommend charge it via wall outlet.
3. Fully charging by outlet takes approximately 10 hours. Do not charge it all day nor over voltage.
4. For safety, DO NOT leave the power bank charging in car in case of high temperature and avoid crashing. Do not make charge while charging itself.

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Parts Needed to Make Your Own Home Solar Panel

Many people think that it is impossible to make their own solar panel at home. The truth is that it is not that difficult to do. You can even produce them for under $200!

Here is a list of parts need to make your own home solar panel and produce enough electricity to power your own house hold loads.

1. Energy Source- Solar Panels (12 V is fine)

2. Charge Controller

3. Battery

4. Inverter

This type of system is used to run household loads directly off the inverter.

Here is a description of the parts needed:

PV panels

Otherwise known as solar panels they are a solar-electric system’s defining component. PV panels capture the sunlight and create direct current (DC) electricity.

PV panels are rated in watts based on the maximum power then can produce when performing under ideal sun and temperature conditions. You will need to use the rated output of your PV panels to determine how many panels you will need to meet your electrical needs. You can then combine the PV panels in a series, which is called an array.

Charge Controller

A charge controller will drastically increase the life of your battery. This unit will protect the batter from being overcharged. When the battery bank is fully charged, the charge controller will interrupt the charging process. Some charge controllers also stop the battery from discharging at night time.

Deep Cycle Battery

This is the type of battery you should use in your system. This is what will store all of the energy produced by your PV panels. A great source of free deep cycle batteries from is old golf carts of forklifts.


The inverter is what turns the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). AC is what most of your household appliances use.

Using these four simple parts you can make enough electricity to run your household appliances off of and rid yourself of that annoying electric bill.


ChoeTech Solar Panel and Power Bank – Backup Battery

The CHOETECH 19W Solar Panel coupled with their 15,600 mAh Power Bank gives you a solid way to charge all your USB devices in an off grid or grid down scenario. Both feature advanced features designed make sure your stuff stays charged in the field.

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DIY SOGO Solar Panel Mobile Charger 6V Urdu, Hindi

Dear viewers today i bring video about a Test and Review of SOGO Solar Panel Mobile Charging Device. This Solar Panel is 6V 3W . Easily you can charge mobile without electricity. Very Easy to make at home. Watch this video till end. Very informative video for all. Thanks to watch.

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