Amazon Web Services – Can They Really Solve Your Problems?

I recently attended an interesting overview of Amazon Web Services and thought I would share the ‘best bits’… please enjoy…

Amazon’s AWS offering has now become a huge operation compared to its launch way back in 2006… when I say huge, I mean huge. To give you an idea of scale, the comparable infrastructure and computing power that supported the entire AWS offering back in 2006 is now added each and every day to satisfy ever growing demand.

AWS is spread across eight geographic areas, with local edge locations to provide proxy caching nearest to your location. This provides both redundancy, high availability and improved performance.

AWS provides a fairly complete set of services to run almost anything you like and practically on a scale that is only really limited by how much you’re willing to spend. This gives CIO’s and CTO’s options to play with but there is still some reticent about what should or should not ‘go into the cloud’…

So what can it offer you? Well, helpfully AWS provide ‘Reference Architectures’ to help you conceptualize particular architecture scenarios. You can find approaches to help you with Large Scale Processing, Batch Processing, Disaster Recovery, Online Gaming and of course their bread and butter eCommerce approach.

Is it Secure?

Debates still rage over ‘security in the cloud’ and while cloud services are maturing it would be wrong to simply assume that the security aspect will somehow simply go away.

AWS is probably as secure as it can be, at least on paper. AWS will reassure you with Multi-Factor Authentication, Encryption and various security accreditation’s up to military levels. You can even implement your own security models to your own standards. The question has to be answered, though, do you trust AWS to manage and protect your data and services? On the flip side given that AWS have ‘handed over the keys’ to the customer to build their own services security becomes a shared responsibility. For each customer the view, approach and even the decision will be different. Local laws may also effect your decision about what type of data you are allowed to host.

What Technology is Available?

The following are some of the key services and solutions on offer at AWS…

Compute Ec2 – This is the ‘elastic compute’ cloud virtual machine instances which can be ‘rented’ and configured by the characteristic of the workload from mobile phone to large scale cluster systems. Dedicated hardware is assigned for High Instance usage.

Cloud Watch monitoring – This service will auto-scale your environment based on performance monitoring and will add more instances as required based on demand. Transport for London use this service to scale their operations on demand.

Workspace – This is a fully managed desktop environment using the G2 graphics instance supporting desktop products like Windows on Nvidia GRID GK104 Kepler GPU’s

Simple Storage – S3 is a highly scalable storage platform used by the likes of DropBox, Shazam and of course Amazon’s retail business. Objects held within S3 are copied around the availability zones to reduce delays and improve caching.

Elastic Block Store – This provides persistent block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances. Replicated across availability zones.

Glacier – Backup for long term archival. Pricing is based on number of requests (metered) Can take 3-5 hours to retrieve objects.

AWS Public Data Sets – These are free to use data sets hosted on a Hadoop platform they include data sets like: NASA NEX, Human Genome, Census Data and PubChem

Kinesis – Kinesis is a managed service that scales elastically for real-time processing of streaming big data and is used in conjunction with EC2 instances.

There’s More?

In addition to these ‘virtual’ services, AWS can even provide dedicated physical connections such as dual 10gig lines into their data centres from your offices should you require it.

If you work in research then AWS can be useful from a grant point-of-view. You can now use a pre-pay solution where you can call off costs/credits as you go.

If you’re a heavy user then AWS also allow you to ‘bid’ for services via their Spot Market. This is a pricing model targeted for batch processing and allows ad-hoc provisioning at a cheaper rate than normal provisioning costs.

The Conclusion

For the average business though, you are more likely to choose a hybrid approach, where you choose to run your tightly coupled development in house and simply use AWS for everything else. The point is you have a choice, and AWS will almost certainly solve at least some of your challenges.

And you shouldn’t forget that other cloud service providers are available, although probably not on the scale of AWS… Copyright © 2014 Gareth Baxendale


DIEHARD BATTERY CHARGER WITH START working great no problems



How to solve problems in life | diy usb charging station

Where are all the chargers? Can’t find your charging cord? Think someone took it? Ever wonder “Where have all the charges gone”?


It seems like a common situation in a lot of homes and families. The charging cord was right here, then, it is gone. No one can find it.

Mac and Lynn have had the same thing happen in their family, until they added a diy usb charging station to the house. Now, when the kids turn in their devices at night, there are ample charge cords available to them to plug in and charge their devices. Is it time for a charging station in your home? What are your charging station ideas?

👍 How to solve problems in life | diy usb charging station

Charge Cords-
AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable – MFi Certified iPhone Charger – Dark Grey, 3-Foot (affiliate link)

USB Type C Cable, CableCreation 10FT Braided (affiliate link)

USB Charging Block-
Fast Charging 12 port 12 amp USB power adapter (affiliate link)

Plastic box-
Plano 131250 1312 Ammo Box (affiliate link)

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How to Avoid Computer Security Problems

Computer security issues are a problem for computer users especially those connected to the internet. Doing nothing is not the safest option anymore without you never go online. There are some responsibilities that need to be taken to make sure your computer is secure.

First, get the latest and updated virus and spyware scanners. These do not completely protect a computer, but it's one of the best options for protection. Run these regularly especially in safe mode to get rid of viruses that are harder to remove.

Be careful about which domains you go to when clicking on links in email. Many sites might look like PayPal and ask for your user name and password but in reality it's not PayPal. Never click links in emails and insert personal information. Go to the site first from your browser window instead of trying to click provided links as this is safer.

Do not download software or applications from untrusted sources. Many people get all sorts of issues by downloading files especially illegally. If you are not sure about it, do not open up the file or email attachment.

Keep your Windows operating system and the software you use updated. This also includes the plugins in your browser like Flash support. Many times there are vulnerabilities that are patched with the updates. Not having these updates leaves one open to attacks.

Although it may seem burdensome consider reinstalling the operating system from time to time. There are many lingering issues that can be on a computer that are hard to remove. A complete reinstall will get rid of all the problems like viruses or even worse botnets.

If you continue to have problems, using Mac OSX or Linux like an Ubuntu computer might be best for surfing the internet. These operating systems do not have as many of these issues and security problems.


Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair Them

Automatic garage doors are heavenly when one is in a rush and needs the quickest way possible to skid to the driveway and just run off. However, as with other things, old doors tend to also bite the dust. Some things will malfunction one day or another.

But before you go ringing your technician and ask him to provide garage door repair, check to see if you can do something about it yourself. Here are some common garage door problems homeowners might encounter:

Noisy Door

A noisy garage door is indeed a problem especially for the member of the household whose room is just above the garage. Check to see if dust has accumulated on the tracks and the rollers. Most often than not, a good brushing and an application of a bit of lubricant will do the trick. Also try to tighten the bolts and screws that attach the tracks to the walls. A loose track does not only lead to irritation in the ear but could potentially escalate into a bigger problem that might require a major repair.

In some cases, it might also mean that you have to replace the rollers or the hinges holding them. Over time, the holes in the hinge tend to become worn and become bigger or shaped differently than they should be. In this situation, your garage door repair is better done by professionals.

Frozen Door

Winter is the time of the year that you can appreciate the convenience of a garage door that opens and closes by just a push of the button. But then during these times also, the cold weather tends to make things difficult. Your door does freeze to the garage floor. In milder times, the icy connection may break once you press the button and set to motion the upward thrust of the door. But in other times, the door simply just won’t move a bit. Pounding the button a little harder and a lot more times won’t make it move. What is likely to happen is that you will get a burnt motor or a broken hinge. Remember, with this weather, your technician might charge you extra for the job.

If this happens, you will need to take a few moments to let the icy connection melt. You can use water or a hand dryer to do this. You can also chip the ice away manually using a shovel.

Sensor Not Responding

The placement of the sensor plays a key role in making your garage door work. But with the number of times that a door is opened and closed and opened again, chances are that the sensors tend to be disturbed and displaced. It is important to check if the sensors are still in their proper positions or have been moved a little bit. One can easily adjust the placement of the sensor and move it to where it should be.

This is probably the easiest of the tasks involved in a garage door repair. However, sensors and the other devices connected to the garage door are powered by electricity. It is always wise to call an expert to avoid surprises and further problems when repairing this part of the door. Electrocution is a serious threat.


Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger Review – And Problems…

A look at the Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger, a really nice charger but iam not so sure about the quality.


Troubleshooting Motorcycle Battery Problems | Honda VTX 1800 |

Diagnose motorcycle battery problems on a Honda VTX 1800. Buy the battery, tester, and chargers here:

Our Honda VTX 1800 won’t start. In the video, see how testing the battery on a motorcycle can help determine if the battery has a charge and determine if the motorcycle battery is healthy. Learn how to replace the battery in your Honda VTX with a new OEM battery by filling the battery with electrolyte and then installing it in the machine.

Want to go a little further? Troubleshoot the charging system on your Honda VTX 1800:

Testing motorcycle battery voltage – 2:10
Testing motorcycle battery health – 3:50
Removing a motorcycle battery – 5:00
Adding electrolyte to a motorcycle battery – 5:25
Installing a new motorcycle battery – 8:45
Replacing the seat on a Honda VTX – 10:35

Buy Honda OEM motorcycle parts here:

Talk to us:

In the video we’re working with a 2005 Honda VTX 1800. You may have similar steps on your machine. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your vehicle, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Diagnosing a No-Start Condition on a Honda VTX 1800:

Honda VTX 1800 oil change:


All Android Phones: How to Fix Charging Problems, Won’t Charge, Slow Charge, Boot Loop, etc

Charging problems, Boot loop, keeps restarting, won’t charge, slow charging, won’t hold a charge, etc let’s fix this right now. Try all these steps to get you phone to start charging and holding a charge normally.

Let me know if you still need help i will need to know exactly what your phone is doing.

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Problems with caravan fridge operation and caravan battery charging, while towing. Worse w/ Euro 6

Charles Sterling discusses the issues with running the fridge and charging your caravan batteries while hooked up and towing. Made worse with Euro 6 towing vehicles. Sterling Power introducing its new Battery to Battery Charger Caravan model BBC range.

Graph –

BBC charger –


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Jabb Aap phone Ko Charge mea ..laggate hai toe koe response nahi hoo ta hai .aur phone charge nahi hotel hai…
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