Macquarie Shopping Centre Electric Car Charger is tricky to find

There are two ChargePoint Type 1 J1772 chargers located at the Macquarie Shopping Centre carpark. These chargers are difficult to reach as they are ‘hidden’ behind the valet parking area. This video shows you how to get to these chargers (without having to pay for valet).


NRMA Electric Car Charging Network (Oct 2018 Update)

The NRMA is rolling out 40 electric car charging locations across NSW and ACT as part of its Social Dividend Reinvestment Strategy. The plan is set to cost the NRMA $10 million dollars and will account for 95% of road trips taken by NSW and ACT motorists. Each charger will be spaced at most 150km apart on major roadways. The latest location to go online is Mittagong, located at the Mittagong RSL Club carpark. All NRMA chargers are supplied by Australian company Tritium Veefil who have also supplied charging networks across Europe, USA and locally in Australia. Tritium chargers are rapid DC chargers using either ChaDeMo or CCS2.

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NRMA installs charger in Southern Highlands:

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The ProCORE18V cordless series from Bosch Professional – A new dimension of power

The ProCORE18V cordless series represents extraordinary performance, durability and optimised temperature management.

The ProCORE18V batteries with 4.0 Ah, 8.0 Ah and 12.0 Ah guarantee the perfect battery for every application. Of course all ProCORE18V batteries are fully compatible with other devices within the Bosch Professional 18 volt system.

Your advantages at a glance:

1) The ProCORE18V range’s performance:
Especially demanding applications are no problem for our new cordless series.
A new cell (21700 instead of 18650), increased power density, a new welding process and significantly reduced internal resistance enable a new dimension of power!

2) The heat dissipation and durability of the ProCORE18V range:
COOLPACK 2.0 technology: Extremely high temperatures can be the death of rechargeable batteries. We make sure that our batteries live longer: Thanks to the revolutionary COOLPACK 2.0 technology, ProCORE18V batteries dissipate heat quickly.

3) The ProCORE18V range’s compatibility:
All Bosch Professional power tools, batteries and chargers within the same volt class are 100% compatible. Never fear, your battery will always work!

Power 1:14
Longevity 5:45
Compatibility 7:46
ProCORE18V series 8:41

You can find more information here:
It’s in your hands. Bosch Professional.


energizer 1hour battery charger fast-charging P/2

Energizer fast-charging after a year. still as good as new.


Keep Your Dell Laptop Battery Running at Optimal Performance

Your Dell laptop needs a top-notch Dell laptop battery replacement that offers you access to the optimum quality mobile power available to boost the run-time. Run-time is basically how long your charge lasts. Every laptop battery manufacturer is using the different quality and standards. Generally speaking, a battery pack is a storage container for power that you can use in the mobile environment and enjoy being free! If you take care of it and follow the helpful tips provided below, you will not find yourself being frustrated like many other people are.

A major element in protecting your Dell battery is temperature. Never ever use or keep the battery in excessive conditions. For example, you should avoid leaving it in hot places like your car. On almost all laptop computers the vents where air can move across to keep it from heating up. If you are working on your computer on a soft surface such as carpet or a bed, air is unable to pass through and you may hear the vents turn on and your fans will be running all day drawing precious power from the battery. If you want to squeeze the most juice out of your laptop's battery, find a hard, flat surface to use your computer to keep the fans running at a minimum.

While purchasing a Dell notebook computer that you anticipated just the best. But what makes a good battery pack?

The good battery back uses the highest quality cells from the leading cell manufacturers to guarantee maximum capacity and service life. The protection circuit module is added to protect against over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit.

Find Dell laptop battery in a reputable store like In many cases you may find that the good battery will out last the original that came with your computer because of the highest capacity cells, of course, at a much affordable price.


Galaxy Watch Battery Life Performance Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Battery Life Performance Review. A quick review of how the battery life of the first full charge of the smartwatch behaved.


Attitude and Peak Performance – Part 1

Many people wrongly assume that if they have the skills required to do the job, their attitude makes little or no difference. I look at someone with great ability and a bad attitude the same way I look at a Ferrari without any gas; it may look great and be full of potential, but without gas, it is not going anywhere. Attitude is what fuels peak performance in all fields.

The skills you possess, whether it is athletic ability, a medical degree, or a Ph.D., are just your ticket into the arena. What keeps you in the arena and determines how successful you will ultimately become in that arena is your productivity, and that is determined by your attitude.

The NFL Draft starts today and although the NFL has gotten much better at evaluating more than just the physical side of players, there is still a lot of room for improvement. I say this because when I ask a coach or other team representative about a player, the first thing out of their mouth is still always about their physical ability. For example, if it is a quarterback they will say something like “he can make all the throws.” My first thought is, that tells me nothing about his likelihood of success and is near the minimum of my expectations. I want a guy who won’t be satisfied with anything less than a championship.

In the 1980’s Delta airlines had one of the worst slogans ever in my humble opinion: “Delta gets you there.” That expressed an attitude of “We just do the minimum.” Would Delta be in business if they didn’t get you there? That’s like Nike having the slogan ‘We have shoes you can wear.’ Instead Nike went with “Just Do It” and that attitude of accomplishing things inspired the company to greater heights.

There’s a saying most football coaches know that illustrates the importance of attitude: “He looks like Tarzan, but plays like Jane.” Many athletes look imposing getting off the bus, but have poor attitudes that keep them from fulfilling their potential. The same is true of people who look good on paper. I always say ‘Credentials do not produce things, people and their actions do.’

I want to work with people who have their greatest accomplishments in their future, not their past. I don’t want people who can show me what they have done, I want people who can’t wait to show me (and the world) what they can do.

Who do you think will be more successful, the person who when approached with an idea immediately lists all the reasons it won’t work, or the person who starts suggesting ways to make it happen? Nearly everything that makes our lives easier are things that at first glance people said would never be possible.

A bad attitude can poison the entire well, so don’t fall for impressive credentials or striking physical stature alone. Take the person with desire over credentials or physical stature every-time. If you work at it you may even find the rarest of individuals, those who have desire along with credentials and physical prowess as well.


LED Fault Codes on Eagle Performance Series Battery Chargers

This video outlines LED fault code sequences that you may see on your Eagle Performance Series Battery Charger.

Please visit for more information on all of our charging products! Further technical support on Pro Charging Systems and the DualPro™ Series, Eagle Performance Series and the intuitive new DeltaVolt™ Technology is available via phone M-F, 8-5 CST toll-free at 1-800-742-2740, or via email at:


Boosting Your 125cc Pit Bike’s Performance

There are several ways where you can acquire the maximum performance of your 125cc pit bike. Most motorcycle enthusiasts use several techniques when they break-in their new pit bike. Others just go with simple upgrades for their bike while hardcore racers do a maximum upgrade of their bike to take their bikes performance to maximum heights. This is a crucial step for professional racers so that they can compete against the ample power and speed of their opponent. Here are some simple and some major ways of boosting your 125cc pit bikes performance level.

When you want to acquire the maximum performance of your 125cc pit bike, then start at the beginning. After you purchase your bike it is very important that you break it in. This is so your bike will not easily break down after a few months of use and so that you can get your bikes maximum performance.

There are two ways of breaking in your bike. There’s the “Heat Cycling” method where you put your bike in neutral gear and let your engine run idle for 10 minutes until your engine heats up. Then turn your engine off and let it cool then do it again for another 10 minutes. Do this three to four times then ride your bike and let your gas run out. After that fill her up again and you’re ready to go. The other one is breaking in your pit bike at the track. Before riding your bike onto the track, put it in neutral first and let it run idle for five minutes or until the engine heats up a bit. After that you can ride it on the track but go at a very slow pace. Increase your speed just a little bit after the first lap then a little bit more after the second lap. Then ride it until it runs out of gas, fill it up again and your bike is good to go.

Enthusiasts boost their 125cc pit bike’s performance by utilizing the break in techniques. Others however upgrade some parts of the bike just so they can add a little bit more horsepower to their bike. Some install air filters and others has a certain type of mix for their oil so that they can have a better burn at the engine.

Professional racers on the other hand already have a bike prepared for them that offers more than enough performance boost so that they are able to compete with their opponents on the track with ease. Their bikes already had a break in and already underwent a rigorous upgrade by their mechanic. Changing parts inside the bikes engine and upgrading parts that will boost the power of the vehicle. They would most likely install a bore up kit, change the oil with their own mixture, install better shock absorbers, change the carburetor, and install an air filter. These are considered as major upgrades but are also called competition grade bikes. Bikes that are suitable for professional pit bike racers.


Mustang Battery Tender Battery Charger 1965-2014

Every Battery Tender Battery Charger® uses a programmed microprocessor that will correctly charge a battery, and then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode when the charge is complete. This Battery Tender Plus, for all year Mustangs, is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers.

Battery Tender Battery Charger 12V Junior:

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