Maha Powerex MH-C9000 Multi cell charging and HIGH explanation.

This video is mainly to address a few things I left out of my original review for this charger.

How it handles charging multiple cells.
What the HIGH means and a potential workaround.
Does it have memory settings.

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Maha Powerex MH-C9000 Wizardone Overview


Followup video on the Maha Powerex Wizardone battery charger.
I explain some of how to use it, as well as some of the bad parts about it.
even with the faults its still a very good charger and certainly worth the $50 it costs.
Especially after doing the backlight mods I’ll be uploading soon


Powerex Battery Charger range comparison 204W 401FS 800S 801D 9000 808M

Comparing the Maha Powerex battery charger range.

MH-C204W vs MH-C401FS vs MH-C800S vs MH-C801D vs MH-C808M vs MH-C9000


Why should you get an advanced battery charger-analyzer?

Watch this video to find out why it’s important to use a proper battery charger-analyzer, and how using one helped me spot bad batteries in the batch of Ni-MH batteries used in my electronic equipment. I’ll also recommend good rechargeable batteries you can buy.

Released 15-07-2013

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