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I will tell you in this video how to repair microtek inverter. find a fault in this Inverter, that neither mains supply is passing LED BILINKING charging is being done, despite of mains supply is available SCR OK LM 555 OK MICROCONTROLLER IC OK BUTNO CHARGING

This means mains failure in the presence of mains ac supply. We would like to show you releasing the card disconnecting the wires supply jack, display jacks, etc.in this video.

In the next video we might tell you finding complete fault and removing damage parts and testing procedure of Microtek Inverter.

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Please watch: “microtek inverter v/s sukam inverter आ देखे जरा किस में कितना है दम ?| how is best inverter in india”



Razor Electric Scooter Charger Problem – It Stays Green While Charging

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In this video I talk about your Razor Electric scooters charger problem when it’s plugged in charging and the light stays green, or after an hour the light changes to green even though the scooter isn’t charged yet, just in case you want to buy a new charger it’s linked above. Thanks for watching.

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Samsung Note 4 Not Charging Problem Fix

Charging Port Repair Samsung Note 4 .
Samsung Note 4 charging port replacement.
How to replace the fixed charging port.
Samsung Note 4 not charging.
replace your Samsung Note 4 charging.
Cell phone charging port replacement.
Phone charging port repair/replacement.
Not Charging Problem Fix


eGo Blower Battery Problem Solved for free

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This is a short video about a battery issue, i had with my eGo blower.
It stopped charging. I thought it was the battery at first because it flashed red and said that ment defective. But after contacting tech support the said it was my charger and offer to send me a new one for free. That is what I call customer support. Saved me big time. It’s a great blower by the way.


Iphone X Charging ic Problem Fix Solution

Iphone X Charging Solution first change battery ic teardown


Ryobi 40v battery charging problem / FIX – direct warranty replacement department – 877 655 5250

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the charging problem with my Ryobi 40 volt Lithium batteries. They were only 2 years old… Flashing red and green light on the charger…. both of them, and neither would charge. I didn’t have the original receipt from Home Depot where I purchased them… So I spent countless hours trying to get them to charge so I could mow my lawn. I finally just went to Home Depot and bought a third one for $100 (ouch) so I could get the job done. Later on I found out that Ryobi has a 3 year warranty on the battery and charger…. and you DO NOT NEED the receipt in order to get them to replace the charger and/or the battery for FREE if your still in the 3 year replacement window. Save your self some time / pain and suffering and call them at:

1 877 655 5250


Iphone stuck in red battery screen 3 simple way to solve Iphone charging problem

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Xantrex Truecharge Battery Charger to fix battery overcharging problem

RV Doctor Gary Bunzer recommends the tried and tested Xantrex Truecharge battery charger


Verizon Ellipsis 8 (Model QTAQZ3) Battery Charging Problem

This Ellipsis 8 tablet – Quanta QTAQZ3 – refused to charge after sitting for a few months. The Verizon Model AD83531 AC Adaptor would not charge it either.

UPDATE: Client sent the unit to Verizon who replaced it.

UPDATE 2016-09-10: Unfortunately, I allowed this tablet to discharge completely again after Verizon / Asus replaced the unit. I got the infamous battery question mark again.

THIS time though, I looked for a higher amp output charger rather than the one that came with it (Model: AD83531, Verizon Accessory P/N: PIE8351BWC, Output 5V == 2A). Turns out my 2015 GMC Sierra USB charger has a higher output. After charging in the truck about an hour, I received the “red” battery indicator and not the question mark. After a while it showed no battery icon – nothing at all. I left it on charge overnight in the GMC then brought it in and put it on the Verizon charger. After 3 mins it showed 2% and as I type this it is at 30% and will boot up.

I immediately recommended that my client purchase an iPad.


The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem…

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone …

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