Will The New Intel Braswell Chip Give Us Cheaper PCs And Tablets?

If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed many of the gadgets and gizmos hitting the marketplace and your waiting hands, have become much smaller in recent years. And for the most part, these devices have also become much cheaper. Our need for these small, sleek, powerful laptops and tablets has become so insatiable there must be a hidden gene in our DNA just waiting to be discovered – one that drives our desire for these handy gadgets.

All kidding side, there's no denying the fact that our computer devices have become smaller and for the most part, cheaper. That trend will no doubt continue in the near future, especially with the introduction of new mobile platforms from chip makers like Intel. The latest of these platforms from Intel is called Braswell and it will replace Bay Trail in many entry-level computing products / devices coming onto the market very soon.

These are the so-dubbed "system-on-a-chip" (SoC) platforms which make all of these smaller devices possible. While Bay Trail was built on / around the 22nm manufacturing process, Braswell (along with its more powerful Broadwell cousin) will be built on a 14nm process or architecture. Not to get too technical, all this simply means more shrinkage, with much better power efficiency and performance for budget level desks, laptops and tablets.

On the horizon, one can expect more Chromebooks (devices that run Google Chrome OS & usually priced under $ 400 or less) to incorporate these new Braswell chips along with Intel's improved Iris graphics technology. Even with Android and Windows-based devices, Intel promises platforms / chips that have a lesser number of components in them and, therefore, cheaper to manufacture.

Can this possibly mean cheaper PCs and tablets for everyone?

In recent years, laptop and tablet prices have declined greatly, but with the introduction / release of the new Intel Braswell chip – will we be able to buy a high-quality tablet for $ 99 or less? How about a high-performance PC for $ 300 or even $ 500?

No doubt, these devices will probably be level-entry PCs and tablets (especially at the cheapest prices), but one can not help but wonder if these new chips will also deliver more powerful systems at more affordable prices for the mass market. Can these cheaper quad-core 64-bit Bay Trail and new Braswell processors make tablets and PCs more affordable for everyone in the near future? The answer is leaning heavily towards the "yes" column and genetics.


Computer Accessories For Tablet PCs

All computers, no matter their use and functionality require some extra add-ons to make them user- friendly and enjoyable. In simple terms, these accessories modify a computer's utility. Use of add-ons makes work on the computer simple and enjoyable. This ease of use is thought about by the increased functionality adapted from using adornments. The common attachments in today's market are keyboards, mice, scanners, monitors amongst other add-ons.

Computer accessories augment the experience one gets from using his or her computer. Computers of today are more functional and have increased capabilities. This is as a result of technology advancement that has taken place in the past two decades.

The acceptance of tablet PCs bought about some additional components in the computer market. Slate and touchscreen tablets do not come with in-built keyboards. However, one can choose to buy an accessory keyboard and attach it. Computer manufactures provide accessory keyboards and mice for their touch tablets and slates.

Although there are some in-built computer accessories in some PCs, they are not of the required standards. More often than not, in-built accessories do not perform their required tasks to the expected levels. This is the reason why most computer users go out to buy additional accessories. In-built speakers often produce poor sound qualities, and this may force one to go buy better speakers.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing computer accessories.

When going out to buy accessories one should always choose accessories that go with devices that they have. The best option of buying accessories is from the manufacturer of the computer.

Before you go out buying computer attachments from the Internet, you should consider some important factors. You should first conduct a thorough research to see the websites that offer the best prices and quality accessories. In some cases, one can buy a substandard accessory that can even spoil a computer. There are some retail stores that deal in accessories for computers and other devices, but at times, their prices are higher than those online stores and manufacturers. The best option remains to buy add-ons from the manufacturers.

Installation of accessories.

Installing attachments is not a hard task. Most of the additions come with a step by step manual guide for easy and correct installation process. These installation manuals come in the form of CD which provides the steps of installation. One should always read and follow these manuals so as install and use accessories in a correct manner.


How Notebooks are Different than Desktop PCs

Laptops are different from desktops in the following ways;

Power supply: As desktops can be plugged in an outlet in the wall (AC Power) so can laptops with an AC adapter. But how a laptop is different from a desktop is that it is portable because batteries can also power laptops. The batteries are rechargeable; lithium, nickel-cadmium, or nickel-metal hydride.

Display: Also like desktops, laptops have some type of LCD display screen. Modern Laptops have 800 x 600 pixel resolution. This gives it a very clear screen and anything less should be avoided.

Input Devices: On a desktop computer you usually use a mouse and keyboard to enter data and navigate. With laptops keyboards are built in but since they are portable so they don’t have a mouse. Instead they have one of three input devices in place of the mouse. A trackball, rotating the ball allows you to move the cursor. A trackpoint allows you to push your finger over the point to move the cursor. Lastly, a laptop may have a touchpad that you move your finger across to move the cursor.

Docking Connections: Many laptops come with a docking connection to make it more comfortable to use at a desk. You just plug your laptop in and use it as a desktop. The docking station comes with many peripheral devices: full size computer monitor, full size keyboard and mouse, disk drives and printer.

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Tablet PCs – The Future

Are you into technology? Are you even more into small gadgets with built in the latest state of the art technology? Well then you are going to love the tablet PC. This is a notebook that is the same size as a paper tablet. With the tablet PC; you are given the chance to make your computing experience one of the easiest ones.

It comes with a touch screen which means that you may never have to struggle with keypads ever again. With the high resolution digital monitor, you operate the computer with a digital pen rather than a mouse or keyboard.

There are two formats that come with the PC. You get the convertible model and the slate model. With the convertible one, you get the chance to use the gadget with a 180 degree rotation which makes it easier to use and also very friendly.

The slate one is only a screen and a pen which makes it very easy to carry it around when in the middle of a conference or meeting that requires a computer. These computers are manufactured by various companies and that makes it easy for you to find the best one for a good price.

Unlike other gadgets that come with a touch screen, this one is very convenient. This is so because you can rest your hand on the screen without affecting the images. This is so because the images on the screen can only be affected by the digital pen which has a magnet at the tip.

At first, it was really difficult to find the tablet pc and the tablet laptop. Tablet laptop was only used in medical research and was not available to the public. All that changed when they were introduced to the public on the year 2002. Now they are everywhere and are being considered the future of computer.

There are many things about the PC that have improved over the year and it is easier to use than it was before. For one, the battery life has been increased which means that you can operate the gadget for a longer period of time without having to worry about the power going out.

The Centrino technology has also improved and you can now write on the screen the same way you would on a piece of paper. The alternative of this would be to carry a laptop to the office or class which can waste your time turning on and it's also heavier than this one.

Compared to other types of notebooks, this PC is very light and you will never have a hard time carrying it around. In fact, the whole thing weighs 3 pounds which is very light. You get the chance to use it in landscape mode and also portrait. This makes it easy for you to operate comfortably.

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Microsoft Patent Filing Hints At Wireless Charging For Future Surface PCs

Microsoft filed for a patent for its battery charging solution with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Digital Trends says Microsoft described smart, multiple battery modules device. The battery management controller will be able to determine the charging configuration signal. And each module can rely on wireless charging.

Microsoft’s charging technique could be used on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or in devices.

It’s unclear if and when Microsoft intends on commercializing its invention.


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Are Macs Better Than PCs? 5 Reasons Why They Are

If you're a PC user thinking of making the crossover to Apple, you may have asked yourself more than once, "but are Macs really better than PCs?" The simple answer: yes, they are. Mac computers are faster, have better graphics, and are easier to use. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose to buy a Mac instead of a PC for your next computer.

  1. Macs are more powerful. The government determinates whether or not a machine is categorized as a "super-computer" by its MTOPS (Millions of Theoretical Operations Per Second). The low-end Mac computer reviewed 17,917 while the low-end 14,994. Even more impressively, the top Mac scored 60,750 compared to a measly 32,000 by the top PC.
  2. Macs are lighter and sleeker. The actual hardware components in a Mac are more efficient and compact than those in a PC, making Macs much, much lighter.
  3. Macs have better applications. The software installed on a Mac is by far superior to that of a PC. It's so much easier (and more fun) to organize your photos with iPhoto, you can create home videos in a matter of minutes using iMovie, and you can even create your own music using GarageBand. And these apps are including in your Mac, right from the start! If you're into photography or graphic design, the software you can use on your Mac blows any PC programs right out of the park.
  4. Macs have a longer battery life. The new MacBooks have a redesigned battery, that can last up to 9 hours on a single charge! Never has a PC laptop been known to last more than 3 hours unplugged. This makes working remotely a lot less of a hassle.
  5. Macs are more durable. MacBook Pros are now made from a single piece of machined aluminum, instead of having a bunch of different parts somehow connecting together. This greatly reduces the chance of a part breaking or distorting, resulting in a much tougher laptop.

There you have it, folks, in black and white. Now, when you are asked "are macs better than pcs?", You have 5 great ways to answer that question. All in all, Macs are more powerful and compact machines that have better applications and that are much more durable.

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