Free Energy Scooter: Ambient Energy Accessed By Charging Parallel Batteries With Series Batteries 🔋

Thomas Bearden (See Link Below) understands and teaches that all circuits are tapping into the energy of the vacuum (which Thomas Bearden Explains Powers Every Atom And Molecule Of Everything We Know, And Are), Source Energy, Zero Point Energy, and furthermore explains in his videos that it is the way we wire a circuit, which permits what is often refered to as over unity.

Getting more energy out than is put in, is not a free lunch, it’s more like “all you can eat”, which means, put a little energy in, and get a lot of energy out. Rick Friedrich (See Link Below) documents his understanding of this concept by explaining in his videos, that we can have two fully charged twelve volt batteries wired in series, running a load (free of charge) and charging two twelve volt batteries wired in parallel. In this wiring configuration, the load (We are using a 24V 500 Watt DC Brushed Motor) runs or is powered by energy from the vacuum, and the energy that transfers from one set of batteries to the other, is almost entirely transferred to the other set of batteries – by switching each set of batteries from series to parallel (series being the input set, and parallel being the charging set) the charge in the batteries can be transferred back and forth multiple times, between battery sets (the set wired in series to the set wired in parallel). Please confirm with Rick Friedrich on his YouTube channel how the circuit works, I’m just now in the beginning stages of learning 🙂

By splitting the positive wire, or connecting the positive wire from the two 12 volt batteries that are wired in series, to the load, then connecting the 2 drained batteries (wired in parallel) positive wire, to the load (called splitting the positive) then connecting the negative wire of the fully charged series batteries, to the negative wire of the parallel (drained/empty) batteries. This wiring configuration allows energy from the vacuum to power the load (in this video we use a 24Volt 500 Watt Brushed DC Motor) and transfer almost all of the energy from the series set of batteries to the parallel set of batteries. This circuit is the most efficient means of powering any load, that I’ve study thus far. Special thanks to Rick Friedrich for teaching the world how to make less pollution 🙂

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We are sharing our journey of learning to reduce smog, and we are also teaching ourselves how to build an electric scooter with a range extender. It’s an exciting journey and we enjoy sharing our experience of learning. Have a great day 🙂

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Parallel Charging Batteries

What is parallel charging? Glad you asked! Chad and Steele will try to stay focused long enough to answer that question.

Power supply HP DPS-1200FB

Setting up the HP DPS-1200FB power supply

iCharger 406 Duo


Batteries and Safety

Soldering Battery Connectors

The Battery Bunker

LiPo cells can be damaged easily. This means that overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, short circuit, crush and nail penetration may all result in a catastrophic failure, including the pouch rupturing, the electrolyte leaking, and fire.

All cells expand at high levels of state of charge (SOC) or over-charge, due to slight vaporisation of the electrolyte. This may result in delamination, and thus bad contact of the internal layers of the cell, which in turn brings diminished reliability and overall cycle life of the cell. This is very noticeable for LiPos, which can visibly inflate due to lack of a hard case to contain their expansion.

Most LiPos lack integrated safety devices such as a current interrupting device (CID) or a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) material that is able to protect against an over-current or an over-temperature. So be careful!

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Eflite 2S UMX Lipo Battery Charging and Parallel Charging Help

Eflite 2S UMX Lipo Battery Charging and Parallel Charging Help

300mAh 2S 35-70C Nano-Tech Battery –
180mAh 2S 20C Kinexsis Battery –

Option A – Here’s the MINIMUM you’ll need to get an Eflite Lipo charged (Opt B and Opt C are better ways to do it. See below)
Celectra 2S 300mAh Charger –
12VDC @ 1.5A AC Adapter –

Option B – I’d get this if I were trying to do it on the cheap…
Simple & Cheap 2S/3S Charger –
Parallel Charger Cable for Eflite 2S Lipos –

Option C – THIS IS THE WAY I DO IT (which is the BEST option)…
Balance Charger 1S-6S –
JST-PH X 6 Balance Charger Cable –
(Optional) Parallel Charger Board –

(Links are for similar or currently available items, and not necessarily exact items seen in the video, but have similar specs)

Help support my channel – Buy from links below!!!

DX20 –
DX18 –
DX9 –
DX8 –
DX6 –
DX6E –

300mAh 2S 35-70C Nano-Tech Battery –
180mAh 2S 20C Kinexsis Battery –

Balance Charger –
Parallel Charger Board –
Parallel Charger Cable for Eflite 2S Lipos –
Simple & Cheap 2S/3S Charger –
Voltage Alarm 1-8S Lipo –

Lemon-Rx 7Ch DSMX Rx w/ Stabilizer + Diversity Antenna –
Lemon-Rx 7Ch DSMX Rx w/ Stabilizer + Satellite –
Lemon RX DSMP/X 7Ch Rx w/ Stabilizer PLUS + Diversity Antenna (End-Pin) LM0044 –
Lemon Rx DSMX 6Ch Rx (no stabilizer) –

Kicker BSI –
CA Medium NOT Foam Safe BSI –
CA Medium Foam Safe BSI –
CA Thin Foam Safe BSI –
Torch –
Propane Can –
Nail Polish Remover for CA Cleanup –
Metric and Standard Ruler Set –
LED Kit –

Wind sock –
Wind sock pole –

Planes I Have (or have reviewed, flown, etc)…
Cirrus SR22T 1.5m –
Timber 1.5m –
Timber UMX –
Aero Commander UMX –
Cessna 182 UMX –
P-51D Blondie 1.2m –
P-51D BL UMX –
P-47D Razorback 1.2m –
P-47D BL UMX –
F4U-4 Corsair 1.2m –
J-3 Cub UMX –
F4U-4 Corsair 1.2m –
T-28B Trojan 1.2m –
Super Cub BNF 1.1m –
Super Cub RTF 1.1m –
Sport Cub 1.1m –
Sport Cub S UMX RTF –
Delta Ray BNF –
Delta Ray RTF –
Pulse 15e PNF –
Duet RTF –
Inum RTF –
Inum Eliet RTF –
Inductrix BNF –
Inductrix RTF –

EZIO 1500 EP Glider –
ASW28 Volantex 2.56m –
Sunbird 1.6m Glider KIT –
Hawkeye Hand Launch Glider –

Hobbyking –

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Lipo Battery Charging Myths: Parallel Charging – Fast Balance Charging

How to Fast Charge your batteries without damaging them..

You can jump to specific part of the video:
Intro 00:00
Parallel Charging: 00:22
Balanced Fast Charge: 00:52
Battery Charge Rate: 01:50
How to Fast Charge: 02:45
Wrong way to Fast Charge: 03:37
Why to balance the cells: 04:35
Battery Supported Rate: 07:12
Balance charging Rates: 08:08
Fast Charge Times per C: 08:42
Fast Charge example: 09:41
How to know your battery max charge rate: 11:03
5C charing rate example: 11:48
Final notes: 13:00


How to FPV (Part 7) LiPo Battery CHARGING | Is Parallel Charging DANGEROUS ???!

In the Video I dive into the bowels of charging LiPo Batteries, we talk about common issues that result in FIRES and PARALLEL charging! how it can be done SAFELY.

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– FC –
– ESC –
– Props –
– FPV Cam (camera tilt 25°) –
– FPV Cam Lens –
– Video transmitting antenna –
– Video Transmitter 800mW –
– 4S Battery –
– 6S Battery –
– Old HD camera –
– Better HD camera –
– Old cam Lens protector MUST HAVE! –
– New cam Lens protector MUST HAVE! –
– ALL UP WEIGHT – 588g –

_ Packing Gear _
Back Pack –
GoPro carry case –

_ Radio Gear _
– Radio –
– Radio Transmitter (long range) –
– Radio Receiver –

_ Goggles _
– FPV Goggles-
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– FPV Receiving antenna (omni) –
– FPV Receiving antenna (patch) –
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_ Battery Charging Setup _
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– Parallel Charging Board –
– Battery Checker –

_Stabilized Camera Drones_
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_ Tools/parts _
– Prop Ratcheting Wrench –
– Tool Kit –
– Hex tool kit –
– Field Soldering Iron (literally, best thing I have ever purchased)
– Soldering Iron Cable (need) –
– Solder –
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– Heat Shrink -
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– USB field charger –
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Can you mix different sizes of battery is one of the most common questions I see about parallel charging. The answer is, yes! I’ll tell you why.

If you’re interested in parallel charging, I made the best parallel charge board you can buy. WHY IS IT THE BEST PARALLEL CHARGE BOARD IN EXISTENCE?



How To Connect 6 Volt Batteries in SERIES and PARALLEL for SOLAR

Create a 450 Amp Hour 12 volt battery bank using four 6 volt deep cycle batteries for your off-grid solar-powered RV, camper, tiny house, van, or boat. Links to batteries and cables are listed below.



225 Ah 6 Volt AGM BATTERIES (on Amazon): (individual battery) (pack of 4 that I installed)

1/0 AWG BATTERY CABLES (on Amazon)
6″ Red Cable –
6″ Black Cable –
12″ Red Cable –
12″ Black Cable –

I upgraded my RV’s 12 volt battery bank to 450 amp hours using four 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries ordered from I connected the four 225 Ah 6 volt batteries using a series parallel configuration. Each pair of batteries are connected in series, then the pairs are joined together in parallel. The result is a 12 volt battery bank with plenty of capacity to power an RV or small off-grid tiny home for a couple days depending on your needs.

Link to full article:


CONNECTING IN SERIES (two 6 volt batteries)
(HOW) Connect positive terminal on battery A to negative terminal on battery B.
(RESULT) Output Voltage is added together (12 volts total). Amp Hours remain the same.

CONNECTING BATTERIES in PARALLEL (two 12 volt battery pairs)
(HOW) Connect positive output terminal on battery pair A to positive on battery pair B. Connect negative terminal on battery pair B to negative terminal on battery pair B.
(RESULT) Output voltage remains the same (12V) and Amp Hours are added together (doubled)


This video addresses these topics:
How to connect six volt batteries
Wiring 6 volt batteries in series and parallel
How to hook up 4 6 volt batteries for 12 volts
6 volt batteries for RV trailer

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MPP Solar Hybrid Inverter/Charger PIP5048MG How to Connect Parallel Sensing Cable & Communication

how to connect mpp solar pip parallel sensing and communication cable


DeWALT DCB1800 1800 Watt Portable Power Station and Parallel Battery Charger

Gas inverters are a thing of the past with the new DeWALT dcb1800 powerstation. it is basically a silent generator, you can run it indoors. Visit us on the net:
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Easy to Follow First AGM Battery Bank Parallel Configuration 2 qty 12V 35 AH VMAXTanks AGM Batteries

This video will show you how to connect two VMAXTANKS 12 volts 35 AH AGM Batteries using Parallel Configuration with charging cables. I also wired charging cables to the batteries. This video will also show you how to charge multiple batteries using one charger or maintainer. After wiring the batteries using the parallel configuration, the charger, as far as it can detect, it will treat your batteries as one unit. The catch… get the appropriate amperage for the charger you can afford for fast efficient charging. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendation. VMaxTanks recommends a 3 amps to 7 amps chargers – DO NOT Exceed 7 amps.
I got the 5 amps Model 1205 VMTanks Smart Charger. This smart charger falls between better and best (based on AH). Smart Charger 1207 is marked “best” for 45ah to 75ah

Parallel Configuration keeps the batteries’ voltage at 12 volts but doubles amp hours (two identical battery configuration). These VMTanks AGM Batteries will be used as a power source for my new Newport Vessel 55 trolling motor.
My first AGM Battery Bank 2 qty 12V 35 ah VMAXTanks Deep Cycle AGM joined using parallel configuration
With 2 qty of 12v 35ah joined using parallel configuration, I ended up with 12 volts 70 ah

Application: These VMTanks Batteries will be used for my 55 lbs Trolling Motor and as a backup power source for my travel trailer.
While in the trailer, the charger will be charge using the smart chargers connected to AC power in my travel trailer.