Product Review: DieHard Compact Jump Starter & Smart Charger

The folks at DieHard sent me two tools to review. Both are super handy to have. The DieHard compact jump starter fits in your glovebox and has enough juice to jump your battery and charge your mobile devices. The DieHard smart charger is an advanced battery charger and maintainer with WiFi capabilities for remote monitoring and usage.

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Best Portable Car Battery Chargers In 2019 Complete Product Reviews

▶️ The Best Portable Car Battery Chargers We recommended In This video

▶️ 5. Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger

▶️ 4. BLACK+DECKER Bench Battery Charger

▶️ 3. GOOLOO Portable Car Jump Starter

▶️ 2. Schumacher Speed Charge Battery Maintainer

▶️ 1. Battery Tender Plus Battery Charger


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Product Review: RUIPU 121 Power Bank 24000mAh Portable Charger

I like this one since it actually displays the charge on the LCD screen and not just a bunch of blinking lights.
Buy one on Amazon:


Product Review – Maypole MP7423 6/12V 4A Electronic Battery Charger

Get your charger here:

A new video series for RestoSaga! A quick review of an electronic Smart Charger from Maypole. 4 Amp version bought to manage the big 120Ah battery in the Land Rover.


Thursday Testimonials Product Review: SkyRC B6 Nano Bluetooth Charger

LiveRC’s Mike Garrison reviews one of the newest chargers on the market, the mini-sized SkyRC B6 Nano Bluetooth Charger with SkyCharger App control.

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All-Battery | Tenergy TB6B Balance Charger — Product Video (90263)

Buy It Here:

Product Video: The Best ALL-IN-One Universal Charger in the Market. Charges NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe Battery Packs. Best for Airsoft, Hobby RC Cars & Planes, and anybody who uses custom battery packs. Buy one time, and use for all your applications.


Product Review: Accupower IQ338XL Battery Charger/Analyzer

This video is a review of the Accupower IQ338XL Battery Charger/Analyzer. Accupower is a company based in Austria. The charger was manufactured in China. It charges batteries of many different sizes and chemistries including Li-ion and NiMH. It features charge-test and discharge test functions to analyze battery performance. It will also measure internal resistance of the battery. It can charge 9v batteries, but only if they are NiMH and will not analyze a 9v battery. It also has a USB charging port on the back that I failed to mention in the video. For the money, I believe this is the best charger/analyzer available.


Repair battery charging charger 8Ah. product of Vietnam.DA ជួសជុលអាំងម៉ូទ័រសាកអាកុយ ម៉ាក DA 8Ah

Repair battery charging charger 8Ah. product of Vietnam.DA ជួសជុលអាំងម៉ូទ័រសាកអាកុយ ម៉ាក DA 8Ah


Enerdrive ePOWER 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger Product Review

The Enerdrive ePOWER DC2DC Battery Charger is a fully automatic multistage, multi input battery charger with the ability to charge from either an alternator linked to a battery; or via solar power with the in built Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Controller.

12V 40A DC2DC Battery Charger Features

– Two totally independent DC Inputs for both engine and solar regulation charging one house battery bank output
– DC M6 screw terminals that will allow for large battery cable connection between all sources
– A dedicated Maximum Power Point (MPPT) solar regulator
– The same battery algorithms as included in our AC mains ePOWER battery charger including a specific lithium charging profile
– 40A output up to 40+°C with thermo controlled fan cooling
– Fully programmable LCD display to show which source is charging the battery along with charger status, voltage and amperage
– Temperature sensor included in charger for more accurate battery charging

For more information on the product, click here:


First Look: Kobalt 24v Rapid Battery Charger ~ Product Review

First look product review of the Kobalt 24v rapid charger.

Item # 672833 Model # KRC 2490-03

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