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Solar Laptop Charger | Solar Powered Laptop Charger | Solar Charge Controller

This is an amazing arduino project for not only engineering college students but also for school students. In this project Laptop can be charged through solar power, we used Two solar plates (12 volt 3W ) for solar charging. A charge controller is also used in this project which automatically cuts the power at the time of full charge of batteries.

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1. Arduino
2. Solar Plate
3. 16×2 LCD
4. Battery ( 6 volt 5Ah)
5. Car Laptop Charger
6. Relay, Transistor and Resistor


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Solar Battery Chargers – Wicked Savings! Solar Powered Battery Charger Charges 4 D, C, AA and AAA.. – Solar Powered Battery Charger Charges 4 D, C, AA and AAA Batteries
Charges 4 batteries at a time. Either AA, AAA, C or D cell rechargable batteries. Comes with USB charging port to charge most cell phones, cameras and other USB devices. . Also has various other charging plugs for charging a variety of electronics. . Weather resistant housing alows for out door use. This model has a blocking diode to prevent reverse power flow at night.

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Review of the all new Ferrex Battery Powered Tool by Aldi


What is up YouTube, this is MoultonRock here with a new video about Ferrex tools from Aldi!

I’ve always been a fan of Aldi tools in the past and I own a number of their tools already.

The only problem is that over the years Aldi has had a number of different tools that are all from different ranges. So the batteries and accessories don’t work together.

Well, today is a new day! I’m very excited to see that Aldi has just released a new range of tools call “Ferrex” – these tools are all built to work together and all run off the same batteries! FINALLY

This is a massive step fowards for Aldi and a hugh cost saver for us customers.

The new range includes a massive stock of tools and I’ve ordered most of them!

I’ve ordered the Ferrex 40v Battery Powered Lawnmower, Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Impact Driver, and Drill! Along with these tools, I’ve ordered a two adaptive 20v / 40v batteries that can be used with both the 20v tools in the range (with a 5.0Ah capacity when used at 20v) and they can be used on 40v tools in the Ferrex range. When used on the 40v tools the batteries these have a capacity of 2.5Ah. I’ve also purchased two chargers to charge these 20v/40v adaptive batteries.

Also in the range, you can pick up an Angle Grinder Multitool and a Chainsaw – however, I have no need for these tools, so I’ve given those two a miss!

I searched online and couldn’t find anything on Youtube about these new tools, so I figured I would help the community and make some videos about them!

I’m expecting my new Ferrex tools to be delivered next week and I’ll be making an unboxing video for each tool, followed by a tutorial for each tool, and finally a few weeks after using the tools for awhile, I’ll be making a product update video to let you all know what I like and dislike about all the tools.

With these videos, I hope you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you should but these new Ferrex tools from Aldi or not. So please make sure you like this video to show me that this topic interests you and please subscribe to my channel (and hit that bell icon) so you get notified when my new videos come out so you can find out loads more about this awesome new tool range!

Get the Ferrex Tools here:
Drill – Currently only £20! –
Impact Driver – Currently only £20! –
Lawn Trimmer (Strimmer) – Currently only £20! –
Lawnmower – Currently only £85! –
Hedge Trimmer – Currently only £25! –
40V Battery – Currently only £30! –
Battery Charger – Currently only £15! –

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All footage of Aldi Ferrex tools used under “Fair Usage” rules to promote their products. No infringement implied or intended as only short clips used with commentary and review.

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Getz paraffin powered battery charger

Battery charger


Do smartphones charge faster powered off VS powered on and VS using while charging

In this video I debunk the claims that say a phone charges faster if you turn the power off. Although the claims are partially true, because if your phone does not support fast charging, or if your USB cable is sub par or if your charger cannot supply the required current chances are your will charge faster when its turned off.
But on these new modern smartphones with powerful fast chargers it does not make a difference if you charge them while using, with screen off or powered off, they charge at a uniform speed.

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Mini Speaker Guide – Enjoy Music on Your iPod With Quality Powered Speakers

You must be tired of listening to those plug-ins connected to your ears. Tendency is if you do this over and over again, you may acquire audit disabilities such as eventual becoming deaf. Try blasting the music and power your iPod with an alternative mini speaker, instead of using headphones or earphones.

There are lists of quality powered speakers which you may like to have. It will give you quality sound. Choose from a top of the range of iPod docking speakers online. Various speakers have different features. Better view the yellow pages of the internet for you to see it yourself.

There is an iPod speaker that is an alarm clock and speaker in one. You may want it. The best thing about this is that you can set a specific time whenever you want to listen to your iPod of FM Radio. Plus, the snooze button feature is so functional and practical, which you can choose to set the length of time for you to listen. Through its 3.5mm input, you can connect it to other audio devices.

You may also consider the outdoor wireless speaker system. As the name of the appliance recommends, it is for your convenience when you decided to take the relaxing music outside your homes. It is all-weather. It is better because it has an iCast transmitter, which is for the benefit and use of your iPod. Another best feature also is that this speaker has a auxiliary output jack, allowing you to connect to other audio devices, such as MP3 players and computers.

There are also mini speakers which are powered by batteries and can be connected to your USB. It is mini and handy.


How to install: Onboard Solar Powered Battery Charger & Tender for Boat or Camper

One of the main problems people can have when they are out on their boat is a dead battery. On open water and in lakes and rivers, you anchor to swim or fish, listening to music, your electronics are running and before you know it, when you turn the key to crank the motor… nothing. Or the night before you get ready to take the boat out, you remember to do everything but plug the boat in and get to the ramp and nothing… trip is ruined… So I decided to install a solar panel and charge controller so the boat batteries will always be charging or topped off and ready to go. Cost of this was about the same as a plug in charger but no electric bill or need to find somewhere to plug it in!


5 Best Solar Mobile Phone Charger 2019 ✪ Top Solar Powered Gadgets

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Featuring the latest solar power bank,best portable generator and portable solar charger.
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Hair Regrowth Now Available Using Low Powered Laser Device

Most people suffering from hair loss carry out intensive research into all the different solutions available to them. They discover that there are both surgical and medical solutions. They may even visit a hair loss clinic and consult with a doctor to see whether hair transplant surgery could help in their fight against losing what is left of their hair. People are now discovering that there is yet another possible solution available for those suffering from the loss of their hair.

There has been a lot of interest in low powered laser devices and their effectiveness in the treatment of thinning hair. Recent research indicates it has a stimulatory effect on the hair follicles. This may make it an effective secondary (ie additional) treatment for hair loss in men and women who suffer from baldness or thinning of their hair. It is also likely to be effective in seasonal increased hair shedding (a moult).

A relatively new device called Lasercap, applies 224 laser lights continuously to the patients scalp in the comfort of your their home. The Lasercap uses rechargeable batteries that recharge in as little as 2 hours. You just plug in the charger into your wall socket and then plug the charger into battery pack with battery pack switch to the 'off' position, then you simply wait until green light appears on the charger and its ready to go! It can be worn under a cap or a hat and is used at your convenience. It's completely portable while you use it. Imagine, being treated for your hair loss while you watch TV, travel to or from your work, or even while you are at work, as long as you are allowed to wear a cap! Your hair loss treatment will continue, unnoticed.

However, the delivery system and dosing is extremely important to the chances of success. It has been shown that it is very important to follow the manufacturer's directions closely in order to see optimum results. The suggested dosage schedules is 15-30 minutes only every second day. Follow their guidelines closely and you could see hair regrowth, and thicker, fuller hair in a reliably short period of time – about 60 days!

You can also use the Lasercap in conjunction with other treatments such as Rogaine (Minoxodil) or Propecia (Finasteride).

The major advantage of this device, when compared to available hand held devices, is that the correct energy level is continuously applied to the scalp. A hand held laser device only applies its energy for a very short period of time if used to the manufacturer's instructions.