Smartech Products WBC Series Wheel Chargers

The WBC series 6V/12V Wheel Battery Chargers are capable of testing, charging and maintaining all types of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries, including WET (Flooded), GEL, MF (Maintenance-Free), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), and 12V Lithium and AGM+ batteries. It has a built-in intelligent microprocessor which makes charging faster, easier, and safer to use. Safety features include spark proof, reverse polarity, short circuit, over current, overcharge and overheat protection. Keep it connected 24/7 without damaging the battery and keep your battery ready to use.

Our WBC series is equipped with a 200A, 250A and 275A engine start mode, which allows the user to jump-start automotive engine batteries, and can be left safely connected for maintenance using our 6A trickle charge feature.

Two unique but convenient features included on our WBC series are the 40A, 50A and 60A boost feature and the alternator check function. The WEB series wheel chargers will charge standard batteries more quickly if the user is in a hurry, and it is possible to check the status of your automotive alternator simply by hooking it up to your vehicle and following the instructions in the user manual.

To make this battery charger more convenient to use, we have equipped it with heavy duty wheels for easy mobility, as well as a collapsible handle for compact storage and transport.


FAKE VS REAL Samsung Wireless Fast Charger – Don't get fooled into buying fake products!

Check out the 1:1 Samsung S9 Plus Clone:
In this video i will show you how to spot a fake Samsung Fast Wireless Charger. Always buy your products from authorized re-sellers!
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MK8 Fiesta ⚡️ Wireless Charger Installation ⚡️ (Beyond Products Wireless Charging Pad)

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Sony A6300:
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Zoom H1n Sound Recorder:
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DJI Osmo Mobile 2:…
DJI Mavic Pro:…

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Some of Rock Path‘s products

These are some of our products, from phone cases to battery chargers; we have a wide range of products, to suit everyone’s needs!

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6 Of My Favorite Xiaomi Products That Are NOT The Pocophone F1 or The Mi AirDots

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NASIL YAPILIR? New Products At AIMExpo 2015: Weego Jump Starter Battery – Semalt

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Best Portable Chargers For iPhone | Best Power Banks | AliExpress Products Review Best Price !

Best Portable Chargers For iPhone | Best Power Banks | AliExpress Products Review –
List of the Best Portable Chargers For iPhone under Best Power Banks in AliExpress Products Review.

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# Best Power Banks For iPhone :

# Best Portable Power Banks :

Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) by Chris Morrow 4
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…


Trickle Battery Chargers and Float Charging Products! Top Battery Chargers

Trickle Battery Chargers and Float Charging Products! Automatically charge your car, truck, atv, motorcycle and atv batteries with!/TopChargers or


How To Make 2S 3S Balance Battery Charger – DIY Products

How To Make 2S 3S Balance Battery Charger – DIY Products
Download here:

The firts when we connect power supply about 14v-15v to board the state of 3 led are on. After connect the 3s battery to board 3 led will off. Each cell will be charger detachedness. When the volt of cell about 4.2V the led at cell will on, that mean cell is full and not charger. 3 led for 3 state of 3 cell
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Best Portable Chargers For iPhone | Best Power Banks | AliExpress Products Review Best Quality !

Best Portable Chargers For iPhone | Best Power Banks | AliExpress Products Review – List of the Best Portable Chargers For iPhone under …