Nidec 1100W Battery Charger (Product Features)

1100 Watt High Efficiency Battery Charger

The Nidec Industrial Battery Charger provides the unique combination of industry leading charging currents and efficiency, with an optional external fan that ensures cooler running electronics for increased reliability and higher power delivery.

Full power rated at 40C ambient makes it perfect for hot environments while maintaining exceptional power output.

Download Manual:

Charges 24 / 36V / 48V / 72 V battery packs: lead acid and lithium, 55 to 420 AH capacity
Stores up to 20 charging profiles
Customizable software able to match most battery manufacturer and OEM charging specifications
Double ball Bearing Construction
Universal AC Input – 85 to 265 VAC, 45 to 65 Hz
Built in AC and DC cables
High Efficiency – 89% to 93% dependent on input voltage and DC voltage
Dual 7-Segment LED display for easy profile selection and charging status
Fully potted for superior thermal management, vibration resistance, and IP66 protection
CAN BUS communication to Nidec Drive System’s hand-held touchscreen display for battery management and charging history
Optional external fan – fully serviceable

CE and CB: IEC 60335-2-29
California Energy Commission compliant

Contact Info:
Nidec Drive Systems
Attn: Jon Soncrant


Product Showcase: SparkFun LiPo Charger Plus

Find it here:

The SparkFun LiPo Charger Plus is the souped-up power option in the SparkFun line of single-cell lithium polymer (LiPo) battery chargers. With this iteration, we’ve changed the input charge connector to USB-C and provided charge rate selection as well as optional thermal protection. Charge, power, and done LEDs clearly indicate the status of your charging process. This board can be used for any of the 2-pin JST connector single cell LiPo batteries we carry.


Awesome Wireless Fast Charger Car Mount – Product Review

Fast Charge Mode delivers 10W charging to any fast wireless charge-capable device (10% faster than other 5W wireless chargers).
With the air vent clip, it will be easy to reach the phone in the car and causes less distraction during driving.
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On-board marine electric car fork lifts battery chargers CE certificate [Product Showcase]

These are bite-sized interviews with Da Mei Import &Export Co., Ltd. live from the O2O showcase area. Check out this product at and send an inquiry.


Aurora Bearing Company releases its latest product catalog



M18 High Output™ Batteries – Product Manager Demo

Our VP of Product Management talks you through our M18 battery range, including the new High Output™ additions (12.0 Ah, 8.0 Ah, 5.5 Ah, 3.0 Ah).

View product:!/1/

Milwaukee Tool website:

Store locator:



Product BEST BUY Review – Apple Macbook Laptop Car Chargers – Gissaral AM2 90W – Online Offgrid

This is a Product Best Buy NO B.S. Review of the range of Apple Macbook Laptop Car Chargers by OnlineOffgrid.

(For the full article, see

Product being reviewed:
GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 – 90/110W Laptop Car Charger.

Cigarette Lighter/ Convenience Outlet 12V Socket
Laptop Charger Port PLUS 2 x USB slots

Overview of review/test parameters:
I have conducted extensive testing of this laptop charger, amongst several in-car charger devices for laptops and USB devices, in multiple vehicle 12 volt cigarette socket outlets, including car and van cigarette lighter 12 volt sockets and ‘convenience’ 12 volt sockets elsewhere within the vehicle.

I have tested them with power supplied by the vehicle’s main battery, by alternator*, and same specification sockets in a motorhome/caravan, in this case powered by leisure battery with and without solar.

Apple Laptop Models tested: Macbook Air 13 inch, Mid 2012, which usually uses a mains power 45W charger; Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina, Mid 2014, which usually uses a mains power 85W charger.First things first… is this the right charger specification you are looking for?
Which Laptops this charger can charge
The GISSARAL GISCCA-AM2 110W Laptop Car Charger is designed for charging the 2012 to 2015 Retina MacBook Pro MacBook Air and MacBook range of laptops using the MagSafe 2 Connector .

To see the results of the review and which Apple Laptops this charger is designed for, watch the video or go and see the full article linked above!

See you soon,
Miles and Tamra
Online Offgrid

Or, feel free to read below for much of the video transcription:

Hi I’m Miles from Online Off-grid and we’ve found a GREAT Best Buy product review for you.

The car charger 12 volt socket charger for the laptop, the Gissaral 90 watt car charger.

And it’s just a box that comes with a very small… nice and compact… and it’s a pretty good quality looking device.

It’s very solid, it’s not heavy but it’s got a weight to it…

Now in this case we’re testing it with MacBook Apple laptops, so it comes with a special type connector that goes into the middle connector of the adapter and it then goes in this case to a MagSafe 2.

So, first of all, a couple key features about this product is it has three attachments… so one for a laptop in this case as I said to the MagSafe 2 connector, and you’ll see two USB slots, which can handle about 2 amps if they’re both used at the same time.

Plus the manufacturer claims this to be a fast charge device in terms of laptops as well.

Now here you will see a standard car 12 volt cigarette lighter socket… it does wiggle slightly. but it is fairly solid.

And here’s the reason why it’s so important… for charging laptops it takes a lot… a lot more power. And in some cases three or four times as much power as it takes to charge a mobile phone. So it’s incredibly important that these contacts here (on either side of the charger) which is where the power is delivered, have a really good secure fit in the socket.

So we’ve tested it in the front of the vehicle on the standard dashboard mounted cigarette lighter socket…

Now we are using a socket that’s in the motor home, which means it’s powered by a leisure battery (that’s a completely separate battery to the one the vehicle uses and it’s usually slightly larger and has a longer life and it gives power in a smoother process).

The other thing you can test (as we have done) is with solar power…

And you’ll see that a green LED light now is emitting there, just to denote the fact that it’s connected to a power source… and that the power source is good enough for charging it.

Also, you’ll see here in this list there are a vast array of Apple laptop models that this charger is designed to charge with this 90 watt setting.

So just two in the range here (that we are testing as listed above)… you get the white, Apple charger that comes with it and for a 15-inch MacBook Pro or Retina or otherwise, the charger is usually an 85 watt setting; and the 13 inch MacBook Airs, are typically a 45 watt charger.

So it means that you want to make sure that you get something that does denote that it has a 90 watt minimum setting if your going to have a Macbook like this.

Ok, so there you go! That’s the Gissaral AM 2, 90 watt charger!

The great thing about this product is.. which shows real confidence by the manufacturer, is that it has an 18 month warranty!

Now this one is at the upper range of the price brackets, however at £35 or £36 pounds, which is around about €40 or €45 euros, or even $40 or $45 dollars…

And the only con I can think of is that there are cheaper, less expensive chargers out there… but like most things, “you get what you pay for!”

And, we’ll be back with more product reviews to help you get “The Best Buy!”

See you later,
Online Offgrid


Crayola AM FM Alarm Clock Radio With Night Light Product Review

If your little one is having trouble waking up on his own, and you are tired of rolling him out of bed in the morning, then Crayola AM / FM Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light is a perfect solution. The front panel comes with customizable plates, so kids can be in charge of the design, and for younger kids the three color night light feature is a definite bonus.

The alarm functions on this clock lets kids wake up to the radio, a buzzer, or a programmable 10-second message. Kids can have a blast leaving messages for themselves, or silly sounds, jokes or a to-do list for the next morning if they desire. The cool blue backlight LCD display has a dimmer adjustment in case it is too bright for the little ones. Mums and dads will love the back-up battery power, meaning that they never have to set the time after a power cut.

Children can set the sleep timer if they want to fall sleep to the radio and can gently ease into a new day with the gradual wake system. They will quickly discover the snooze function as well, allowing them to catch a few more winks before getting ready for school.

With all the great functions on this alarm clock at a great price it is no wonder that the Crayola AM / FM Alarm Clock Radio with Night Light is such a popular model for kids, which make it a great birthday or Christmas gift. Give kids control over when they wake up and let them learn about time and promptness.


RV Life – RV Product Review: Solar Car Battery Charger

this is just a small battery charger that charges thru your cigarette lighter.


12V-24V Battery Repair Type Intelligent Charger – Product Review from Banggood

Starter Emergency Charger:

Banggood Big Spring Sale:

Download the Banggood app to get $10 off:

Coupon Description:  15% off for 12/24V Jump Starter Emergency Charger            Coupon Code:  602449


Short circuit protection

Low-voltage protection

Overvoltage protection

Overcurrent protection

Overheating protection

Reverse connection protection

Efficient, insurance, energy saving

Overshoot over discharge protection

The overall earthquake drop

Intelligent security protection

Fast, high frequency technology with 3-stage charging

One touch automatic charging; LCD display

Battery detection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection,Anti – reverse connecting protection,etc.

Charging indicator shows charging process directly, which facilitates users to manage the current of the battery.



Net Weight:1189g


Scope of Application: 35Ah-200Ah

Input Voltage: 160V-260V 50Hz~60Hz

Output Current: 14A

Output Voltage: 12V 24V

Rated Power: 350W

Full Load Conversion Efficiency: 93%±3

Operating Temperature Range: -30℃~+40℃
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