Plant 1, Sicon Chat Union CCS CHAdeMO EV Charger, Modular UPS

Sicon Chat Union Electric Co., Ltd. reported by Shijiazhuang News, April 2019.

Sicon Chat Union Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Sicon Electric), is an industry leading electrical and power electronic product designer and manufacturer. Sicon Electric provide complete solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, Energy Storage, UPS& Data Center.
EV Charging Infrastructure portfolio: 50kW CCS2 CHAdeMO AC type2 Fast Charging Station, 100/150kW CCS2 DC Charging Station, 350~500kW High Power Ultra fast Charging Station, DC Charging stack, Power module for DC charger, Power Line Communication modem, GB/T DC Charging Station, AC Charger and Renewable Energy Charging Station.

The Chargers are designed to be durable, reliable, modular and easy to service. It supports the open communication protocol OCPP, and obtained the CE test certificate issued by the TUV SUD test laboratory establishing compliance with IEC-61851 and IEC-62196.

Since 2012, Sicon is leading the e-mobility revolution with charging infrastructure in China and many countries.

We welcome worldwide distributors and partners to join us and write the future together.

Contact Sicon Team,
Sicon Chat Union Electric Co., Ltd.
Bldg.14&15, No. 319, Xiangjiang Street, Hi-Tech Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (050035)
Tel: 86-311-85903762
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