Nimble Portable Chargers & Wireless Charger Unboxing & Hands On

Nimble portable chargers and wireless chargers look awesome, pack in cool features and come from a company that wants to protect the planet while keeping you charged up.


Portable Charger: Safety Power Bank For Your Devices

Portable Charger. Safety Power Bank For Your Devices.

In this video, we have listed the best Portable Chargers. We made this list a based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price, durability, features, customer review and many more things. so, I hope you like this video.

1- RAV Power USB Ports Portable Charger

2- Ainope Dual USB Battery Pack

3- Second Kick Big Power Battery Pack

4- Anker High Capacity Power Bank

5- Besiter Portable Quick Charger

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Aliexpress USB Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger Review – Best Price!

Aliexpress USB Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger Review – – Aliexpress USB Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger


5 Best Portable Solar Power Bank for Laptop & Mobile Phone – Best Quality!

5 Best Portable Solar Power Bank for Laptop & Mobile Phone –
5 Best Portable Solar Power Bank for Laptop & Mobile Phone
Are you looking for solar power bank OR solar charger? Please check the details.

1.ALLPOWERS Solar Power Bank 5V 12V 18V 36W Solar Charger for iPhone iPad Samsung HTC LG Lenovo Hp

2. Solar External Battery Charger Solar Charger for iPhone iPad Macbook Acer Samsung HTC LG Hp ASUS Dell

3. ALLPOWERS Solar External Battery Pack 80W Solar Charger for iPhone iPad Macbook Samsung Sony LG Acer Hp ASUS Dell

4. ALLPOWERS Solar Chargers 60W Solar Laptop Charger & Phone Charger

5. ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Phone Charger Solar Laptop Charger, Solar Car Charger & Solar Phone Charger

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Best Solar Power Bank for Mobile Phone
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5 Best Power Banks On Amazon – Top Portable Power Banks To Buy

5► PISEN 2-in-1 Portable Charger, Wall Charger and 10000mAh Power Bank – External Battery Pack with Foldable Plug Compatible for iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Samsung Galaxy and More
●●Amazon US :
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4► Qi Wireless Charger Power Bank, MOMAX 20000mAh Power Charger QI Wireless Charging Pad External Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S8, iPhone XS MAX/XR/X /8/8 Plus and More
●●Amazon US :

3► Belkin Pocket Power 10,000mAh Durable Ultra Slim Portable Charger / Power Bank / Battery Pack
●●Amazon US :
●●Amazon DE :
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●●Amazon IT :

2► EasyAcc 16750mAh Portable Charger QC Quick Charge USB C Power Bank 5A Dual Input 6A Output Battery Bank for Android, iPhone, Nintento Switch
●●Amazon US :
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●●Amazon FR :
●●Amazon IT :

1► Power Bank, X-DRAGON Slim 15600mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack Dual 2.4A Output (2A Input, Digi-Power Technology and Bright LED) Compatible with Phone X 8 7S Plus, Androids and Tablets
●●Amazon US :
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●●Amazon IT :

0► Best Cheap Power banks
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Kenruipu Power Bank 24000mAh

♦ size: 6.5″ x 3.25″ x 0.75″
♦ weight: 15.7 oz
♦ number of out ports: 4
♦ capacity: 24000 mAh
♦ number of in ports: 2 (mini USB and lightening)
♦ charge indicator: digital display
♦ flashlight: yes
♦ pass through charging: no (i.e. the battery can charge while being charged itself)
♦ cables: 1 charging cable and 1 AC cable

This battery has a large capacity (24000 mAh) and four ports. This capacity and a large number of ports works well for traveling.

One of the things that is important to me is how quickly the battery charges my phone. To test how well the battery performs I use the same phone, at the same level of charge to compare the current draw for each external battery I test. This corrolates to how quickly the battery is charged. This allows me to do a relative comparison of different external batteries. The battery performed at a good rate, even though it was not the absolutely optimal I have seen.

I also tested to see if the battery supports pass-through charging (i.e. whether the battery can charge mobile devices while it is being charged). This battery does supports charge through charging. It continues to charge the phone while the battery is being charged, but does so at slower rate than when the battery is not being charged.

Finally, I check if the cable that came with the battery is a charging cable (i.e. capable of charging at full AC rate) or a data cable (charging the battery at USB rate). The cable that came with camera charges at AC rate.

The battery has a flashlight, but it is quote dim. Never the less it could be helpful in an emergency when you need to light a small area like a keyhole.

Samsung Nexus phone:
port 1: 1.02A/5.06V (excellent comparing the performance of the same device with other chargers)
port 2: 1.00A/5.06V (excellent comparing the performance of the same device with other chargers)
port 3: 1.02A/5.06V (excellent comparing the performance of the same device with other chargers)
port 4: 1.00A/5.06V (excellent comparing the performance of the same device with other chargers)

(for comparison the best charging monitor result for this phone is 1.00A/5V)

You can locate this external battery on Amazon

Ali Julia review



The XTAR PB2 portable charger.

A superb portable 18650 battery charger. Works as a power bank and can carry around very easily.


All videos and tips presented are my own opinions and based on my own experiences. Please do your own research before implementing any technique or buying any product shown in my videos. I buy all the products reviewed on this channel, unless otherwise stated.

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Wireless charging power bank by 5 Elements

Wireless charging power bank by 5 Elements

► 10000 mAh battery capacity
► Can be charged with Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB chargers.
► LED Display
► Quality finish
► BIS certified.


5 Best PowerBanks You Should Check Out in 2018

6 ► 10000mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 Quick Charge 18W External Battery bank for Android and IOS Mobile Phones
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Aliexpress :
●Banggood :
5 ► CHUWI 10050mAh Portable Charger, Quick Charge 3.0 External Battery Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung, iPad ,Android and other Smart Devices
●Amazon :
●Gearbest :
●Banggood :
4 ► Mi Power Bank 2 10000mAh, High Speed Charging Battery Pack w/ Aluminum Metal Case for iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy
●Amazon :
●Geekbuying :
●Banggood :
3 ► Portable Charger RAVPower 22000mAh Power Bank 22000 Battery Pack Charger 5.8A Output 3-Port (2.4A Input, Triple iSmart 2.0 USB Ports
●Amazon :
2 ► 5W 5V Foldable Solar Battery Charger USB Solar Power Panel Bank Pack for Cellphone Black Charger Portable Panel Bank
●Amazon :
●Banggood :
1► Portable Chargers 16750 RAVPower 16750mAh External Battery Pack 4.5A Dual USB Output External Phone Charger Power Pack Power Bank (iSmart 2.0 Tech) for Nintendo Switch
●Amazon :

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REVIEW: 22,000mAh battery & USB camera battery chargers from RAVpower

Rich checks out a solution for portable camera battery charging by using a RAVpower 22,000mAh battery and a USB dual battery charging kit.

During the video he also suggests some ways to simplify how you can keep track of your camera batteries.

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