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Can you mix different sizes of battery is one of the most common questions I see about parallel charging. The answer is, yes! I’ll tell you why.

If you’re interested in parallel charging, I made the best parallel charge board you can buy. WHY IS IT THE BEST PARALLEL CHARGE BOARD IN EXISTENCE?



How To Connect 6 Volt Batteries in SERIES and PARALLEL for SOLAR

Create a 450 Amp Hour 12 volt battery bank using four 6 volt deep cycle batteries for your off-grid solar-powered RV, camper, tiny house, van, or boat. Links to batteries and cables are listed below.



225 Ah 6 Volt AGM BATTERIES (on Amazon): (individual battery) (pack of 4 that I installed)

1/0 AWG BATTERY CABLES (on Amazon)
6″ Red Cable –
6″ Black Cable –
12″ Red Cable –
12″ Black Cable –

I upgraded my RV’s 12 volt battery bank to 450 amp hours using four 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries ordered from I connected the four 225 Ah 6 volt batteries using a series parallel configuration. Each pair of batteries are connected in series, then the pairs are joined together in parallel. The result is a 12 volt battery bank with plenty of capacity to power an RV or small off-grid tiny home for a couple days depending on your needs.

Link to full article:


CONNECTING IN SERIES (two 6 volt batteries)
(HOW) Connect positive terminal on battery A to negative terminal on battery B.
(RESULT) Output Voltage is added together (12 volts total). Amp Hours remain the same.

CONNECTING BATTERIES in PARALLEL (two 12 volt battery pairs)
(HOW) Connect positive output terminal on battery pair A to positive on battery pair B. Connect negative terminal on battery pair B to negative terminal on battery pair B.
(RESULT) Output voltage remains the same (12V) and Amp Hours are added together (doubled)


This video addresses these topics:
How to connect six volt batteries
Wiring 6 volt batteries in series and parallel
How to hook up 4 6 volt batteries for 12 volts
6 volt batteries for RV trailer

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MPP Solar Hybrid Inverter/Charger PIP5048MG How to Connect Parallel Sensing Cable & Communication

how to connect mpp solar pip parallel sensing and communication cable


DeWALT DCB1800 1800 Watt Portable Power Station and Parallel Battery Charger

Gas inverters are a thing of the past with the new DeWALT dcb1800 powerstation. it is basically a silent generator, you can run it indoors. Visit us on the net:
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Easy to Follow First AGM Battery Bank Parallel Configuration 2 qty 12V 35 AH VMAXTanks AGM Batteries

This video will show you how to connect two VMAXTANKS 12 volts 35 AH AGM Batteries using Parallel Configuration with charging cables. I also wired charging cables to the batteries. This video will also show you how to charge multiple batteries using one charger or maintainer. After wiring the batteries using the parallel configuration, the charger, as far as it can detect, it will treat your batteries as one unit. The catch… get the appropriate amperage for the charger you can afford for fast efficient charging. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendation. VMaxTanks recommends a 3 amps to 7 amps chargers – DO NOT Exceed 7 amps.
I got the 5 amps Model 1205 VMTanks Smart Charger. This smart charger falls between better and best (based on AH). Smart Charger 1207 is marked “best” for 45ah to 75ah

Parallel Configuration keeps the batteries’ voltage at 12 volts but doubles amp hours (two identical battery configuration). These VMTanks AGM Batteries will be used as a power source for my new Newport Vessel 55 trolling motor.
My first AGM Battery Bank 2 qty 12V 35 ah VMAXTanks Deep Cycle AGM joined using parallel configuration
With 2 qty of 12v 35ah joined using parallel configuration, I ended up with 12 volts 70 ah

Application: These VMTanks Batteries will be used for my 55 lbs Trolling Motor and as a backup power source for my travel trailer.
While in the trailer, the charger will be charge using the smart chargers connected to AC power in my travel trailer.


ISDT D2 Two Channel Charger With ISDT Safe Parallel Charging Boards

Wade turned me on to ISDT and there is no looking back. Covers All My 2S And 3S Charging Needs Figure my “current” setup (thats a charging joke) will serve me well for many seasons. A great way to prolong battery life and get the most out of them is with a “smart” charger like this one. Parallel charging can be sketchy so a safer system is always a no brainer for me cause I gotz no brain. LOL. Be Safe. Use Quality Chargers and Batts.


“90mm Graf Perlchen” FPV HighEnd Racer ★Parallel Charging; LED-Strip & FC-Entkoppelung★

Man mag es kaum glauben, denn ich sagte im letzten Tuning-Teil dass ich evt. noch ein Video zum Graf Perlchen nachschieben werde. Denn ich hatte fast versprochen das ich die FC-Entkoppelung mittels 4 Rubber Vibration Damping Screws und den Einbau eines 2818B LED-Strips zeigen werde. Und das tue ich hiermit, wobei ich bei den LED-Strip auf unerwartete Probleme gestossen bin, bei denen ich nun die Hilfe von Euch benötige. Auch zeige ich auch was Ihr beim Einsatz des G.T. Power 8fach parallel Chargers von G.T. Power zwingend beachten müsst. Hiermit habe ich nun mein Versprechen eingelöst und das Graf Perlchen ist nun wirklich komplett (durchoptimiert). Wie auch in diesem Video versprochen, die Kleinteile-Links der Dinge welche ich im Video gezeigt habe (Achtung, die Liste wird lang also auf MEHR ANZEIGEN klicken):

Hier die Links der im Video oben gezeigten und bestellten Teile:

-Matek System 4 Stück M2*5+4 M2 Rubber Vibration Damping Screws:
-20 Stück Exuav 5mm Rubber Dumping Washer for F3 F4 Flight Controller:
-10 Pairs Racestar 2035 50mm 4 Blade Propeller BLACK:
-G.T.Power 2-3S Parallel Charging Board JST Plug for IMAX B6(AC):
-Battery Voltage Tester Buzzer Alarm For 1S-8S Lipo Battery:
-Super Mini WS2812B RGB5050 Color LED Strip for F3 F4 Flight Controller:
============Preiswert die 3 Minicube Komponten einzeln bestellen====================
Sollte der Eachine Minicube F4 OSD nicht verfügbar sein, kann man wie im Video gezeigt
auch alle Komponenten einzeln (dann sogar noch günstiger) mit stärkeren ESC bestellen:
-Eachine Minicube F4 Flight Controller Betaflight OSD 2-4S:
-Eachine Minicube Frsky Compatible 2.4G 8CH Receiver:
-Hakrc 20x20mm 15A Blheli_S BB2 2-4S Dshot 4 In 1 ESC:

Hier noch die in obigen Video gezeigten Komponenten für den Bau des Graf Perlchen 90mm FPV–HighEnd Racers:

-Happymodel Toad90 Carbon FPV Racing Frame-Kit:
-Eachine Minicube F4 OSD; BlHeli_s 10A:
-4 Racestar Racing Edition BR1103 10000kv 1-3s Motoren:
-Eachine VTX03 SuperMini 72Ch 25;50&200mW FPV Transmitter:
-600 TVL 1/4″ 1,8mm CMOS FPV 170 Deg. Wide Angle Camera:
-10 Pairs Racestar 2035 50mm 4 Blade Propeller:
-4 PCS Eachine Propeller Guards for 1103 Motors:
-AMASS JST Plug Connector; Charging Plug 30cm:
-AMASS JST Parallel Line Ext. Cable 10cm:
-Zippy Compact 500mAh JST 2S 35/45c Lipo-Pack:
-Zippy Compact 500mAh JST 3S 35/45c Lipo-Pack:


DIY 80x 18650 Fused Parallel Charger in Use Part 3

This is the DIY 80x 18650 Fused Parallel Charger in Use. Checkout Part 1 for the build.


Deans T Plug Male & Female Connectors:
Black Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment:
20pcs – 4 x 18650 Battery Holder:
100pcs M3x12mm Flat Head Stainless Steel 304 Hex Socket Screw:
100pcs M3 304 Stainless Steel 304 Hex Nuts:
40pcs Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet:

Fuse bus – House single core copper wire
Fuses – Mains copper wire
Connectors – Computer power supply wire
Acrylic sheet – 460mm x 320mm x 6mm (L x W x H)

UNI-T UT39A Digital Multimeter:
DC-DC 38V Digital Step-up Step-down Module Boost Buck Converter:
A3 PVC Cutting Mat:
Diagonal Pliers:
Black Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment:
Solder Wire 60/40 0.7mm:
Youyue 8586 SMD Soldering Rework Station:
Wire Strippers:


Xantrex TRUECharge2 Battery Chargers – New Generation

The new generation Xantrex TRUECharge2 battery chargers are now equipped with parallel stacking feature which enables two chargers of either 12V or 24V configuration to work in synergy to provide up-to twice the rated output. All models feature universal AC voltage range which means that they can be used in any part of the world. Available in four 12V models: 10A, 20A, 40A and 60A and three 24V models: 10A, 20A and 30A. All models with the exception of 12V/10A model are stackable and use the same remote panel.


QUICK START: DEWALT Portable Power Station™ and Parallel Battery Charger

The 1800 Watt Portable Power Station™ and Parallel Battery Charger offers the quiet alternative to a gas generator. Four 20V MAX* batteries in, 15 amps out. Portable power when you need it on the jobsite or wherever life takes you.

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